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Creating an Online Marketing Plan and Maximizing Your Marketing Dollars
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Creating an Online Marketing Plan and Maximizing Your Marketing Dollars


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In this economy every dollar counts. We are fortunate to live in a time when there is more we can do to take control of our own marketing vs. outsourcing it to agencies and firms. We are also lucky …

In this economy every dollar counts. We are fortunate to live in a time when there is more we can do to take control of our own marketing vs. outsourcing it to agencies and firms. We are also lucky that we are in a time when even the smallest business can take advantage of the same tools as large companies. In this meeting we will talk about what you can do online to make sure people are hearing your message, visiting your website, and hopefully deciding to do business with you. We will talk about in-house options, how to create an online marketing plan, and how to measure your effectiveness.

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  • 1. Creating an Online Marketing Plan and Maximizing Your Marketing Dollars Amanda O’Brien Hall Web Services
  • 2. Who is this lady? Amanda O’Brien VP of Marketing at Hall Web Services @amanda_pants @hall_web • • • • • Recovering Radio Employee
  • 3. Lets get right to it… Photo credit:
  • 4. Able to bring our marketing spend in-house Photo credit:
  • 5. People are tired of being sold to
  • 6. We want a relationship with those we choose to do business with Photo credit:
  • 7. Traditional vs. New Marketing Photo credit:
  • 8. Traditional Media Newspapers Print Advertising Television Advertising Radio Advertising Cold Calling Direct Mail Photo credit:
  • 9. What is “NEW Media”? Websites Blogs Search Engine Optimization (SEO, Organic Search) PPC Advertising (Pay Per Click) Social Media Web Advertising Email Marketing Mobile Marketing
  • 10. Being found when someone is already looking! Being in networks your audience are already participating in! Timely. Targeted Messages. To those already subscribed. Photo credit:
  • 11. The most important platforms are the ones that your target audience and customers are using. Photo credit:
  • 12. What Makes a Successful Website? Valuable Optimized Easy to Use Secure Good code Meet users expectations No longer ‘brochurewear’ • updated regularly • take advantage of the medium • Content, content, content Conversion • what do you want people to do? • make it easy Interactive-ness • Widgets, comments, actions People • Real people
  • 13. Who IS this guy?
  • 14. Blogs People are NOT tired of information! Add content to your website Search juice! Find a frequency Editorial Calendar Length of posts – one complete thought Keep it timely Subscribe via RSS or Email Social Media Hub Host it on your site
  • 15. CMS Content Management Systems • Wordpress • Joomla • Drupal
  • 16. Search Engine Optimization
  • 17. Social Media Conversations happening online Ratings, reviews, help, everything Social Media as live focus groups Relationships vs. Selling Not promoting – communicating Not how many but WHO? Start conversations Strategy first, tools second Bank deposits* Set up profiles well
  • 18. Social media is like a bank. You can’t go into a bank, open an account, deposit nothing and then ask to take money out of your account. There is nothing there. You have to invest in it and give to it first and then you can even begin to think of withdrawing from it. Scott Stratton - UnMarketing
  • 19. The Big 4 Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and LinkedIn Photo credit:
  • 20. Largest social networking site Average user is connected to 60 pages, groups and events Personal pages Business “Like” Pages Share news, events, video, photos Passive agreement to subscribe to your information Security Add custom Facebook Box to website Facebook Insights
  • 21. Twitter Microblog Real time conversations Meet people by content produced Traffic to your website or blog Easy, short updates More about who vs. how much Stay on topic Hashtags – great for events
  • 22. YouTube Videos Second largest search engine Search engines love video Visual learners Easy to produce web video Video blogs Add video to your website Create custom channel with only your videos Add links to your website for more information Sound is very important
  • 23. Don’t focus on viral videos
  • 24. LinkedIn Business networking social media site Started in 2005 Online Roladex Groups Questions and Answers Recommendations Always adding new features Adding products and services Applications
  • 25. Web Advertising Banner ads Pop-ups & Pop-unders Affiliate Marketing ‘Expander’ Ads Video Ads A plan or an afterthought?
  • 26. Photo credit:
  • 27. Facebook Advertising
  • 28. PPC Advertising
  • 29. Email Marketing Well branded – Use an ESP Segment lists Cross promote Timely, targeted messages Inside information, early announcements Easy way to keep people in the sales funnel Other publication’s email sponsorships Don’t buy a list – CANSPAM Social media sites come and go
  • 30. Mobile Marketing Mobile Websites What does your website look like? Text, images, flash Need a mobile site with only main functions? Mobile Banners Mobile Banners on free options Mobile Applications Text Alerts QR codes
  • 31. Location Based Services (LBS)
  • 32. How Do You Blend Traditional and New Media?
  • 33. Who are you trying to reach? What are they worried about? Pain points Putting People in Buckets The best marketing doesn’t feel like marketing Build it and they will come doesn’t work
  • 34. Better to do one or two than fail at 20 Timely, targeted messages Relationships Sales funnel pieces, not sales pieces Must be integrated, not stand alone Icons Promotional Codes Landing pages Integration is Key
  • 35. Start with goals and what success would look like getting there Lead generation, relationship building, brand awareness, marketing, customer service Photo credit:
  • 36. Photo credit: Set a timeline and track your time – reallocate if it isn’t working
  • 37. Determine short term and long term goals Key metrics before you start What content does well? What social media sites work for you? Which conditions work best? Track it ALL Photo credit: Diagnostics vs. Objective Metrics – Christopher S. Penn metrics/
  • 38. Determine current efforts Goals and resources needed to achieve them Platforms and measurement Policy Measure time and effectiveness Creating a Plan Photo credit:
  • 39. Popularity – Reach - Volume • Number of friends on Facebook • Number of followers on Twitter • Number of fans on your fan page • Number of blog subscribers • Number of people subscribed to your FriendFeed • LinkedIn Connections • YouTube Subscribers
  • 40. Engaging • Number of retweets, replies, lists • Number of blog comments • Brand Mentions • Industry mentions • Comments to LinkedIn discussion • Sentiment • Time spent with brand • Facebook Insights Strategy to Engage • Listen actively • Produce and distribute quality content • Participate in online communities correctly
  • 41. Measurable Goals • Google Analytics! Get it! Traffic Sources? • Specific landing pages • User conversion on those landing pages (convert) • Actions taken? Downloads, purchases, forms • Customer Service calls lower? • Finding trends and finding their origin • Memberships • Enewletter signups • Dang math!
  • 42.
  • 43. Google Analytics • Free • Where? • What? • How Long?
  • 44. Just because you can measure it doesn’t mean you should Photo credit:
  • 45. • • • @amanda_pants @hall_web