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    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED DECLARATIONI hereby declare that this project titled “SATISFACTORY LEVEL OF EMPLOYEES WITH THEWELFARE FACILITIES AT HINDALCO” at Hindalco Ind. Ltd., has been completed in HindalcoIndustries Limited, Renukoot. It is my own and original work. This is a project report submitted in partialfulfillment of the MPM. It has never been submitted nor published anywhere else before. The above statement is true to the best of my knowledge. Vikas Sarolia 1 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED ACKNOWLEDGEMENTMy heartfelt thanks to Hindalco industries ltd an Aditya Birla group for giving me an opportunity to learnand complete my dissertation work. I thank Hindalco industries ltd. from the bottom of my heart that hasgiven me a valuable chance to be associated with it.I extend my sincere thanks & gratitude towards Mr. A.P.Panday (Assistant General Manager ER) who hasshown confidence in me and assigned a project. In spite of his busy schedule he spent quality time with me,explaining the framework and intricacies of HR/ER department. I feel honored to have him as a guidethroughout my project & always be grateful for his affection and respect. I am very much indebted for hiscontinuous support and guidance.My special thanks goes to Mr. S.K.Das, for their cooperation & guidance. Vikas Sarolia 4 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED PREFACEIn the era of globalization and liberalization of the economy, business practices are in the process of gettingmodified at greater speed with the change in the policies and procedure of government .in this context,business education is also witnessing great transformation which strike for excellence to meet the globalstandard so that our new managers are not only able to get them absorbed to do the right thing at the righttime. Therefore HR plays a very potent force in an organization to achieve its endeavor.―Time and again the supremacy of human element cannot be over emphasized. The success of failure of anorganization depends on people, a human being on their talent, on their ability, on their enterprise, on theirinitiative to lead and coordinate the others, to work as a team. It also depends on the ability so theOrganization motivates them to greater height ―I have taken my project report topic as ―SATISFACTORY LEVEL OF EMPLOYEES WITH THEWELFARE FACILITIES AT HINDALCO”. I hope this report will prove to be an indispensiblecompanion for all those who are concerned & who are in any way interested in the subject matter of thisreport.This was a great experience for me during my training period. I wish you will have an interesting ride in thepage ahead. 5 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED CONTENTTable of Contents  Acknowledgement  Preface  Executive summery  Aditya Birla groups profile  Overview of the Hindalco  Labour welfare  Welfare facilities provided at Hindalco  Welfare department  Research methodology  Data presentation , analysis and interpretation  Conclusion  Recommendation  Bibliography  Questionnaire 6 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED EXECUTIVE SUMMARY elfare of employee and his family members is an effective advertising and also a method of buyingW the gratitude and loyalty of employees. Employee welfare is a comprehensive term includingvarious services, benefits and facilities offered by the employer. The basic purpose of labour welfare is to enrich the life of employees and keep them happy andcontented. Welfare facilities enable workers to have a richer and more satisfying life. It raises the standardof living of workers by indirectly reducing the burden on their pocket. Welfare means improving, faring or doing well. It is a comprehensive term, and refers to thephysical, mental, moral and emotional well-being of an individual. Further, the term welfare is a relativeconcept, relative in time and space. It therefore, varies from time to time, region to region and from countryto country. Labour welfare is an important aspect in every organization with some added incentives which enablethe workers to lead a decent life. There are several agencies involved in the labour welfare work namely thecentral government, employer‘s trade union and other social service organization. Welfare services maybroadly be classified into two categories:-1) Intramural2) Extramural In order to get the best out of a worker in the matter of production, working condition is required tobe improved to large extent. The work place should provide reasonable amenities for the worker‘s essentialneed.Today various medical services like hospital, clinical and dispensary facilities are provided by organizationsnot only to the employees but also to their family members. Normally welfare and recreational benefitsincludes canteens, housing, transportation, education etc. 7 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Some large organizations set up welfare organizations with a view to provide all types of welfarefacilities at one Centre and appointed welfare benefits continuously and effectively to all employees fairly.HINDALCO (Renukoot) area has recognized that welfare of employees by improving their quality of lifeand their family‘s wellbeing in general will help in achieving the objectives of organization directly andindirectly thereby increasing and improving production and productivity. This task is carried on ceaselesslyby involving employees, workers, representatives and management representative. HINDALCO is spendinglots of money on the employee welfare. Welfare facilities provided by this organization are unique for all theemployees. The only difference is that the top level officers receive some additional facilities along withroutine one. With the help of the project an attempt is made to study the welfare measures provided to employees,what is the procedure, time required for sanctioning welfare facilities and such other basic policies of theorganization.The study is based on the information collected from respondents through questionnaire. The data analyzedis presented in the form of graph and on the basis of that conclusions are made. At last the requiredsuggestions are given.After analyzing the data it is found that the employees are satisfied with the welfare facilities provided tothem by the HINDALCO. 8 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED ADITYA BIRLA GROUP PROFILEA US$ 30 billion corporation, the Aditya Birla Group is in the League of Fortune 500. It is anchored by anextraordinary force of 130,600 employees, belonging to 40 different nationalities. In the year 2009, theGroup was ranked among the top six great places for leaders in the Asia-Pacific region, in a study conductedby Hewitt Associates, RBL Group and Fortune magazine. In India, the Group has been adjudged the bestemployer in India and among the top 20 in Asia by the Hewitt-Economic Times and Wall Street JournalStudy 2007.Over 60 per cent of the Groups revenues flow from its overseas operations. The Group operates in 27countries – Australia, Bahrain, Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China, Egypt, France, Germany, Hungary,India, Indonesia, Italy, Korea, Laos, Luxembourg, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Sri Lanka,Switzerland, Thailand, UAE, UK, USA and Vietnam.Globally, the Aditya Birla Group is::: A metals powerhouse, among the worlds most cost-efficient aluminium and copper producers. Hindalco-Novelis is the largest aluminium rolling company. It is one of the three biggest producers of primary aluminium in Asia, with the largest single location copper smelter:: No.1 in viscose staple fiber:: The fourth-largest producer of insulators:: The fourth-largest producer of carbon black:: The fifth-largest producer of acrylic fibre:: The eighth-largest cement producer:: Among the best energy-efficient fertilizer plants 9 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDIn India: :: One of the leading cement producers :: The top fashion (branded apparel) and lifestyle player :: The second-largest producer of viscose filament yarn :: The second-largest in the chlor-alkali sector :: Among the top four mobile telephony companies :: Among top 10 Indian BPO companies by revenue size :: A leading player in life insurance and asset management :: Among the top three supermarket chains in the retail businessRock solid in fundamentals, the Aditya Birla Group nurtures a culture where success does not come in theway of the need to keep learning afresh, to keep experimenting .Beyond BusinessTranscending business for over 50 years now, the Group has been and continues to be involved inmeaningful welfare-driven initiatives that distinctly impact the quality of life of the weaker sections ofsociety in India, South-East Asia and Egypt.In India, the Groups social projects span 3,000 villages. It reaches out to seven million people annuallythrough the Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development, spearheaded by Mrs.Rajashree Birla. Its focus is healthcare, education, sustainable livelihood, infrastructure and espousing socialcauses.The Group runs 42 schools, which provide quality education to over 45,000 children in Indias interiors. Ofthese, over 18,000 children receive free education. An additional 8,000 students receive merit scholarships. 10Likewise at its 18 hospitals in India, more than a million patients are given extremely subsidised medical Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDcare. To embed corporate social responsibility as a way of life in organisations, the Group has set up theFICCI – Aditya Birla CSR Centre for Excellence, in Delhi.The Group transcends the conventional barriers of business and reaches out to the marginalised because ofits conviction of bringing in a more equitable society.The roots of the Aditya Birla Group date back to the 19th century in the picturesque town of Pilani, setamidst the Rajasthan desert. It was here that Seth Shiv Narayan Birla started trading in cotton, laying thefoundation for the House of Birlas.Through Indias arduous times of the 1850s, the Birla business expanded rapidly. In the early part of the 20thcentury, our Groups founding father, Ghanshyamdas Birla, set up industries in critical sectors such astextiles and fibre, aluminium, cement and chemicals. As a close confidante of Mahatma Gandhi, he playedan active role in the Indian freedom struggle. He represented India at the first and second round-tableconference in London, along with Gandhiji. It was at "Birla House" in Delhi that the luminaries of the Indianfreedom struggle often met to plot the downfall of the British Raj. 11 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED ADITYA VIKRAM BIRLA: putting India on the world mapA formidable force in Indian industry, Mr. Aditya Birla dared to dream of setting up a global businessempire at the age of 24. He was the first to put Indian business on the world map, as far back as 1969, longbefore globalization became a buzzword in India.In the then vibrant and free market South East Asian countries, he ventured to set up world-class productionbases. He had foreseen the winds of change and staked the future of his business on a competitive, freemarket driven economy order. He put Indian business on the globe, 22 years before economic liberalizationwas formally introduced by the former Prime Minister, Mr. Narasimha Rao and the former Union FinanceMinister, Dr. Manmohan Singh. He set up 19 companies outside India, inThailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, the Philippines and Egypt.Interestingly, for Mr. Aditya Birla, globalization meant more than justgeographic reach. He believed that a business could be global even whilstbeing based in India. Therefore, back in his home-territory, he drovesingle-mindedly to put together the building blocks to make our Indianbusiness a global force. ..Under his stewardship, his companies rose to be the worlds largest producer of viscose staple fibre, thelargest refiner of palm oil, the third-largest producer of insulators and the sixth-largest producer of carbonblack. In India, they attained the status of the largest single producer of viscose filament yarn, apart frombeing a producer of cement, grey cement and rayon grade pulp. The Group is also the largest producer ofaluminium in the private sector, the lowest first cost producers in the world and the only producer of linen inthe textile industry in India. 12 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDAt the time of his untimely demise in 1995, the Groups revenues crossed Rs.8,000 crore globally, withassets of over Rs.9,000 crore, comprising of 55 benchmark quality plants, an employee strength of 75,000and a shareholder community of 600,000.Most importantly, his companies earned respect and admiration of the people, as one of Indias finestbusiness houses, and the first Indian international Group globally. Through this outstanding record ofenterprise, he helped create enormous wealth for the nation, and respect for Indian entrepreneurship in SouthEast Asia. In his time, his success was unmatched by any other industrialist in India.That India attains respectable rank among the developed nations, was a dream he forever cherished. He wasproud of India and took equal pride in being an Indian. 13 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED KEY BUSINESS OF THE GROUPAluminium Brands Company Everlast aluminium roofing sheets Hindalco Freshwrapp aluminium foil Hindalco Freshpakk semi-rigid containers Hindalco Permashield waterproofing HindalcoCopper Brands Company Birla Copper Hindalco Birla Gold Hindalco Birla Silver HindalcoCement Brands Company Birla Super Grasim UltraTech Cement UltraTech Cement Vikram Cement Grasim 14 Page Rajashree Cement Grasim
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED UltraTech Concrete UltraTech Cement Birla White GrasimGarments Brands Company Louis Philippe Aditya Birla Nuvo Van Heusen Aditya Birla Nuvo Allen Solly Aditya Birla Nuvo Peter England Aditya Birla Nuvo Esprit Aditya Birla Nuvo The Collective Aditya Birla NuvoCarbon Brands Company Birla Carbon Aditya Birla NuvoRetail Brands Company more. Aditya Birla Retail LimitedTelecom Brands Company Idea Idea Cellular 15 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED OVERVIEW OF THE HINDALCOH indalco industry limited is leader in aluminum and copper ,Hindalco industry limited the metals flagship company of the Aditya Birla group is one of the world‘s largest aluminum rollingcompanies and one the biggest producer of primary aluminum in Asia .established in 1958 Hindalcocommissioned its aluminum facility at renukoot in eastern Uttar Pradesh india in 1962.later acquisition andmergers with Indal Birla copper and the nifty and MT Gordon copper mines in Australia, strengthened itsposition in value added alumina aluminum and copper products.The acquisition of Novelis Inc. in 2007 positioned it among the top five aluminium majors worldwide andthe largest vertically integrated aluminium company in india .today Hindalco is a metal powerhouse withhigh end rolling capabilities and a global footprint in 12 countries . its consolidation turnover of usd 15billion (Rs. 600,128 million ) places it in the fortune 500 league.Hindalco’s businessHindalco is one of the leading producer of alumina and copper. Its alumina unit across the globe encompassthe entire range of operations, from bauxite mining , alumina refining and alumina smelting to downstream,extrusion, foils , along with captive power plant and coal mines.Hindalco copper unit , Birla copper ,produces copper cathodes continuous cast copper rods and other byproduct ,such as gold ,silver and dap fertilizers. Our copper smelter holds the unique distinction of beingamong the world‘s largest single location custom smelter.Units of Hindalco industries ltd are iso 9001:2000, iso 14001:2004 and has 18001 certified. They haveaccorded the star trading house status in india. Hindalco aluminium metal is accepted for delivery under thehigh grade aluminium contract on the London metal exchange (LME) .its copper quality standard are alsointernationally recognized and registered on the lme with grade a accreditation. 16 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDAluminiumHindalco major product include standard and specialty grade alumina‘s and hydrate aluminium ingot, billetswire rods flat rolled product extrusion and foils.The integrated facility at renukoot houses an alumina refinery and an aluminium smelter along with facilitiesfor the product of semi fabricate product, namely redraw rods flat rolled product and extrusion. The plant isbacked by a cooperation power unit and a captive power plant at Renusagar to ensure the continuous supplyof power for smelter and other operations.A strong presence across the value chain and synergies between operations has given the company adominant share in the value added product market. As a step toward expanding the market for value addedproduct and services, Hindalco has launched various brand in recent years ever last roofing sheets,freshwrapp kitchen foils and freahpakk semi rigid containers.CopperBirla copper. Hindalco copper unit is located at Dahej in Gujarat India. The unit has the unique distinction ofbeing one the largest single location copper smelter in the world. The smelter uses state of the art technologyand had a capacity of 500000 tps. Birla copper also produced precious metal, fertilizers and sulphuric andphosphoric acid. The unit has captive power plant for continuous power generation and a captive jetty tofacilitate logistics and transportation.Birla copper upholds its longstanding reputation for quality copper cathodes and continuous cast copper rodsby assuring its management processes meet the highest standard. It has acquired certification such as iso9001:2000 (quality management system ) iso 14001:2004 (environment management system ) and ohsas18001:2007 (occupational health and safety management system) . 17 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDMinesHindalco acquired two Australian copper mines, nifty and mt Gordon in 2003. The Birla nifty copper minesconsists of an open pit mines, heap leach pads and a solvent extraction and electro winning (sxew)processing plant, which produces copper cathode.The MT Gordon copper operation consists of an underground mines and a copper concentrate plant. Untilrecently, the operation produced copper cathode through the fabric leach process.In 2004 a copper concentrator was commissioned to provide concentrate for use at Hindalco operation inDahej. During fy2008. Mt Gordon produced 23,886 tonnes of copper in cathode / concentrate.Both nifty and MT Gordon have along term life of mines off take agreement with Hindalco for supply ofcopper concentrate to the copper smelter at Dahej.Cornerstones of growthHindalco well-crafted growth and integration hinges on the three cornerstones if cost competitivenessquality and global reach. They are also committed to the triple bottom lines accountability of economic,environment and social factors. Care for the community around its operation units is best exemplified by itsdeep rooted social commitment. 18 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED VISION, MISSION AND VALUESOur visionTo be a premium metals major, global in size and reach, excelling in everything we do, andcreating value for its stakeholdersOur missionTo relentlessly pursue the creation of superior shareholder value, by exceeding customerexpectation profitably, unleashing employee potential, while being a responsible corporate citizen,adhering to our values. 19 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Our values — Path to excellence Honesty in every action. On the foundation of integrity, doing whatever it takes to deliver, as promised. Missionary zeal arising out of an emotional engagement with work. Thinking and working together across functional silos, hierarchy levels, businesses and geographies. Responding to stakeholders with a sense of urgency. 20 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED SOME RECENT LANDMARKSThe Aditya Birla Group, Indias first multinational corporation, traces its origins back to the tiny village ofPilani in the Rajasthan desert, where Seth Shiv Narayan Birla started cotton trading operations in 1857.Today, the Groups footprint extends to 20 countries and its revenues are US$ 28 billion. We retrace thehighlights of this remarkable journey, starting from the present.2011:: Mrs. Rajashree Birla was presented the All India Management Association (AIMA) Managing India Award 2011 for Corporate Citizen of the Year. The award was presented by Mr. P. Chidambaram, India’s Union Minister for Home Affairs.:: The Government of India has bestowed the Padma Bhushan Award on Mrs. Rajashree Birla for her exemplary contribution in the area of ‗Social Work‘.The Padma Bhushan is among the highest civilian awards in India and was conferred on Mrs Birla at a special ceremony on 01 April 2011.2010:: Ultratechs Concern for Health project awarded the Asian Corporate Social Responsibility Award by the Asian Institute of Management Centre for Corporate Social Responsibility.:: Hindalco ranked ninth across industries on Forbes Asias Fab 50 companies list of Asias 50 most valued companies.:: Mrs. Rajashree Birla, Chairperson, Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development receives Hello Hall of Fame award for Exemplary Philanthropist of the year from Worldwide Media Goups Hello celebrity journal.:: Indian Rayon, Veraval (a division of Aditya Birla Nuvo) is awarded The Rajiv Gandhi Environment Award for Clean Technologies by The Ministry of Environment and Forests, Government of India.:: Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman of the Group, presented the All India Management Association 21 (AIMA) Managing India Award 2010 for Business Leader of the Year. AIMA confers these awards to Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED persons who are ―exemplary leaders who have made a fundamental difference‖.:: Mrs. Rajashree Birla, Chairperson, Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development, awarded the Global Golden Peacock Life Time Achievement Award for Community Development for the year 2010 for "Outstanding Contribution Towards Community Development and Social Welfare".:: Hindalco and Birla White declared winners in the Golden Peacock Awards for Corporate Social Responsibility 2010 by an eminent international jury, headed by Justice P.M. Bhagwati, the erstwhile Chief Justice of India.:: The Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development team up with Columbia Universitys research centre, the Columbia Global Centers Earth Institute in Mumbai, to become its principal partner. The Earth Institutes goal is to help achieve sustainable development primarily by expanding peoples understanding of the earth as one integrated system.:: Hindalco wins Amity International Business School‘s, ‗Amity Corporate Excellence Award for Corporate Social Responsibility‘2009:: Grasims pulp and fiber division wins the highly prestigious Asian CSR Award. The Asian CSR Awards, Asias Premier CSR Awards program, is a project of the Asian Institute of Management, Manila.:: The Ministry of Labor and Social Welfare, Government of Thailand confers ―The Best Labor Relations and Welfare Award, 2009‖ on Indo Thai Synthetic Company Limited.:: Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund named "The Asset Management Company of the Year, India", by the Hong Kong based magazine, The Asset, in the country awards category of their "Triple A Investment Performance Awards 2009".:: CNBC TV18 Crisil recognises Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund as "The Mutual Fund House of the Year" in 22 2008 and 2009 (for 2007 and 2008), creating history as the only fund house to have won this recognition Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED in two consecutive years.:: The Birla Sun Life Equity-Linked FMP wins the "Best Local Currency Structured Product-India" at the Triple A Investment Performance Awards 2009.:: Birla Sun Life Mutual Fund named the best "Onshore Fund House — India" by Hong Kong based magazine, The Asian Investor, at the Investment Performance Awards 2009.:: Rajiv Gandhi Award for Eminence in Social Field, 2009 conferred on Mrs. Rajashree Birla by Mr. Jyotiraditya Scindia (Union Minister of State, Commerce & Industry) on 19 August 2009. The award recognises Mrs. Birlas pathbreaking work among the poor, more so in Indias villages, carried out through the Aditya Birla Centre for Community Initiatives and Rural Development.:: Idea Cellular wins the Economic Times "Emerging Company of the Year Award for 2009".:: Vikram Cement and Aditya Cement wins the Federation of Indian Mineral and Industries "Social Awareness Award for the year 2008-09".:: Readers Digest Pegasus Star Award conferred on Hindalco in recognition of work that truly exemplifies the highest values of society and corporate leadership for social responsibility and sustainable development initiatives. Mrs. Rajashree Birla who spearheads all the Groups social projects received this much coveted award on behalf of Hindalco from Mr. Arun Jaitley, MP, Rajya Sabha, on 21 January 2009 in Delhi. 23 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED GRADE AND WAGE STRUCTURE AT HINDALCO Worker Number Wage Benifits Permanent 5500 to6000 U-man: Rs 997 Provident Fund GradeC:Rs.1132 Bonus of Rs.110 per Grade B:Rs.1267 month since 1986. GradeA:Rs.1415 Medical allowance of up Special Grade:Rs.1625 to 45 days wages per Grade Charge:Rs.1835 year. Annual increments for the 58% of them are housed above grades are in company quarters. Rs.24,29,40,48,60 and 75 Gratuity paid according respectively. to the scheme: In addition to thee are: (a) below 5 years‘ (a) D.A.:Rs.2691.70 service: no gratuity (b) Conveyance:Rs.4 per day (b) 5-10 years:18 days (c) Night duty;Rs.3 per duty wages per year (d)Washing:Rs.17 (c)10-15 years:21 days (e)For complete wages per year attendance:Rs.50 (d)15-20 years:26 days wages per year Badli as substitute to 2500 to3000 Same as U-man No provident Fund. permanent workers. (include both No increments Bonus of Rs.110 per (a) Regular i.e. getting type of badli month from 1986. continuous work workers) Medical allowance of upto 45 days wages per year No housing facilities. Gratuity according to scheme given Badli included in Same as U-man. No provident fund. (b) Temporory assured above. No increments. Bonus subject to 240 24 work forat least 15 days a days work/year. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED month. Given break in No medical allowance. service after 3-5 months No housing facilities. Gratuity according to scheme given above but subject to at least 240 days of work each year. Contract 7000 Minimum wage of Rs.52 per No provident Fund. (a) Supply i.e. involved in day No Bonus. permanent nature work. No Medical allowance. No housing facilities. No Gratuity. Contract 6000 Approximately Rs.42 No Provident Fund or (b) Civil i.e. Those residing in villages pay gratuity.Those in construction work Rs.8 for transport. No bonus or Temporary work No Medical allowance No housing facilities 25 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED FULLY INTEGRATED OPERATION-RENUKOOT Rolled 80,000 Captive Power (820 MW) TPA Wire Rods 40,000 TPA Bauxite Alumina Aluminum Extrusion Mines 660,000 345,000 13,700 TPA TPA TPA Foils 5,000 TPA Caustic Soda Al. Fluoride Foils From From JV Subsidiary 5Wheels 26 300,000 Pcs Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED HR vision ―To provide an enabling environment where employees‘ competencies are nurtured and harnessed towards sustainable growth and leadership.‖ HR mission ―To proactively access and provide service for the HR needs of the business and customers for the attainment of organization goals.‖ HR objectives  To collaborated with and support internal customer of HR in achieving business objective through HR service viz effective manpower planning, ensuring harmonious industrial relations etc.  To review & redesign the structure of the organization with clarity of roles, responsibly and accountability for overall organization effectiveness and speedy response to emerging business challenges.  To develop knowledge & skill of the employees and groom leaders with functional and business competencies to meet future demands of the organization.  To benchmark best HR practices in order to enhance human resource effectiveness.  To enhance employee productivity through rationalization of jobs and manpower optimization.  To promote employee involvement in decision making, team working creativity and empowerment.  To institutionalize transparency by framing, updating and communicating system and processes.  To maintain good liaison with environment and continuously benchmark and upgrade the standard of safety and hygiene; and  To work towards improving the quality of work life of employees and the lives of their families. Human resource at work in HindalcoAt Hindalco, HR policies are not only preached but also practiced in true spirit. Our HR vision which isaligned to our business vision has provided us clear direction to plan our HR processes. To achieve ouroverall organizational goal, we have undertaken a number of paralleled HR initiatives such as:  Availability of HR , ER & safety officer right at the shop floor to cater to the needs of employees thus providing HR services at the door step of the customer.  Review up gradation of system, policies, processes to meet the emerging organizational & people expectations.  Conducting regular organizational health survey (OHS) to increase employee participation.  Infusion of fresh blood/talent at all levels. 28  Building leadership pipeline through ―talent management‖ process. Page  Propagating e-learning as a means of self-development.
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED  Increasing employee involvement through greater commitment in small group activities like qualities circle 5‘S etc. Talent managementIt refers to the conscious deliberate approach undertaken to attract, develop and retain people with theaptitude and abilities to meet current and future organizational needs. It involves individual @organizational development in response to a changing & complex operating environment. The career stagesmodel developed by Walt Mahler forms the basis of ABG‘S talent management framework. The coreessence of this model is the belief that managers to be effective. Every leader goes through six career turnsin his lifecycle. Manager Self (Individual Contributor) , Manage Other (Section Head) , Managers (Dept./Regional/ Zonal Manager), Function Head/ SBU Head, Business Head Time & payroll officeMainly performs two activities (1) Time Keeping Activity (2) Payroll Activity.Time keeping consists:  To keep attendance records.  To decide the schedule of shift duties  51 punching machines caleed ―Badge readers‖ are placed at different places to register the attendance of the employees.There are four working shifts:  7:30 A.M in the morning to 3:00 P.M in the evening  3:00 P.M in the evening to 11:00 P.M in the night  11:00 P.M in the night to 7:00 A.M. in the morning  8:00 A.M in the morning to 5:30 P.M in the eveningThe leave provided by the organization to the employees is of four types:  Earn leave (EL) -1 day leave per 14 earning days (max.22 in a year )  Casual leave (CL) - 10 days to 12 per annum.  Shift leaves (SL) – 8hrs per day & up to 48hrs per week.  Monthly allowances for 100% attendance Rs.150 per month & Rs.700 per annum.  Max.50hrs of overtime per 3 months.Payroll consists  Wages to the workers  Salaries to the employees  Bonus &increments 29  Gratuity & Ex-gratia  Page Loans &facilities
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDApplication to MIS in-  Preparation of budget  Manpower facilities  Outstation duties  Action plan Fire and securityIn case of fire, fire hydrant network system (FHNS), portable fire extinguishers such as : dry chemicalpowder. CO2 gases, mechanical forum etc. are the system to prevent from fire. The fire and foremost insafety is safety inspection & provide safety training and induction training and need based training. Training and developmentThe training facilities are classified into the three broad categories:  Behavioral / managerial (WDPs,SDPs,MDPs)  Functional / technical training  Supportive training ( WCM, quality circles )Module design for training programs:  To decide objective of the programs  To decide the design of the objective  To design the delivery of the objectivePost training evolution:  Reaction level evolution  Job behavior level evolution (transfer of learning)Punctually and frictionless remuneration is heart of organization. so responsibility of the ER department isincreased . Statutory compliance of certain act is performed duly& efficiently. Management at Hindalcoindustries ltd. Renukoot is making all the necessary efforts towards statutory compliance of various labourlaws; however there is always scope for further improvement. 30 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED CORPORATE SOCIAL RESPONSIBILITY Winning smiles…touching heartsLong before corporate social responsibility found a place in the corporate lexicon, it was already texturedinto the Groups value system. As early as the 1940s, the late Mr. G.D. Birla espoused the trusteeshipconcept of management — investing a portion of the companys profits for the larger good of society. Thelate Mr. Aditya Birla went beyond chequebook philanthropy when he brought in the concept of sustainablelivelihood. For over 50 years, Hindalco has worked in the hinterlands of India to better the quality of life of the underprivileged sections of society . Today, we reach out to millions of people in the villages, of whom more than 60 per cent live below the poverty line. Their needs include: access to water, agriculture and sustainable livelihood, healthcare, and education. These four areas form the focus of our efforts. The company also works to bring about social reform through widow re-marriage and dowerless marriages. We work in partnership with government agencies and the beneficiaries to provide these necessities and encourage social reform. Focus areas Health care Medical camps: Taking mobile medical units and providing ambulance service to remote areas.Health facilities: Setting up well-equipped and professionally manned health centres at several locations.Regular health camps: Providing family planning, mother and child care and specialised camps for eye care and for cataract; coordinating regular pulse polio immunisation drives; and promoting the awareness, prevention andtreatment of malaria, water-borne diseases, TB, HIV/AIDS, 31 and others diseases. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Education Balwadis: Providing for the primary education of underprivileged children. Adult literacy: Providing formal and informal classes and active support to the governments mission to improve rural literacy levels. Merit scholarships / Schemes: Support female students for educational endeavours. Educational support: Contributing uniforms, textbooks and classroom equipment and undertaking school building construction and maintenance. Skills training / capacity building The Aditya Birla Rural Technology Park (Muirpur, Uttar Pradesh,India): Runs over 70 training programmes in diesel / hand pumprepair / maintenance, electrical repair/maintenance, bee-keeping, tailoring, knitting and agriculture-related programmes and encouraging self-employment through income-generating projects. The Yashogami Skills Training Centre (Radhanagari, Tarale, Maharashtra, India): Trains women in skills such as rexine handicraft, fashion design, tailoring, food processing, pottery, lamination, electronics assembly, zardozi, jewellery design, papier mache, rangolli, and fabric design. Womens empowerment Self-Help Groups (SHG): These programmes involve over 11,000 women from rural communities around Hindalco units. SHG activities: Micro credit and micro finance schemes, entrepreneurship building, oil-processing units, tailoring centres, horticulture and nutrition gardens, diesel and hand pump repair, vermi compost production, mushroom cultivation, food processing, etc. Awareness building: Health and sanitation, family planning, 32 literacy drives and microfinance; facilitating government loans Page for small-scale enterprise and rural insurance schemes, etc.
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Social causes: Promoting dowerless marriages and widow re- marriages. Agricultural supportIrrigation schemes: Land brought under irrigation with better yield and multi-cropping methods.Watershed development: Hydel towers, drainage canals, wells, check-dams, pedal pumps and harvest tanks. Training: Field schools train local farmers in modernagricultural techniques for higher crop yield; introducing lac cultivation, post-harvest technology with safe grain storagethrough an integrated pest-management system, floriculture,horticulture and kitchen gardens; shifting from mono to multi cropping patterns and distribution of high-yield seeds. 33 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED MANAGEMENT TEAM Hindalco‘s management team consists of experienced individuals with strong credentials. Board of Directors Mr. Kumar Mangalam Birla, Chairman Mrs. Rajashree Birla Mr. C. M. Maniar Mr. S. S. Kothari Mr. M. M. Bhagat Mr. K. N. Bhandari Mr. A. K. Agarwala Mr. N. J. Jhaveri Prof. Ram Charan Mr. D. Bhattacharya, Managing Director Group Executive President and Chief Financial Officer Mr. S. Talukdar Executive President Corporate Projects and Procurement Mr. R. Ram Company Secretary Mr. Anil Malik Chief People Officer Mr. Vineet Kaul Business / Unit Head Mr. Dilip Gaur, Group Executive President, Copper Mr. Shashi K. Maudgal, Chief Marketing Officer, Aluminium 34 Mr. Satish M Bhatia, President, Foil and Packaging Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED Mr. R. S. Dhulkhed, Senior President, Operations Mr. Sanjay Sehgal, President, Chemicals & Intl. Trade Mr. D. K. Kohly, Chief Officer Operations, Renukoot Unit & Renusagar Units Aditya Aluminium Mr. S. N. Jena, COO Utkal Alumina International Ltd Mr. Suryakant Mishra, CEO Novelis Inc. Mr. Philip Martens, President and Chief Executive Officer Aditya Birla Minerals Limited Mr. D. Bhattacharya, Chairman Mr. Sunil Kulwal, CEO and MD Mr. Peter Torre, Company Secretary 35 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED LABOUR WELFARE abour welfare work aims at providing such service facilities and amenities which enable the workersL employed in an organization to perform their work in healthy congenial surrounding conductive togood health and high morale. Labour welfare is a comprehensive term including various services, benefits and facilities offered bythe employer. Through such generous fringe benefits the employer makes life worth living for employees.The welfare amenities are extended in additional to normal wages and other economic rewards available toemployees as per the legal provisions. Welfare measures may also be provided by the government, trade unions and non-government agenciesin addition to the employer. ―International Labour Organization efforts to make life worth living forworkers‖ According to the Oxford dictionary ―Welfare is fundamentally an attitude of mind on the part ofmanagement influencing the method by which management activities are undertaken.Objectives of labour welfare activities:-Following are the objectives of the voluntary labour welfare services by employer-1)To win over employees loyalty and increase their morale.2)To develop efficiency and productivity among workers.3)To reduce of threat of future government intervention.4)To make recruitment more effective.5)To earn goodwill and enhance public image.6) To build up stable labour force to reduce labour turnover and absenteeismImportance of labour welfare activities:-Labour welfare in India has a special significance as the constitution provides for the promotion of welfare 36of the labour for human conditions of work and securing to all workers. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED The various welfare measures provided by the employee will have immediate impact on the health,physical and mental efficiency, alertness, morale and overall efficiency of the workers and therebycontributing to the highest productivity. Social security measure provided by employer will act as a protection to the workers. Labour welfaremeans activities designed for the promotion ofthe economic, social and cultural wellbeing of the employees.Labour welfare includes both statutory as well as non-statutory activities undertaken by the employers, tradeunions and both the central and state governments for the physical and mental development of the workers. Labour welfare enables workers to have richer and more satisfying life. It raises the standard of livingof workers by indirectly reducing the burden on their pocket. Welfare measures improve the physical andphysiological health of the employees, which in turn enhance their efficiency and productivity. Labour welfare promotes a sense of belongings among the workers, preventing them from resortingto unhealthy practices like absenteeism, lobour unrest strike, etc. welfare work improves the relationsbetween employees and employers. It promotes a real change of heart and a change of outlook of the part ofboth the employers and employees.Reasons for the labour welfare activities in India:-1) Increase in efficiency of employees:Labour welfare activities increases in efficiency of employees to work. These facilities help in developingthe feeling of dedication among them. Due to the increase in efficiency the production and the productivityof the enterprise increase considerably.2) Helpful in reducing the state of poverty among employees:Most of the workers in our country are unable in providing for base necessities for themselves and to theirfamily members. This is because of the extreme poverty among Indian workers. Provision of labour welfareactivities plays an important role in reducing such poverty and in providing essential amenities to the 37workers. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED3) Establishment of Organizational peace:Labour welfare activities help in establishing sound relations between employees and employers. When theemployees of the organization feels that they are getting all the possible facilities and the employers are verycaring to them, then such good feeling increases enthusiasm among employees which will establish peace inthe organization.4) Helpful in reducing the rate of absenteeism and labour turnover:The rate of absenteeism and labour turnover is much higher in India as compared to that of developedcountries of the world. Provision of labour welfare activities help in reducing this because the workers feelthemselves well settled at one place. 38 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED WELFARE FACILITIES PROVIDED AT HINDALCOW elfare is a broad concept referring to state of living of an individual or a group , in a desirable relationship with the total environment –ecological , economic & social. Labour welfare may be viewd as total concept(desirable state of existence involving the physical, mental, moral & emotional wellbeing), social concept (the welfareof man ,his family & his community) & relative concept (welfare is relative in time an d place ). It implies the settingup of minimum desirable standard and provision of facilities. it deals with the providing of opportunity for heemployee and the family for a good lie as understood in its most comprehensive sense this personal objective alone isnot adequate welfare is also individual concept and general wellbeing of all.James Todd ― anything done for the comfort and improvement , intellectual and social , of the employees over thewage paid , which is not a necessity of the industry,‖ AIMS & OBJECTIVEThe aims or objective of welfare activities is partially humanitarian. To enable workers to enjoy a fuller and richer lifeand partially economic – to improve the efficiency of the worker – and also partly civic to develop among them asense of responsibility and dignity and thus make them worthy citizen of the nation.The need for welfare lies in the fact that industrial worker today constitute functionally a very significant andimportant part the country population their labour help to dig and soul from the towels of the earth to fetch to soliddone and reservoir to lay pipes canals, lines and roads. Their labour creates and transit power and through variouspassenger og manufacturer pattern raw materials into finished product of necessity as well as luxury. We are getting somuch accustomed to multifarious and manifold amenities characterized of modern ways of living and thinkingwhether in the contest of the term of the factory house of the council hall whether is travel at work or at rest thatcontinuation of our civilization appears to depend on the labour of workers. if we withdraw the activities of labourfrom the various shepherd in which average life was or nasty brutish and short. Civilized life as it is today is possibleon account of the coordinated labour of millions of workers working in factories and workshop and other industrialworkers play a very useful and important role in the community. 39 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED WELFARE DEPARTMENTWelfare amenities have become an accepted part of good industrial organization. Consequently, welfaredepartment have been locked upon as a positive contributing factor to increase the efficiency of the business.Welfare department should establish direct relationship with the business in the way as , the publicityadvertising or accounting department. All organization will make an effort to keep accurate costs in orderthat a basic of comparison can be worked out. If welfare department should be located at a convenientcentral spot. It has to maintain broadly employment, welfare and medical records.TYPES OF WELFARE:Welfare measures can be two distinct types via:Employers in India are generally required to comply with the provision of various welfare amenities underdifferent labour legislations. The statutory welfare facilities provided under the factories act, 1948,plantation labour act, 1961 and contract labour (regulation and abolition) act 1970. The following are theworking of statutory provision in the Hindalco. All measures have been adopted there to provide maximumstatutory welfare facilities to its employee, which is as follows:STATUTORY WELFARE SCHEMESI. Drinking Water:At all the working places , safe hygienic drinking water points are provided.II. Latrines and Urinals:A sufficient number of latrines and urinals are provided in the plant area and office premises of Hindalcoand same are maintained in a neat and clean condition.III. Spittoons:In every work place, such as ware houses, store places, in the plant area and office premises whereEmployees/workers are deployed, spittoons are provided in convenient places and same are maintained in ahygienic condition.IV. Lighting:At all the working places in the plant area, sufficient lights are provided for working safely during the nightshift. 40 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDV. Ventilation:For the circulation of fresh air, and maintaining the normaltemperatures sufficient number of ventilators are provided in plantarea, where workers are required to work in three shifts, such asware houses, and office premises.VI. Washing places:Adequate washing places such as bathrooms, wash basins with tap and tap on the stand pipe are provided inthe plant area in the vicinity of the work places.VII. First-aid appliances and Ambulance room:Adequate first-aid boxes are provided on the working places in the plant area & office premises and sameare accessible. First-aid treatments are readily available during the working hours to the workers at theworking places and the ambulance is also provided with the full equipment and qualified nursing staff. 2/- :2:VIII. Changing rooms:Adequate changing rooms are provided to the male and female workers separately to change their cloth inthe plant area and office premises. Adequate lockers are also provided to the workers to keep their cloth andbelongings, etc.IX. Rest rooms:Adequate no. of rest rooms are provided in the plant area to the workers with provisions of drinking water,wash basins, toilets, bathrooms, etc. for those who are working in the night shift.X. Canteens:The canteens are provided in the plant area and other places of working for giving nutritious valued food tothe dock workers 41 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDNON - STATUTORY WELFARE SCHEMES SOCIAL WELFAREEvery business should have a sense of responsibility towards th society in which it operates.hindalco realizeand embraces these responsibilities thereby performing a number of functions for the appraisal of thesociety. Hindalco is providing social welfare in terms of library, games & sports, nature cure & yoga center, gymnasium , cultursl programs, employment of needy women.Centralized Library:Centralized Library facility is provided to all Hindalco employees/workers in main training center building.A sum of Rs.69,696 has been spent for purchase of books etc. during the financial year 2009 – 2010.Presently there are 29,433 numbers of books available in the library in Hindi/English languages. YEAR BOOK MEMBERSHIP NO OF VISITORS 2004 24827 5628 875 2005 26161 5636 910 2006 26825 5530 885 2007 27687 5572 925 2008 28026 5628 900 2009 28990 5680 945 2010 29433 5738 937 42 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDLadies Club:A Ladies Club has been set up by wives of the employees in theHindalco colony. The Club is conducting various programs for thebenefit of the Hindalco employees wives and their children.Officers Club:The Officers club is constituted by the Officers for the benefit of the officers and their families. The club isconducting various programs, competitions, tournaments, etc. The Officers club is celebrating variousfestivals such as Diwali, Christmas, New Year and other get together programs for the benefits of theofficers and their families.Manoranjanalaya:The manoranjanalaya of Hindalco is the core of the entertainment activities. Most of the sports & sociocultural activities are conducted by it. With membership fees of rs 25 per month, it has a membership of2000. Tournament like manoranjanalaya open, Hindalco open, inter departmental etc. are organized. Playerwith extra skills are sent to participate in district, state and even in the national games. All the expenses arebeard by the company. The company also has players from international sports games.Rural & social development:To improve the weaker section of the society, the company is engaged in a series of welfare driveninitiatives. These are carried out under the aegis of ―The Aditya birla center of community initiatives &rural projects‖, spearheaded by smt Rajshree birla ,also a director on the board of the company. Thecompany has adopted 307 villagers surrounding the aluminium complex at renukoot, power division atRenusagar and the mines at Bihar. The company reaches out to as many as 4 lac people. The area of focuses 43are espousing social reforms , restoring a people‘s self-esteem, medical campus. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDHindalco Auditorium:In Hindalco colony the Hindalco Auditorium having the seating capacity of 550 has been constructed.Dramas, office programs, school/colleges program and various cultural activities are being conducted for thebenefit of the port employees and their families at the Auditorium. The same is also given on hire foroutsiders for performing various programs. ECONOMIC WELFAREI. Housing Facilities:Hindalco has constructed residential quarters in the localities at RENUKOOT. At present 53% of the totalemployees have been provided with quarters which are classified as under:-a) ‗A‘ type quaters: 4b) ‗B‘ type quarters: 5.c) ‗C‘ type quarters: 11.d) ‗CR‘ type quarters : 4.e) ‗D‘ type quarters : 22 .) ‗SE‘ type quarters :60) ‗OE‘ type quarters:48) ‗E‘ type quarters:60) ‗SR‘ type quarters:50) ‗JR‘ type quarters:514) ‗G‘ type quarters:96f) Non Standard quarters : 5592.________Total : 6466 Nos. 44 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDSuper Bazar & Birla Market:All items of domestic requirement are available. Loan mela isorganized from time to time for purchasing consumerdurable. Household items are available at easy installments.Ex-Gratia Payment:It is given to the employee‘s long & meritorious servicetenure. Payment equivalent to 13 days wages /salary for each block of two years of completed beyond 25years of service. The amount is subject to a maximum of 3 months wages / salary. Length of service Ex gratia amount Service up to 25 years Nil Service beyond 25 years Ex gratia payment equivalent to 13 days wages for each block of two years of service subject to a maximum of 3 months wages / salaryLeave Travel Assistance (Lta):The company also gives travel assistance to its employees. To calm the LTA the employee should haveworked for at least 280 days in a calendar year. Moreover he should have taken accrued leave for 6continuous days. The rulers for the payment are: Salary Drawn (Rs. Per Month) Maximum Amount Of LTA Payable Up To 6000 10000 6001 To 7500 12000 7501 To 10000 15000 10001 To 12500 18000 12501 To 15000 21000 15001 To 25000 25000 25001 To 45000 30000 45 45001 & Above 35000 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDTransport Facilities:The transport facility has been provided to employees of theHindalco, and their dependents, for the said purpose 12 bigbuses and 4 midi buses are engaged. The transport is alsoprovided to the children of Hindalco employees studying invarious Schools in different locations. The subsidized transportrates are being charged to the employees/their dependents.Education facilities: School No of school Medium Aditya Birla Public School (sr) (jr) 650 & 500 English Hindalco higher secondary school 5048 Hindi Hindalco primary school unit-1 & unit -2 1780 & 1550 Hindi Hindalco Montessori school 523 HindiEducation up to the higher secondary level is available atrenukoot. At present Hindalco is running four schools where about10000 children are getting education.The company provides the bus facilities to the school goingchildren. Also provides school uniform every year to theemployee‘s school going children. It also has provision for thescholarships to brilliant students.Hindalco Employees Consumer Co-Op. Society:The employee‘s consumer‘s co-operative society manages two shops to supply provisions at fair prices. Thecredit facility is also available to the society members for buying various items. Occasionally exhibitions 46 Pagecum sales are also arranged by the society for the benefit of its clients wherein reputed manufacturer/dealers
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDof various goods display their products. The member employees have also the option to buy the goods andpay on installment basis through salary deductions. HEALTH SERVICEHospital/Medical facility:Hindalco has its own 100 bedded hospital having fully equipped indoor and outdoor departments, Medicalfacilities in the disciplines of General Medicine, General Surgery, Obstetrics & Gynecology, Pediatrics,Ophthalmology and Dentistry are available to the employees and their dependents. These are furthersupported by other Sonography , Pathology, X-Ray, Orthopedics. The hospital has also extended medicalfacilities of Ayurveda and Homeopathic treatment to the employees and their families. Whenever, necessary,the arrangements for external specialist consultations/referral are made in the interest of the patient. Apartfrom medical officers, the hospital is enriched with qualified and experienced nursing personnel and otherparamedical staff. Every year provisional budgetary allocation is made for providing medical facilities forthe employees and their families. In collaboration with lions club of renukoot it also organize monthly eyecamp which is attended by a team of doctors from the Renukoot Sitapur Eye Hospital.Canteen: The company has well equipped canteen for its employees. There are 138 workers and 11 staffs to manage the canteen. It provides highly subsidized foodstuff to the employees.The employees can get their tea, breakfast, lunch and dinner from here while on duty. The canteen on an average serve lunch to 2000 people per day and dinner to about 500 people per day. That means it serves food 47 about 2500 people per day. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED RESEARCH METHODOLOGY AN INTRODUCTION esearch is the process of systematic and in-depth study or search for any particular topic, subject orR area of investigation, backed by collection, compilation, presentation and interpretation of relevantdetails or data. Research methodology is a way to systematically solve the research problem. It may beunderstood as a science of studying how research is done scientifically.Research may develop hypothesis and test it. In it we study the various steps that are generally adopted bythe researcher in studying his research problem along with the logic behind them.Research must be based on fact observable data forms a sound basis for research inductive investigation leadbetter support to research finding for analyzing facts a scientific methodology of analysis must be developedand result interpreted logically.It is necessary for the researcher to know not only the research method or techniques but also themethodology. Thus, when we talk of research methodology we not only talk of the research methods butalso consider the logic behind the methods we use in the context of our research study and explain why weare using a particular method or technique and why we are not using others so that research results arecapable of being evaluated either by the researcher himself or by others. Research problems would result incertain conclusions by means of logical analysis which the decision-maker may use for his action orsolution.Objectives Of Study:1)To study the welfare facilities provided to employees by Hindalco.2)To study how the organization motivate the employees by identifying and satisfying their unsatisfiedneeds.3)To compare the satisfaction level between the managers & labour with the welfare facilities provided byHindalco. 484) To provide some suggestion to improve the satisfaction level of the managers and labours. PageHypothesis:
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDEmployees of HINDALCO are found to be satisfied with the welfare facilities provided by theirorganization.RESEARCH PROCESS:In research process, the first and foremost step is selecting and defining are search problem. A researchershould at first find the problem. Then he should formulate it so that it becomes susceptible to research. For asystematic presentation, the process of research may be classified under three stages- primary stage,secondary stage, and the tertiary stage.The Primary Stage Includes:-i)Observationii)Interestiii) Formulating research problemIV) DocumentationV) Preparation of a bibliography &vi) Research designThe Secondary Stage Includes:-i)Project planningii)Data collectioniii)Analysis of dataiv)Testing of hypothesisv)Interpretationvi)Questionnaire preparation 49 PageThe tertiary stage includes:-
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDi) Report writingii) Observation, suggestions, and conclusions.iii)Preparation of a bibliographyObservationResearch starts with observation, which leads to curiosity to learn more about what has been observed.While observation leads to research the research results in elaborate observations and conclusions; or evenfurther research. The observation method is widely used mainly because of its simplicity, usefulness in theframing of hypothesis, its accuracy; the possibility of getting convincing results, the possibility of the test ofvalidity etc. to be precise, observation tends to be the basic of any research.InterestThe observation of certain occurrences creates an interest and inquisitiveness in the mind of the research tostudy it future. This is the basis of interest to study the subject matter of observation. The interest is theguiding force behind any research.Formulating Research ProblemThe research problem undertaken for study must be carefully selected. The problem must be definedthoroughly and should be framed into meaningful terms from the analytical point of view. The area ofworking must be decided.I have defined my problem as “SATISFACTORY LEVEL OF EMPLOYEES WITH THE WELFAREFACILITIES AT HINDALCO”. I had got the information from the HOD of HR department and fromsome of the employees. 50 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED METHODOLOGYResearch methodology:Research methodology is the systematic and objective identification, collection, analysis, dissemination and use ofinformation for the purpose os assisting management in decision making relating to the identification and solution ofthe problem & opportunity.Research design:I have adopted descriptive research design for my project because descriptive research is concerned with describingthe characteristics of a particular individual or of a group.Sample design:Questionnaire on satisfaction level of the manager‘s % workers with the welfare facilities provided by Hindalco.Sample sizeNumber of managers-50Number of workers-50Collection of data:Primary data is collected from the managers & workers through questionnaire and secondary data is collected throughinformal talk, observation & study of welfare facilities at Hindalco. 51 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED DATA PRESENTATION, ANALYSIS AND INTERPRETATIONQ.1.How do you come to know about any new welfare measures being introduced in yourorganization? Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response Through your superior 6 12% 7 14% Coworkers 14 28% 18 36% Circulars 30 60% 9 18% Union representative 0 0% 16 32% Total 50 100% 50 100% New welfare measures 60 50 50 50 40 30 30 Managers® 18 Labours® 20 16 14 9 10 6 7 12% 14% 28% 36% 60% 18% 0 0% 32% 100%100% 0 Through your Coworkers Circulars Union Total superior representativeInterpretationMost of the managers come to know about any new welfare measures from the circulars & most of the 52labours came to know about any new welfare measures from their coworkers. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.2.How much are you satisfied with organization supervision of employee welfare work provided byHindalco? Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 1 1% 0 0% Satisfied 14 29% 12 24% Neutral 23 46% 25 50% Dissatisfied 12 24% 10 19% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 3 7% Total 50 100% 50 100% Organization Supervision Of Employee Welfare 60 50 50 50 40 30 23 25 Managers® 20 14 12 12 10 Labours® 10 11%00% 3 100% 100% 29%24% 46%50% 24%19% 00% 7% 0Interpretation:Most of the mangers and labours are neutral showing that they do not want to give any answer against themanagement. This shows their distrust and non-reliability in the management equals %age of them are 53dissatisfied and satisfied. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.3.How much are you satisfied with the improvement in living condition of employees? Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 0 0% 0 0% Satisfied 14 28% 22 44% Neutral 28 56% 17 34% Dissatisfied 8 16% 11 22% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% Total 50 100% 50 100% The Improvement In Living Condition Of Employees 60 50 50 50 40 30 28 22 Managers® 20 17 Labours® 14 11 10 8 00%00% 28%44% 56%34% 16%22% 00%00% 100% 100% 0Interpretation 54Most of the managers and labours are neutral & dissatisfied. They think there is no improvement in thestandard of living. Labour are more dissatisfied than the managers with their living condition. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.4.How much are you satisfied with the timely redressal and feedback of grievance and complain ofemployees with regards to service condition? Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 0 0% 0 0% Satisfied 18 35% 22 44% Neutral 26 53% 17 34% Dissatisfied 6 13% 11 22% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% Total 50 100% 50 100% The Timely Redressal And Feedback Of Grievance And Complain Of Employees 60 50 50 50 40 30 26 22 18 17 Managers® 20 11 Labours® 10 6 00%00% 35%44% 53%34% 13%22% 00%00% 100% 100% 0InterpretationMost of the managers & labours are neutral and satisfied with solution of their problems but labours are 55more satisfied with the service related to grievance. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.5.How much are you satisfied with the atmosphere (friendly and supporting) in the organization? Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 13 25% 16 31% Satisfied 27 54% 30 60% Neutral 7 15% 4 9% Dissatisfied 3 6% 0 0% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% Total 50 100% 50 100% The Atmosphere (Friendly And Supporting) In The Organization 60 50 50 50 40 30 30 27 Managers® 20 16 13 Labours® 10 7 4 3 25%31% 54%60% 15% 9% 6%00% 00%00% 100% 100% 0InterpretationManagers and labour are highly satisfied with friendly and supportive environment of the organization.Labour are more satisfied with atmosphere and they enjoy doing work. 56 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.6.How much are you satisfied with the promotion of harmonious relation and liaison work betweenemployees and management? Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 0 0% 0 0% Satisfied 13 25% 11 22% Neutral 32 64% 28 56% Dissatisfied 5 11% 8 16% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 3 6% Total 50 100% 50 100% The Promotion Of Harmonious Relation And Liaison Work 60 50 50 50 40 32 30 28 20 Managers® 13 11 10 8 Labours® 5 00%00% 25%22% 64%56% 11%16% 00%36% 100% 100% 0InterpretationThis data also shows that most of the managers and even the labour are neutral in giving even any small 57answer against the management. This shows their trust in the management. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.7. Are you satisfied with different educational programs for developing the skills of the workers/staffs? Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 37 75% 22 44 Satisfied 13 25% 28 56 Neutral 0 0% 0 0 Dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0 H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0 Total 50 100% 50 100% Educational Programs For Developing The Skills Of The Workers/Staffs 60 56 50 50 50 44 40 37 30 28 22 20 Managers® 13 Labours® 10 75% 25% 00%0 0 00%0 0 00%0 0 100% 100% 0InterpretationMangers and labour both are highly satisfied with training provided to them for the improvement of their 58work and development of their personality. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.8.Employees social welfare Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 0 0% 0 0% Satisfied 6 12% 8 15% Neutral 11 23% 6 12% Dissatisfied 27 53% 24 48% H.dissatisfied 6 12% 12 25% Total 50 100% 50 100% Social Welfare 60 50 50 50 40 30 27 24 20 Managers® 11 12 Labours® 10 6 8 6 6 00%00% 12%15% 23%12% 53%48% 12%25% 100% 100% 0InterpretationMost of the mangers & labours are dissatisfied with the library, sports, nature cure, cultural program but 59some of them are dissatisfied with the employment of needy women that is provided by Hindalco. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.9 Employees health service Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 12 25% 9 18% Satisfied 33 65% 36 72% Neutral 5 10% 5 10% Dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% Total 50 100% 50 100% Health Service 60 50 50 50 40 36 33 30 20 Managers® 12 Labours® 9 10 5 5 25%18% 65%72% 10%10% 00%00% 00%00% 100% 100% 0Interpretation 60Most of the managers & labours are dissatisfied with the hospital service & maintenance. Doctors, patientcare and medical facilities. Labours are more dissatisfied with the health services. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.10. Condition of work environment Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 13 25% 9 18% Satisfied 32 65% 36 72% Neutral 5 10% 5 10 Dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0 H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0 Total 50 100% 50 100% Work Environment 60 50 50 50 40 36 32 30 20 Managers® 13 9 10 Labours® 10 5 5 25%18% 65%72% 10% 00%0 0 00%0 0 100% 100% 0InterpretationMangers and labour are equally satisfied with the conditions like lighting, ventilation, rest time, safety 61measures in which they are working. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.11.Employees economic welfare Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 0 0% 7 18% Satisfied 27 53% 25 72% Neutral 15 31% 7 10% Dissatisfied 8 16% 11 0% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% Total 50 100% 50 100% Economic Welfare 60 50 50 50 40 30 27 25 20 Managers® 15 11 Labours® 10 7 7 8 00% 18% 53%72% 31%10% 16% 0% 00%00% 100% 100% 0InterpretationMost of the mangers and labours are satisfied with the retirement benefit, insurance, transport benefitprovided by Hindalco. Mangers are more satisfied but both of them want some improvement in the housing 62facility. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.12. Welfare scheme Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 28 56% 39 77% Satisfied 22 44% 11 23% Neutral 0 0% 0 0% Dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% H.dissatisfied 0 0% 0 0% Total 50 100% 50 100% Welfare scheme 60 50 50 50 39 40 30 28 22 20 Managers® 11 Labours® 10 56%77% 44%23% 00%00% 00%00% 00%00% 100% 100% 0InterpretationMangers &labour equally are highly satisfied with the schemes like intt free loan, marriage gift scheme, long 63service ex-gratia, computer/vehicle scheme. Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.13. Education welfare Scale Managers® % of response Labours® % of response H.satisfied 7 13% 9 17% Satisfied 17 35% 23 47% Neutral 8 16% 9 19% Dissatisfied 15 30% 9 17% H.dissatisfied 3 6% 0 0% Total 50 100% 50 100% Education welfare 60 50 50 50 40 30 23 20 17 15 Managers® 10 7 9 8 9 9 Labours® 3 47% 16% 17% 35% 13% 17% 6% 0% 100% 19% 30% 0 100% 0InterpretationMost of the mangers & labour are satisfied but some of them are neutral and dissatisfied of schools, std ofteachers and fees structure & education. Managers are more dissatisfied with educational welfare. 64 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED CONCLUSIONFrom the analysis it can be concluded that Hindalco is providing a number of welfare facilities to itsmanagers for their benefit. I have done a comparative study on the satisfaction level of the mangers & labourwith the welfare facilities. The result shows that the responses of the mangers & labours are similar meansmangers are satisfied with the things from which labours too are satisfied &both are dissatisfied with someof the welfare activities on the same level. There are some crucial topics on which they do not want to giveany answer and remain neutral raising a state of confusing that they are in favour or management or againstit. 65 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED RECOMMENDATIONS1) Medical facilities can be improved by:-  Establishing state of art laboratory.  Arranging for frequent visit of specialist doctors.  Sensitizing medical staff towards patients.  More emphasis on patient care.2) Standard of education can be improved by-  Better maintenance of infrastructure.  More emphasis on computer education  Recruiting on computer education.  Arranging for remedial classes.3) Mangers should discourage trade union leaders indulging in unfair practices like-  Showing favoritisms to few workers.  Overlooking the interest of majority of workers.4) Workers participation in decision affecting their can be improved by way of –  Taking in confidence majority workers prior to decision  Making them aware with all the essential details of a decision going to be taken.  Employees should be given proper training and development programs.5) Management should try to retain the employees by-  Proper redresal of the complains and grievance of the employees.  Awarding extra for the employees doing extra or putting extra affords.  Improving the working condition and by overlooking the relation of superior and juniors. 66 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED BIBLIOGRAPHY  Sharma A.M, aspect of labour welfare & social security, New Delhi, Himalaya publication house.  Memorial C.B. & gankar, S.V.dynamics industrial relations, Himalaya publication house.  Aditya Birla hand book.  Induction manual of Hindalco industries ltd. 67 Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED QUESTIONNAIRE SATISFACTORY LEVEL OF EMPLOYEES WITH THE WELFARE FACILITIES AT HINDALCO Please tick ( ) at only one answer for question according to your satisfaction level.Name:…..…………………………………………………………………………..……..…….… (Optional)Designation:…………..………………………………………………………………………………………Age:…………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Q.1.How do you come to know about any new welfare measures being introduced inyour organization?1. Through your superior 2. Coworkers 3. Circulars 4. Union representativeQ.2.How much are you satisfied with organ7ization supervision of employee welfare workprovided by Hindalco?1. H.Satisfied 2.satisfied 3.neutral 4.dissatisfied 5.H.dissatisfiedQ.3.How much are you satisfied with the improvement in living condition of employees?1.H. Satisfied 2.satisfied 3.neutral 4.dissatisfied 5.H.dissatisfiedQ.4.How much are you satisfied with the timely redressal and feedback of grievance andcomplain of employees with regards to service condition?1. H.Satisfied 2.satisfied 3.neutral 4.dissatisfied 5.H.dissatisfiedQ.5.How much are you satisfied with the atmosphere (friendly and supporting) in theorganization?1. H.Satisfied 2.satisfied 3.neutral 4.dissatisfied 5.H.dissatisfiedQ.6.How much are you satisfied with the promotion of harmonious relation and liaison workbetween employees and management?1. H.Satisfied 2.satisfied 3.neutral 4.dissatisfied 5.H.dissatisfiedQ.7. Are you satisfied with different educational programs for developing the skills of theworkers/staffs? 681. H.Satisfied 2.satisfied 3.neutral 4.dissatisfied 5.H.dissatisfied PageQ.8.Employees social welfare
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITED H.Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied H.dissatisfiedLibraryGames and sportsNature cure and yoga CentreGymnasiumCultural programsEmployment of needy women’sQ.9 Employees health service H.Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied H.dissatisfiedMedical facilitiesHospital serviceHospital maintenanceDoctorsDiagnosis and treatmentCanteenQ.10. Condition of work environment H.Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied H.dissatisfiedVentilation and temperatureLightingWorking hourMeal time and rest timeSafety measuresQ.11.Employees economic welfare H.Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied H.dissatisfiedHousingTransportation benefitRetirement benefitInsuranceSuper bazar and Birla marketQ.12. Welfare scheme H.Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied H.dissatisfiedNeed based interest free loanMarriage gift schemeLong service Ex gratiaEmployee welfare scheme(death case)Own your desktop, vehicle scheme 69Transportation of house hold items Page
    • HINDALCO INDUSTRIES LIMITEDQ.13. Education welfare H.Satisfied Satisfied Neutral Dissatisfied H.dissatisfiedStd of schoolsStd of collegesFees structureStd of staff /teachersQ.14. Suggestion regarding to improve the industrial relation operation inHINDALCO?……………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………… 70 Page