Top Companies in India


Published on – the most comprehensive Indian Corporate Database, Profiles of: Top Indian Companies, Top executives & business information suite used by Sales/Marketing & Research professionals.
We provide instant access to Accurate, Comprehensive and Actionable information on all Sectors/Industries , our easy-to-use interface & innovative tools adds real value to your Marketing campaigns , power your Research helping you achieve immediate returns and bigger bang for the buck.
Here\'s how Corporate Sales/Marketing professionals use
Profile, Find & Track- Companies & Key Executives across Industry verticals
Develop a 360 degree profile of target customers
Run Email marketing campaigns & Direct mailer campaigns with pin-point accuracy & maximum returns
Leverage content rich company profiles to get an in-depth understanding of key customers
Our Content:
The B2B Information-base is collected through primary and secondary research and we strive to give our best efforts in making Accurate, Comprehensive & Actionable- for our clients.
Company Profiles: Background, LOBs, Subsidiaries, Products and Services,Significant Developments etc.
Executive Profiles: Executive Details, Executive Email IDs, Executive Biographies
Contact Details: Company Corporate office details etc.
Financial Analysis: Stock Price History, Balancesheet, Key Ratios, Peer Analysis etc.
Smart Widgets- Innovative and novel ways to make your prospecting- Simple,Quick,Efficient.

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Top Companies in India

  1. 1. Proud Members of :
  2. 2. About Us – is the most comprehensive source of Indian business information. We provide instant access to Accurate, Comprehensive and Actionable information on all Sectors/Industries through an easy-to-use interface. It’s a one-stop-shop, for all your business information needs, your resource suite serving a whole gamut of needs, be it Sales & Marketing or Research & Analysis, day-to-day or Strategic activities: Expand your Business: •How well do you know your clients/potential clients? •The marketing team is ready, but are you meeting the right person today? •Finally, you have made an analysis of your clients. Have you considered the entire market? Sales & Marketing: •Get accurate and comprehensive information on prospects •Connect to right decision Maker •DIY: Run your email/direct mailer campaigns in-house •Cross-market your products/services across the prospect corporate family Research: •Customized search •Peer Comparison •Stock Price Information •Balance Sheet •Quarterly Results •Cash Flow and Income Statements
  3. 3. Why Features: •Indian Company Profiles and Key Executives •Email contacts, Telephone numbers and Executive Biographies •Financial analysis on Indian Public companies •Detailed Business Description & Company Hierarchy •Instant Stock Price Information and Peer comparison reports. •Linkedin Integration, Smart search tools •Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, P& L Account and Corporate Affiliations Advantage: •Free-up your valuable internal resources. •Improve your sales pitch through our content rich company profiling. •Profile, Find & Track Companies & Executives. •Develop organizational strategies to target the industries that best suit your company. •Learn about industries that you are unfamiliar with, get the need-to-know facts – fast. •Run Sales/Marketing campaigns with pin point accuracy and maximum returns.
  4. 4. Our Content: Company Profiles: Background, LOBs, Subsidiaries, Products and Services, Significant Developments etc. Executive Profiles: Executive Details, Email IDs (on availability basis), Executive Biographies (on availability basis). Contact Details: Company Corporate office details etc. (other offices are mapped through weblinks- on the account website). Web Links- Key weblinks on account website mapped for your reference and ease of use. Smart Widgets- Innovative and novel tools to make your prospecting- Simple,Quick,Efficient Financial Details*- Detailed Financials for Public listed companies – Stock Price Charts, Balance Sheets, Key Ratios, Quarterly Results, Peer Analysis etc. Add Ons- Email Access- Access verified Executive email ids Save Search Module- Save Your Search for ease of use and quick reference.
  5. 5. Our Differentiators.. Criteria Other Databases* List “Information Base” Providers Type of Data Pre-Processed Information Static Data Static Data Company Profiling Detailed- As Available Only Public NA (History, Business Description, Companies/NA Hierarchy, Subsidiaries, Significant developments etc.) Only Public NA Customized News coverage Companies/NA - Available Soon Executive All levels/functional areas Selective Selective Information Executive Biographies NA NA Information Access All India B2B information Selective Selective All Executives, All levels One/Two Execs Selective 360 degree Profiling NA NA Email Access Verified Executive Email ids Generic/NA Generic/NA Support Live Support NA NA Customized Support Data download Excel & PDF Excel Excel On Demand/Mktg. Available NA NA Support Services * Databases focusing on the Indian geography
  6. 6. Our Differentiators.. Criteria Other List Providers “Information Base” Databases* Company Financials Detailed –Listed Companies, As NA NA available-Private companies Database Updation New Records added daily 1 Year NA Updation Frequency: Daily, Monthly, Quarterly Database Ramp up Quick Response, Low Turnaround time NA NA & Research Capabilities Data Source Researched Researched/3rd Third Party Live Financials streaming Party through BSE-NSE Industry Classification 2 Step Logical segmentation Single Single Industry & Sub segment Peer Analysis Available Select NA Companies/NA Smart Widgets LinkedIn Integration NA NA Blog Search News Search * Databases focusing on the Indian geography
  7. 7. The Resource Suite: Business Intelligence Executive Search • Get accurate and comprehensive information on prospects • Obtain the contact information of all the executives of a particular • Back your business strategies through actionable intelligence company • Power your Managers and Sales Teams to: • Select executive leads and functions across companies and industry • Connect to right decision Maker segments • Provide indepth company details • You are ready to contact your prospects • Prepare effectively for meetings • Increase productivity Direct Mailers Quick Downloads • DIY: Run your direct mailer campaigns in-house • Print Labels • No more searching through the web to find the correct name • Identify the search criteria (industry, executive or financial) and address of your customer • Generate executive contacts and/or company information • Cross-sell/up-sell your products through your targeted mailers • Your list is ready to download in the desired format Get Sales Leads (Hot Prospects… Sure Sales!) Competitive Analysis • Extract a list of prospective clients based upon your customized • Access details about the peer companies by the industry, is needs. specific location, by employee strength or by revenue (company • Sift through the DataGuru to cull out a viable targeted marketing turn-over) list • Compare similar companies and/or competitor • Find out more about your client, before you actually meet them. • Understand the prospect landscape
  8. 8. Our Support Support We offer our clients content support irrespective of their subscription type/value & per their requirements. Live support- Every subscriber can request an update anytime during the term of the subscription. The option is available on our User-Interface, normal Turnaround time per query is between 1hr-48 hrs depending on the complexity and nature of the query.
  9. 9. On-Demand Services Marketing Support Services: (Not available as a stand-alone service; only available to subscribers as a paid add-on) Email Campaigns- Undertaken on a Project basis, this activity entails managing the client’s email campaign & analyzing /reporting delivery confirmations. Direct Mailer Campaigns- Undertaken on a Project basis, this activity entails managing the client’s Direct Mailer campaign, from labeling to delivery. Lead Generation- Undertaken on a project basis, this is a customized list generation activity to support client’s business generation efforts. The Dataguru team would conduct a primary research on the target segment and extract the necessary contact details for a predefined set of companies/executives. Data Management Services: (Not available as a stand-alone service; only available subscribers as a paid add-on) Match & Append- Undertaken on a project basis, the activity involves cleansing the client data of discrepancies, enriching & fortifying it with fresh updates & appending email ids (only to the existing data set).
  10. 10. Questions? Amit Thapliyal Sr. Manager-Marketing (O) 95601 91 040