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Course Outline Technical English 2 31534


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The course schedule for May 2015 semester.

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Course Outline Technical English 2 31534

  1. 1. CENTRE OF FOUNDATION AND GENERAL STUDIES Subject TECHNICAL ENGLISH II Code ZES 1243 Credit hours 3 credit hours : lectures, discussions, group/pair work, presentation, exercises and etc. Assessment Test 1 (online) : 10% - Lecture 7 Test 2 : 10% - Lecture 13 Assignments : 20% Presentations : 20% Final Examination : 40% Lecturer Murni Salina binti Saharudin Dip Electrn Eng UTM M’sia, B.Sc. Ed. (TESL) UTM M’sia Level 1, FESS Website for Materials / Semester & Year Semester / Year Objectives This is a follow-up of the Technical English I subject with more emphasis on the academic aspect as well as introducing the occupational components to the students. It prepares students to meet the various demands required of them while completing in the field of their studies and while hunting for a suitable job after graduating. Strategy Training (LHTL) will be incorporated in the course to train autonomous learners. There will still be meaningful practice and the integration of the four language skills - listening, speaking, reading and writing - with vocabulary and grammar through appropriate academic & occupational contexts. Learning Outcomes This course aims to equip students with the necessary language skills for effective social & business communication as well as in meeting future occupational demands. By the end of the course, students should be able to: • interact competently in English in a variety of social, academic and work-place situations; • understands text beyond the literal level and respond critically to them; • write accurately and appropriately for academic and occupational purposes.
  2. 2. COURSE SCHEDULE Lecture 1 Learning How to Learn Presentations Briefing Icebreaking Lecture 2 Reading / writing strategies Task 1 : Ad-hoc presentation (group work) Lecture 3 Speaking strategies Task 2 : Class presentation Lecture 4 Grammar Check Lecture 5 Job Hunting Task 3 : Newspaper analysis Lecture 6 Job Hunting Task 4 : Resume writing Lecture 7 Test 1 (online) Lecture 8 Job Hunting Task 5 : Cover Letter writing Lecture 9 Working Environment Task 6 : Mock Interviews Lecture 10 Office Documents Task 7 : Memo Lecture 11 Mock Meeting Lecture 12 Final Presentation Lecture 13 Test 2 Lecture 14 Discussion Final Exam Weeks Evaluation on presentations (10 marks) Evaluation on tasks (10 marks) Language - 5 Attire - 2 Maneuver - 3 Language - 5 Format - 2 Content - 3