Jordan ICT Sector Presentation - Nov 2013


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Jordan ICT Sector Presentation - Nov 2013

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Jordan ICT Sector Presentation - Nov 2013

  1. 1. Jordan’s ICT Industry ICT Association of Jordan – int@j November 2013
  2. 2. int@j Background  Driven by His Majesty’s vision for a strong private ICT Sector  Established in 2000 as the ICT industry-support association under the REACH Initiative  Lead with MoICT implementation of the REACH Initiative (20002006) and the National ICT Strategy (2007-2011) and (2013 – 2017) • Includes more than 200 companies in IT, Telecom, Outsourcing, Content, Internet and Mobile businesses, membership is open to all ICT companies • Focuses on advocacy, promotion and marketing, capacity building, research and publications, and ICT Clusters
  3. 3. Sector Vision Jordan to become a major regional ICT leader and an internationally recognized exporter of ICT products & services, capitalizing on its core human capital advantage
  4. 4. Jordan’s ICT Sector  Started back in 1999 (REACH Initiative) and followed with the National ICT Strategy for a strong industry (2007-2011)  Fastest growing sector in Jordan's economy (Avg. 25% growth)  More than 84,000 jobs in total (direct/indirect/induced)  Contribution of 14% to GDP (10% direct, 4% indirect)  On the ground international companies (Cisco, Microsoft, Oracle, HP, Yahoo, Intel, Ericsson)
  5. 5. ICT Sector Landscape • 500 Companies in Telecom, IT, Online and Mobile Content, Outsourcing, and Games $2,308 $1,691 • All Number in USD million $617 $300 $12 IT Export Revenue $500 $560 $317 $48 IT Domestic Revenue $60 IT Total Revenue 2000 2012 Sources: Telecom: Telecommunications Regulatory Commission IT: int@j Industry Classification and Statistics 2012 Telecom Revenue ICT Sector Revenue
  6. 6. Contribution to Jordanian Economy  ICT Sector accomplishment in 13 years is good (12% of economy)  ICT Average salaries is JD 800 to JD 900 (middle class)  ICT is an enabler of the whole economy and creator of wealth GDP Contribution Direct Employment 17.70% 14.30% 12.00% 10.60% 4.30% 4.50% 3.28% Manufacturing Tourism 1.23% ICT 2.30% Construction 2.80% Agriculture Source: Manufacturing, Construction, and Agriculture GDP and Employment: Department of Statistics ICT: int@j Industry Classification and Statistics 2012 Tourism: Ministry of Tourism
  7. 7. International Recognition Amman is the 10th best place to start a technology company in the world References: - - Sindibad Business Report for 4th Oasis500 Angel Network
  8. 8. ICT Sector Exports • Exporting to more than 50 countries • Major Export Markets – Saudi Arabia $72m (24%) – USA $62m (20%) – Iraq $37m (12%) – UAE $31m (10%) – UK $18m (6%)  Regional Opportunities – Saudi Arabia (Over $4b IT spending) 50% of GCC – UAE (Over $1b IT spending Annually) – Qatar (Over $500mn IT spending Annually)
  9. 9. Segments and Companies
  10. 10. Sector Segments Telecom IT Infrastructure IT – Software Online and Mobile Outsourcing Games • Operators • ISPs/ASPs • Hardware • Networking • Enterprise Solutions • Emerging Applications • Content • Applications • IT Outsourcing • Business Process Outsourcing • Knowledge Process Outsourcing • Online and Mobile • Console
  11. 11. Sample Companies                 Banking: Payment: Insurance: Health: Education: Telecom: Gov: HR: ERP: CRM: VAS: Web: Online: Games: Animation: Outsourcing: CCS, Progress Soft, ManafSoft, EastNets, Focus Solutions STS, Gate2Play, Jabbar, Access2Arabia, MEPS, Madfo3at Eskadenia, TechnoSys, KeySoft, NatHealth EHS, ATS, Optimiza, NatHealth, N2V, AlTibbi, Eskadenia ITG, Rubicon, Al-Hudhod, Eskadenia Globitel, Eskadenia Estarta, Savvytek, Optimiza, SSS Process, Offtec, Primus, ITG MenaITech Sermon, Savvytek, Intracom Eskadenia, MenaITech Info2Cell, MIT, BeeCell, Access2Arabia, PACT, Javna Dot.Jo, Primus, Imagine D1G, Jeeran, Maktoob, Jabbar Quirkat, Maysalward, Beladcom, Mixed Dimension Rubicon, Kharabeesh, CurleStone, Media Plus Aspire, Extensya, CrysTelCall, Primus, KeySoft, 4th Dimension
  12. 12. Opportunities
  13. 13. More Opportunities E-Learning:  Jordan Education Initiative  Local firms delivering world-class products – ITG - EduWave Platform, World Summit Award Winner – Rubicon, Math Curricula with Cisco  New models: Al-Hudhud, Nibras, Darebni  Recently established Jordan’s ICT for Education Cluster to promote Jordan’s ICT capabilities in Education
  14. 14. More Opportunities E-Health:  Electronic Health Solutions Royal Initiative Based on VistA with pilot in 3 Public Hospitals and to build on and replicate in other countries  Opportunity to build health applications (Cloud, Mobile, Infrastructure)  Established Jordan’s Healthcare ICT Taskforce as an open group to develop Health ICT
  15. 15. Opportunities Telecommunications:  Liberalized Telecom Sector – Liberalized mobile telephone subsector – Liberalized fixed line subsector  Independent regulator – TRC  Licensed WiMAX & 3G Infrastructure  More than 6 million mobile phone subscribers
  16. 16. Opportunities Business Process Outsourcing:  9th globally in AT. Kearny Global Services Location Index (2009)  Availability of necessary ingredients – Manpower and human talent – The “right” Arabic and English dialect – An alternative destination – The right telecom infrastructure – The investment climate – The political and economic stability
  17. 17. Online/Mobile Content and Gaming  3% Arabic content in the world – Jordan is the largest contributor  Neutral Arabic speaking community  Mobile: – Applications, Games, and Content • Multiplatform applications, content, and games (including iPhone and Blackberry)  Online – Applications and Gaming Solutions (example online payment) – Communities (example web forums, football sites) – Media and Content (example Online Newspapers, social media, and directories)
  18. 18. Advocacy in 2013
  19. 19. Advocacy in 2013  Taxation – Proposed Corporate Tax at 15%, 20% and 25% on all sectors (up from 14%), 35% on Telecom (up from 24%) – Individual Tax at 10%, 20% and 25% and lower exemptions to 9k and 18k  Export exemption – Maintaining exports income tax exemption  Content hosting – Telecom law and Press and publications law  Electricity prices – Will not resolve government budget deficit
  20. 20. Advocacy in 2013  Telecom Law – In draft and will be discussed with the sector  Press and Publications Law – Still an issue to online content companies  Investment Law – In draft with government  PPP Law – In draft with government  HR Gap between Academia and Private Sector – Developing bridging program among the sector and academia to ensure higher quality of graduates based on sector demand
  21. 21. Advocacy in 2013  E-Transactions law – Certificate Authority – e-Signature – E-Payment laws  Privacy Act
  22. 22. Future Focus
  23. 23. Future Focus - 10 Years  ICT fully integrated in other sectors products and services (Manufacturing, Health, Education, Tourism, …)  Strong public private partnership locally, regionally, and internationally  Telecom – Further infrastructure attraction for regional & international companies – Platform for converged data, voice, media, and content – Broadband and virtual e-learning for all Jordanians – Strong, independent, competent regulator  IT/ITES – Strong products and services export capacity to regional and international locations – Attractive business and investment destination (example Yahoo/Maktoob) – Innovative and entrepreneurial global and regional products and services – Major capacity in PPP projects (example e-Government)
  24. 24. Sector Competitiveness & Development Engine
  25. 25. Sector Competiveness & Development Engine Components:  Human Resources: aiming at creating a reliable and sustainable pool of resources that will enhance employment rates  Export Development: aiming at increasing regional markets penetration, enhancing our companies/ products positioning & visibility, and enabling sector scalability  IP & Innovation: aiming at diffusing ICT in other industries to create an edge in our sector offerings, and cater for the regional gaps in certain niches, and through capturing existing IP to be properly packaged for commercialization  Investments Attraction: aiming at creating a main financing channel that will contribute to raising our existing companies’ maturity, exposure, and readiness to compete regionally and internationally.
  26. 26. int@j Business Clusters & Taskforces Purpose: Group ICT sector companies based on their specialization value added services, and interest specialized, and based on emerging & niche industries, Existing:  Healthcare ICT Taskforce  Education & ICT Cluster  Creative Content & Gaming Cluster  Training Cluster (PHP, iPhone, and Business maturity) Upcoming:  Financial ICT Cluster  Energy & ICT Cluster
  27. 27. Clusters Projects & Programs  Healthcare ICT Cluster – Promote Jordan Digitizing Healthcare brand, showcase our ICT Jordanian offerings & capabilities, become a major regional reference point of expertise in this area, and join forces with stakeholders & local initiatives to drive innovation and the development of new cutting edge solutions with high potential.  ICT in Education Cluster – Promoting Jordan’s ICT capabilities in Education, showcase our ICT offerings, advocate to become a major regional reference & model for excellence in Education, joining forces with stakeholders to drive innovation & cutting-edge solutions.
  28. 28. Clusters Projects & Programs  Training Cluster – linking training providers with our industry to better understand the ICT sector employment and work needs, to design training programs that match the sector’s demand, & elevate the level of standards for the various providers, &engage them in the HR development process for our ICT industry.  Creative Industries Cluster – Providing an umbrella for the new emerging creative industries in relation to ICT, initially focused on New Media including ICT, Media & Content industries, & grow it to include other relevant & supporting creative industries that will contribute to the development of structured innovation environment and talents attraction ecosystem.
  29. 29. Main Projects & Programs  Bridge To Silicon Valley Program: – Umniah Mobile, USAID Jordan, and int@j, are cooperating with Plug & Play to providing a landing platform for Jordanian high-tech companies to access resources of Silicon Valley. – Selected companies will be sponsored by Umniah, USAID Jordan, and int@j to join Plug and Play’s comprehensive 3month startup acceleration program, – Selected companies will have access to hundreds of investors, corporations, and mentors within the Plug & Play network, exposure at its events, regular educational seminars and workshops, and office space.
  30. 30. Graduates Employment Program  Launched in 2009 between the Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (MoICT), Ministry of Labor, and int@j “Graduates Employment Program”.  GEP is re-launched as of Sep 01, 2011 as a 12-month employment program whereby the Government provides a subsidy of 50% of fresh graduates employees salary during the 12 months of employment.  Open to both ICT and BPO companies as of April 2013
  31. 31. int@j & Bayt Partnership  Career platform to efficiently hire the perfect talent and help ICT professionals find job vacancies that match their skills.  Career site on int@j portal where companies can reach out to the best talents in the market through: – Advertising jobs on int@j career page only (Free of Charge) – Advertise on int@j & postings prices. (Huge discount on – Search Database of 11.5 Million Job Seeker – Over 700 thousand Jordanian candidates (Huge discount on postings prices).
  32. 32. HR Projects & Programs  ICT HR Bridging Initiative: int@j is championing the development of a bridging program among the sector and academia to ensure higher quality of graduates and pool of resources in multiple areas based on sector demand and trends. This program has 3 main sections: – Developing ICT qualifications framework to set the academic standards in regards to the knowledge, skills and competencies required for every education level and major in ICT. – Establishing an operational program that supports in applying the standards and requirements of both the qualifications framework and the occupational standards along with various stakeholders from government, academia and private sector, and support in designing programs that fills the gap between the graduates and the industry needs, by enhancing the capabilities of the various training providers to engage them in the process.
  33. 33. Exports, Investment, and IP Projects & Programs  Export offices: Working on Establishing an onsite representation for int@j and the ICT sector at targeted destinations; initially focusing on (KSA, UAE, USA), to facilitate and enable exports & business development for our SMEs  IP Day: Plan a series of events and workshops where we adopt specific themes to highlight and promote ICT products and IP , and engage them with potential clients and stakeholders  Invest in ICT: Annual platform that enables the access of micro, small and medium ICT enterprises to meet regional investment peers and go through a matchmaking process with regional and international investors and VCs  Blue Ocean Committee: Establish an experts committee to be the ICT reference for new ideas and potential growing products by entrepreneurs and existing companies alike
  34. 34. Thank You