<ul><li>RAISING AWARENESS: </li></ul><ul><li>Creative Commons Salon – Amman, Jordan, November 2009 </li></ul><ul><li>Arab ...
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GV MENA Presentation


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Generic PowerPoint slide, updated as of April 2010, for Global Voices Middle East and North Africa.

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No notes for slide
  • Intro screen, introduce yourself and GV but there is lots more into to gv coming so don&apos;t say too much .
  • the answer is coming, this slide is to get the audience to think about the question.
  • This is obvious as a starting point.
  • these are the problems with blogs that stop them from being super perfect. the answers are coming later so just elaborate on the problems for now. They are in example form instead of title form, so read the example, then explain what it means generally. GENERAL MEANINGS: - Translation of non-english content - impossible to read everything - people post about personal things that aren&apos;t relevant to wider world - people psot breaking news on their personal blogs and you can&apos;t find them at the right moment - technorati is a blog search engine that barely works. Basically we&apos;re saying that its&apos; hard to search blogs on the fly.
  • this is just a kind of joke. Show it for one second then move on ;) ‏
  • this is the first time they see the site, the idea is you just said &apos;SO”, and now they see the site, we are the answer. Say something like “this is our site”. Maybe also explain a little about long Weblog posts and short Links posts. Up to you and your time constraints.
  • our solutions to the problems we stated earlier.
  • this is to show a specific example of how gv solves the problems we mentioned. It&apos;s a post about the Iranian protests 2009. It shows how we translate content, find it in weird places, and cover emergencies better than mainstream media.
  • GV is made of people, lots of volunteers and people who love it. Also a good time to mention the summit if you want and how awesome they are.
  • this is to show the epic scale of GV, all our authors and posts etc.
  • these are just a few examples of our funders. Note we also accept personal donations and are looking for ways to monetize the site without losing our morals.
  • To highlight the various collaboration projects that we do with traditional media, this a 2-week partnership with BBC World News during March 2010 where the BBC were sourcing our stories.
  • another joke slide, this is just a lead in to our other projects. Say something like “So, are we doing enough with all that?”
  • give a brief overview of how censorship on line hurts important blogging. Don&apos;t talk about advocacy yet, that&apos;s next. This is like the &apos;problems&apos; slide, describe the &apos;problem&apos; of censorship online and then the next slides will introduce our &apos;solution‘. Note: For MENA team, speak directly about the censorship issues confronting bloggers and GV authors in the MENA region, including some real examples.
  • briefly describe gv advocacy and how we started it
  • this is an example post to show how we cover bloggers being detained or otherwise hurt by governments trying to censor them
  • Not GV specific, rather MENA specific. Just some additional information on events that have recently taken place to improve internet freedom in the region. Delete if not needed.
  • Again, more MENA specific: Highlighting other projects Berkman undertakes to investigate censorship, with a focus on MENA. Talk here about HerdictWeb, what it does, why it is useful.
  • An example page of HerdictWeb’s overview of Egypt.
  • MENA specific: Berkman’s Internet and Democracy Project, which examines whether the Internet is influencing democratic norms in the MidEast. Elaborate on this project.
  • An example of the work of the Internet &amp; Democracy Project. Perhaps discuss some of the topics and issues being discussed via the Arab blogosphere, including Twitter and Facebook, and the breaking down of taboo lines otherwise forbidden outside of the cyber world.
  • Another example, this time the Persian blogosphere map. Important to note that the vast majority of blocked blogs are from the Reformist/Secular camp.
  • another &apos;problem&apos; screen. Here the solution will be the Lingua translation project
  • introduce lingua and how it works generally, next come several example sites t o show the diversity of languages
  • this is an out of date list of languages we translate to. Tell them there are many new ones!
  • an example site to show the Arabic language site
  • hope you enjoyed my notes! Email jer or Solana if you have questions. Don&apos;t forget to practice and research anything you&apos;re not familiar with.
  • GV MENA Presentation

    1. 17. <ul><li>RAISING AWARENESS: </li></ul><ul><li>Creative Commons Salon – Amman, Jordan, November 2009 </li></ul><ul><li>Arab Bloggers Conference 2.0 – Beirut, Lebanon, December 2009 </li></ul><ul><li>ArabNet Conference – Beirut, Lebanon, March 2010 </li></ul>
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