Digital Citizenship


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Digital Citizenship

  1. 1. Ahmad Al-Amadi<br />Mr. Christodoulou<br />I.T.<br />19-01-10<br />Digital Citizenship<br />
  2. 2. The following slides will give you some knowledge on the subject.<br />What is digital citizenship? <br />?<br />
  3. 3. Digital access is the connection of people around the world by using internet.<br />Digital access consists of many use of the internet but the most commons one are: blogging, chatting, wiki’s, video blogging (YouTube and others) and websites like Facebook, Myspace, Flickr and many others. <br />Unfortunately there is 122.5 out of 195 people that actually use the internet which means that there is about 73 people out of 195 that can not use the internet or cant afford it, so there must be a solution. <br />Some of the 73 people are restricted by their country to use specific websites and the other are too poor to use the internet or access this privilege.<br />Solution number one: the first of the solution to the people that are less fortunate and cant afford to buy a computer to access the internet can buy an inexpensive computer which runs on solar power and much cheaper to buy which is called the OLPCXO-1.<br />Solution number two: the UN could politely inform these countries to use these website for educational proposes. <br />Digital Access <br />
  4. 4. These parts of the digital world is to raise awareness and help you not to make mistakes that you may regret at the present or future.<br />Security and safety: This particular section is to teach the web surfer how to stay safe while using chat or any websites like Facebook. The first rule was never to write down any information about where you live what your phone number is or anything personal. If you have any private stuff on (Facebook, etc.) put it as private so no one could access it except you and your friends. Third rule never have the same screen name for any website or chats and never write a name in which could specify your gender.<br />Follow these steps you will know the true meaning of digital security and safety. <br />Digital Security and Safety<br />
  5. 5. This section of the digital world helps you fully understand how you can misuse technology and how it will effect you either in the present or future.<br />Health and Wellness: if technology is used properly and not misused there will be a small chance of you getting effected by it. Every home appliance has radiation so there is no way in avoiding it but there are smaller and much more severe misuse of technology.<br />Headphones: can effect your hearing if on loud volume and used frequently but if used properly it can not effect you, people that listen to music in loud volume get worse in hearing as they use more frequently and loudly.<br />Texting while driving: from the past couple of years there has been a fad of texting and I t has now developed in a bad way that can eventually effect human because people text more and some times do it while driving, anything that takes your eyes away from the road will cause you to crash or lose control so avoid doing it while driving.<br />Digital Health and Wellness<br />
  6. 6. While using the internet you will probably research and use pictures which you have found the internet but before doing that you most cite the info or picture to know to who it rightfully belongs or take permission from the owner to use what is right fully his/or hers and if not careful you will get sued.<br />While writing anything on public sites or blogs you most keep in mind not to insult humans, companies, restaurant and religion you must be sensitive.<br /> Humans and Religion: you must not insult people by their ethnicity or race or culture or religion because that would make you a cyber bully which is treated as a felony.<br />Companies and Restaurants: Before disusing any products you most inform the company because you may insult them by accident or making people change their opinions which will cause the company/restaurant to sue you to the extreme. <br />Digital Rights and Responsibilities & Laws<br />
  7. 7. These are the basic ways of chatting and blogging and how to communicate faster.<br />There are basic word used in shorter versions to write quickly an save time instead of writing full sentences or paragraphs. <br />The most used acronyms are: LOL (laugh out loud) G2G (got to go) BrB (be right back) U (you) R (are) and the most used emotion to express felling better for example:  happy,  sad, :@ angry, :P tongue out and the all famous x_x cant see this. <br />Digital Etiquette or “Netiquette”<br />
  8. 8. The usage of language while using the internet is really important so don’t offend any one and if offended ignore that post or im or person. But you should also keep in mind that some jokes are offensive.<br />Bad language is a bad way to show of your anger so avoid doing it and don’t talk to anyone that has offended you.<br />Cyber predators and bullies first lure people in to their traps by using beautiful language admiring the person befriending the person and even chatting to that person and as soon as you are in the trap they begin to bully an tease for amusement. <br />Digital Literacy<br />
  9. 9. Commerce is selling or buying online.<br />I find that this is a bad way of purchasing because you do not know the person you don’t know where he lives or if he is just lying to scam you.<br />There are a lot of scams out the but when purchasing items try using famous website and chech the URL if the URL says https:// then it is one hunderd percent safe and don’t belive any popups saying you one money or anything else because they are all scams and lie to steal your money.<br />Digital Commerce<br />
  10. 10. The main language of the internet is English and to have the best communication skills you must be fluent in more than one particular language.<br />Every branch of “Digital” has to have strong communication because without it you can not cross your message the way you want. <br />There are plenty ways of communicating but the most successful way is to read think and write in one fluent language and not translate.<br />While communicating you should be polite and be sensitive of other people feelings and beliefs.<br />These are the keys of having good communicating skills. <br />Digital Communication<br />
  11. 11. Thanks for watching my slide show<br />The<br />End!<br />