10.01 D3 B Day Malleable Intelligence
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  • 1. Day 3: October 1
    • Objective: SWBAT explain the theory of malleable intelligence
    • Homework: page 26 reflective writing
    • Warm up:
      • Do you think chimpanzees can learn American Sign Language? How about use a computer? Why or why not?
  • 2. Meet Jane Goodall…
  • 3. Today’s Agenda
    • Number notebook 26-50
    • Malleable Intelligence Article
    • Jigsaw: Evidence of Malleable Intelligence
    • Journal: Reflection on the ideas of malleable intelligence
  • 4. Glue in anticipation guide
    • Label page 27: Malleable Intelligence
    • Corner Glue strip at top of page
    • Read the questions… answer on the LEFT side
  • 5. Anticipation Guide
    • People are born either smart, average or dumb.
    • The parts of the brain do not change size.
    • The brain is made of billions of nerve cells.
    • If you use your brain a lot, it will become stronger.
    • It is impossible to train your brain to be a better reader.
  • 6. Concept Map
    • In group, on pg 27
    • Create thinking map for article
    • Identify the main idea and at least three supporting ideas
    • Four minutes
  • 7. Jigsaw
    • In your letter group, get ready to present info on your topic.
    • On page 26, you will need to use the TOP HALF of the page to take notes on all five examples of malleable intelligence
  • 8. Order of presentations
    • New Neurons
    • Remarkable Rats
    • Learning Languages
    • Musical Mastery
    • Clever Cabbies
    • ~3 minutes to present and summarize in your notes on page 26
  • 9. Page 26 Summary Ideas
    • Did you find this subject interesting? Why?
    • Did you find it surprising? Why?
    • Did this change the way you are approaching your school challenges?
    • Do you believe that you can grow your brain through hard work?
    • What is one thing you learned today that you never knew before?