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PC Less Display Presentation

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No cables, no laptop, no clutter. The perfect solution for display needs of conference rooms, class rooms ,board rooms,video conferencing and many more.

No cables, no laptop, no clutter. The perfect solution for display needs of conference rooms, class rooms ,board rooms,video conferencing and many more.

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  • 1. Screen Laptop Cables Projector cables LCD Display convert meeting rooms cluttered with laptops, projectors, jumbled cables, & whiteboards Into clutter free Spacious meeting rooms Instead of Looking like this look like this
  • 2. System Components
  • 3. System Configuration LCD Display Thin Client PC – 1.67Ghz Intel Processor,2GB Flash,1GBRAM, 4USB ports 2.0,RJ45 & DVID Port,1080 X1920 Resolution,10/1000 Ethernet, XP Embedded, MS office 2007(90 days Trial Ver. Preloaded). Wire Less Key Board & Mouse, External Pen drive – 16GB and DVID Cable
  • 4. Advantages of the solution The Room /place becomes clutter free No need for separate desktop / laptop to be connected to the LCD display No jumbled up cables, connectors, laptops
  • 5. Advantages over a projector No need to darken the room while making presentations No worries about the projector lamp going off in the middle of the presentation No Projector Noise which the fan inside the projector makes – Quiet Room
  • 6. Advantages over a projector No need to spend extra money on screen ; and in case the projector is ceiling mounted for ceiling mounts and cables No recurring expense like that for the lamp of the projector Can be used for video conferencing Can be converted into a whiteboard with wonderful applications
  • 7. Step I – fix base plate to the wall Installation Steps
  • 8. Step II – fix mounting plate to LCD
  • 9. Step III – fix Thin client to mounting plate IR Receiver Thin client Use port 2 – Connecting DVI Cable Thin Client power cable
  • 10. Closer look : View From the Back
  • 11. Start Button Reset 2 USB Ports View From the Side
  • 12. When fixed on the Wall Easy Access to USB Ports
  • 13. Easy Access from all Sides
  • 14. Just Switch on : it is Plug & Play
  • 15. Black Board Custom Pen Width Highlighter Dashed Line Solid Line Hide / Reveal Copying, cutting and pasting option Move Option Text Options Shape options Selecting Color End Last Page Forward One Page Back one page Beginning( First Page ) Print Create a copy of Page Create a New Blank Page Choosing Pen color Small / big duster White Board
  • 16. Whiteboard using touch panel
    • .
    Meeting becomes dynamic as the presenter can control everything directly by touching the panel Comments added on Data Draws attention. Added Data can be saved for further use, emailed directly to recipients Attendees can directly add comments on data, enhancing proactive communication
  • 17. Some of the installations Swami Ramanand Teerth Marathwada University Some of the Installations
  • 18.