Team: BrandWagon, IIM Kozhikode, RPG Blizzard 2012- Phase-II


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RPG Group's Brand Strategy

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Team: BrandWagon, IIM Kozhikode, RPG Blizzard 2012- Phase-II

  1. 1. TEAM NAME: BrandWagon IIM KOZHIKODE Anshul Kumar Ph: 8086087963 Atul Sharma Ph: 8943453454 Apurba Gorai Ph: 8943305059 CASE: RPG Group-Brand Strategy, Phase-II
  2. 2. OBJECTIVES- PHASE II  Deriving target audiences from RPG’s current vision and mission  Positioning the RPG group in its target segments; in light of its current business segments  Deciding on consistent or different branding elements for the target segments ID BRANDING FRAMEWORK FOR RPG Market Customers Offerings & Architecture Messaging Promise & Experience Category & Position GROUP BRAND STRATEGY Name Personality Tagline GROUP BRAND IDENTITY Logo Assets Design System Planning Training & Adoption GROUP BRAND MANGEMENT Monitoring & Assessment Personal Interaction Products & Services Tools Print Materials GROUP BRAND EXPERIENCE Environments Advertising PR & Events Evolution Holistic approach for building Brand RPG and Brand for other RPG business segments *Source:
  3. 3. TARGET AUDIENCE FOR RPG FROM ITS VISION, MISSION AND VALUES External Audience Channel Partners Internal Audience Employees and Management Customers Investors Investment Analysts Potential Employees Community Government *Source: Aspara.J, Tikkanen.H , Adoption of corporate branding by managers, Brand Management Volume 16 Leadership in profitability and revenue growth Customer Centric Organization Most Exciting Workplace Customer Sovereignty People Orientation Innovation and Entrepreneurship Transparency and Integrity Anticipation, Speed and Flexibility Passion for Superior performance RPG Vision RPG Values Employees, Potential Employees Customers, Investors Suppliers, Investors, Investment Analysts Which Target Segments are associated with the vision; a base for positioning later
  4. 4. AUDIENCE IN MAJOR RPG BUSINESSES Business Target Audience Employees & Management Channel Partners Customers Investors & Investment Analysts Potential Employees Community Government CEAT From unskilled labors to engineers and researchers covering diverse demographics Rubber planters, distributors , management of vehicle manufacturers– SEC A to SEC D Automobile owners, influencers such as drivers and mechanics– SEC A – SEC D Rating agencies, highly skilled professionals to retail investors College students – from ITI to management schools and industry professionals Environmental NGOs, local population, family members of employees etc. Regulatory authorities, Industries body, Export ministry etc. KEC International Highly skilled professionals to construction workers Sub contractors, equipment suppliers – spread across the globe Government departments, telecom companies, development authorities, railways etc. Rating agencies, highly skilled professionals to retail investors and foreign & domestic institutional investors College students – from ITI to engineering. & management schools and industry professionals Citizens benefitted from the infrastructure projects, family members of the employees etc. Various ministries such as power, telecom, water resources across the continents Zensar Technologies Undergraduates and management professionals – SEC A, SEC B, SEC C Hardware and networking companies, Software giants, telecom service providers etc. From fortune 1000 companies to SMEs across the geographies Rating agencies, highly skilled professionals to retail investors Students – engineering & management colleges, software professionals etc. Non profit organizations, local population, families of employees etc. Ministry of IT, Exports, Industry body such as NASSCOM RPG Life Sciences Researchers, Biotechnologists, sales people, Management professionals Research equipment manufacturers, Technology service providers, retailers , academicians and universities etc. Patients, drug marketing companies, drug manufacturing companies, government agencies, doctors etc. Rating agencies, highly skilled professionals to retail investors Researchers, Bio tech and management students etc. Non profit organizations, local population, families of employees etc. Drug authorities, Ministry of health etc. RPG operates in a diversified environment, where the audience is diverse and conventionally used criteria such as geographic, demographic, psychographic segmentations etc. cannot result in the creation of homogeneous segments. Hence we have identified need based segmentation as the most suitable criteria for segmenting RPG’s target audiences
  5. 5. BRAND PERCEPTION OF RPG GROUP- PRIMARY RESEARCH Previous experience with the brand Interactions with sales, customer service, and other employees Recommendations from friends and colleagues Reviews by reputable sources Advertising Sources of corporate brand perception “The first thing which comes to my mind when I think about RPG is care for its employees. If I have to personify the brand, I would picture it as a middle aged, cautious and an unbiased person” “For me, RPG is an honest brand committed to a long term relationship with its associates/dealers” Kriti Saxena, IIM Kozhikode Summer Intern, 2012, RPG Group Dealership Name : M/S ASHOK AUTO WORKS Address : SHOP NO-1, New Delhi Pin Code : 110033 Dealer, CEAT Tyres, New Delhi “I am using CEAT tyres for last 3 years and I find it highly reliable and value for money” Shobhit Ghai, Employee, Infosys CEAT Tyre user
  6. 6. NEED BASED SEGMENTATION OF RPG’S AUDIENCE • Community, Government, Employees • Channel partners, Cu stomers • Investors, Employees, Channel partners • Employees, Potential employees An Exciting Workplace Growth and profitability Community Citizen and local contributor Value in terms of quality /performan ce SEGMENTING THE TARGET AUDIENCE BASED ON AUDIENCE NEEDS IDENTIFIED FROM RPG’S CORE VISION AND VALUES Exciting Workplace Value in terms of quality/reliability/performance Transparency & Integrity Growth & Profitability Community Citizen & Local contributor Employees, Potential Employees Channel Partners, Product/Service Customers Investors, Employees and Channel Partners Community, Governmen t, Employees Regulatory Bodies, Employees, Channel Partners, Investors Target Audience Segment Need Transparency & Integrity
  7. 7. Businesses Enablers & Regulators BROAD LEVEL AUDIENCE FOR RPG Community Those who may or not have business relationship with RPG Group of industries but are present in RPG’s general environment and may have an association in the future Ex. Potential Employees, Society 1 Those who have a business relationship with RPG and are directly involved in the value creation/addition/consumption with the RPG Group Ex. Employees, channel partners, investors, customers etc Those who regulate, stabilize and protect the business environment of RPG Group of companies Ex. NGOs, Government 2 3
  8. 8. BRAND POSITIONING PROCESS FOR A GROUP BRAND Understanding all stakeholder needs and desires Opportunity Modeling Brand Platform Brand Architecture Continuous evaluation and development The parent brand needs to understand all the stakeholders; both internally and externally as each stakeholder defines the brand uniquely Systematic Research taking into account strategic options, core competencies, current and future market trends and customers’ wants, needs and perceptions Involves Brand mission, vision and values and shapes Brand communication, Brand Manifestation, Brand Personality and influences the behavior that shapes the stakeholder perception over time Orchestrates the relationship between the corporate brand and its businesses. It creates value based on the needs and priorities of the target audience; expressing the breadth and depth of the offering, generating economic efficiencies; extending and transferring brand equities between corporate and sub businesses and making the brand strategy credible The long-term horizon of the brand platform provides direction for interactions with all stakeholder audiences and is thus the engine behind brand positioning. The discipline of brand strategy also generates the leadership, distinction and trust necessary to build long-term relationships with customers, investors, employees and the marketplace as a whole*Source:
  9. 9. Brand Opportunity Relevance Stretch Differentiation Credibility Relevance Defining how existing and potential customers define ideal experiences with the brand Differentiation Strong corporate brands add value, which makes them stand out from their competitors. Credibility For customers to be loyal to a corporate brand, the brand must be true to itself and keep the promises it makes Stretch To remain relevant in a changing world and foster innovation to bring new products and business extensions Group Brand Opportunity Model (Positioning) Brand Communications - Internal and External Brand Manifestation and area of competence Group Brand Personality BRAND PLATFORM Brand Mission, Vision and values Group Brand Platform Egg (Positioning) CORPORATE AND PRODUCT BRANDS WORKING Masterbrand Ex. GE, Cisco Overbrand Ex. Microsoft, Kellogg's Endorsed Brand Freestanding Brand The corporate brand is the primary source of credibility, and organisational competencies are identified by descriptive phrases Business units or product lines independently add something to the organisation and, as such, are branded with proprietary names ”Source” brand provides the business or product with an aura of credibility. It may be difficult to understand in terms of the personal relevance to the endorsement brand. An organisation consists of independent standalone brands, each maximising its impact on the market with little or no connection to its parent RPG Raychem, RPG Life Sciences CEAT, KEC International, Zensar Technologies * RPG is a hybrid of an Overbrand and an endorsed brand. RPG derives its strength from the individual brands it endorses BRAND POSITIONING PROCESS FOR A GROUP BRAND *Source:
  10. 10. SUGGESTED POSITIONING FRAMEWORK FOR RPG ENTIRE POPULATION FROM RPG’S HORIZON COMMUNITY BUSINESSES ENABLERS & REGULATORS Population (Community + Business Segments + Enablers and Regulators) – Core Positioning Businesses – Core Positioning + Peripheral Positioning* Enablers and Regulators – Core Positioning + Peripheral Positioning* * Explained Later
  11. 11. METHODOLGY FOR POSITIONING IN THE TARGET SEGMENTS OF RPG AND ITS OUTCOMES Segment Need Target Audience Transparency & Integrity Regulatory Bodies, Employees, Channel Partners, Investors Exciting Work environment Employees, Potential Employees Value in terms of quality/reliability/perfor mance Channel Partners, Product/Service Customers Growth & Profitability Investors, Employees and Channel Partners Community Citizen & Local contributor Community, Government, Employees STEP 1 Link Audiences with the Need Segments Identified Outcome STEP 2 Identify Needs with high priority & wide audience (Preferably the entire audience) and form core positioning revolving around these needs Outcome Segment Need Target Audience Transparency & Integrity Regulatory Bodies, Employees, Channel Partners, Investors Value in terms of quality/reliability/ performance Channel Partners, Product/Service Customers Community Citizen & Local contributor Community, Government, Employees STEP 3 Identify needs with specific target audience and form supporting and peripheral positioning consistent with the core positioning EntireAudience Segment Need Target Audience Exciting Work environment Employees, Potential Employees Growth & Profitability Investors, Employees and Channel Partners The core positioning will encompass the entire target audience while the peripheral positioning will add on to the core positioning for specific need segments
  12. 12. MULTILAYERED POSITIONING- CORE AND PERIPHERAL POSITIONING STATEMENTS “We, RPG Group, would like to be perceived as a good corporate citizen embracing the highest order of integrity and transparency in our businesses and committed to delivery of quality and value” “We, RPG Group, would like to be perceived as a group poised to grow along with its partners generating profit for all its stakeholders while incorporating sound business practices” “We, RPG Group, would like to be perceived as one of the better workplaces offering exciting work environment” CORE POSITIONING PERIPHERAL POSITIONING- POTENTIAL/ CURRENT EMPLOYEES PERIPHERAL POSITIONING – CHANNEL PARTNERS, EMPLOYEES, INVESTORS Linkedto
  13. 13. RATIONALE FOR CONSISTENT POSITIONING ACROSS SEGMENTS One to many relationship between target audience groups and need segments One to many relationship between people and audience groups The complexity due to multi-level many to many relationships implies dynamic audience- segment relationship. With time, the audience members may change roles. Hence it is not advisable to have different positioning for various segments Channel Partner Quality Integrity Ex. Person A Investor Employee Ex. 1 2 3 In our framework, the core positioning will cater to every segment while the peripheral positioning will cater to specific segments and thus maintaining consistency between core and peripheral positioning
  14. 14. THANK YOU!