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Teach Yourself To Play Guitar -  Myths Vs Facts
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Teach Yourself To Play Guitar - Myths Vs Facts


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Are the myths keeping you from self teaching guitar? Find out the facts to teach yourself to play guitar.

Are the myths keeping you from self teaching guitar? Find out the facts to teach yourself to play guitar.

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  • 1. Brought to you by Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 2. Are you impressed with self-taught guitarists? However, you doubt that you can succeed like them after hearing so many assumptions of teaching yourself to play guitar.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 3.  It is impossible to learn guitar without a teacher.  It is difficult to do so.  It is not the proper way.  It does not work.  It will take a long time to teach yourself guitar.  You will pick up bad habits.  You cannot progressed further.  Self teach guitar is only for those who are inherently more talented.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 4. Are the myths keeping you from teaching yourself to play guitar? Before you give up the idea, lets look at the facts of it:Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 5.  The best thing about self teaching guitar is that you can take lessons whenever you are free. You do not have to adjust your schedule to suit the tutor. You can learn as quickly or slowly as you want to with no pressure.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 6.  Most of the self teach guitar resources whether books, DVDs or software are much cheaper and affordable if you have a budget to keep to.  The good courses provide full beginner to advanced lessons and cost less than a couple of lessons with a tutor. They only require a one-time fee and you do not have to add in the travelling expenses.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 7.  Some tutors are rigid in their teaching style. They only teach you what they are interested or think are important and not consider your interests. It will not be enjoyable if you cannot play your favorite songs.  Taking traditional lessons can be stressful for some. They are pressurized or uncomfortable when a tutor or class watches them play. They simply cannot play well under these situations.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 8.  Teach yourself to play guitar allows you to take lessons in the comfort of your home. You do not need to spend the time to travel to and fro the music school or the teachers place.  In fact, this travelling time can be devoted to extra practice or progressing to the next lesson.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 9. No one is born with the ability to play the guitar or any musical instrument. It is about getting the right guide whether from a tutor, book, DVD or software.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog
  • 10. Now, there are many complete guitar courses that offer a structured plan of lessons to teach yourself to play guitar. In fact, these courses are developed by professional guitarists to guide you around just as a tutor.Teach Yourself Guitar Blog