World war ii powerpoint groover


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World war ii powerpoint groover

  1. 1. Good Times and Bad1920’s-1940’sRoaring 20’sGreat DepressionWorld War II
  2. 2. Roaring 20’sInventions & Increased TechnologyInventions(vacuum cleaners, dishwashers, sewing machines,toasters, & fans)Advance in use of electricity in homes(General Electric-GE)TransportationInvention of Automobile, Farm tractor, and planeFirst flight at Kitty Hawk, NC 1903
  3. 3. Roaring 20’s and 30’sEntertainmentFirst commercial radio station broadcast1920First Sound Movie 1927(“The Jazz Singer” by Warner Brothers)Women’s Right to Vote(19thAmendment)Babe Ruth hit 60thhome run 1920
  4. 4. First Sound Movie
  5. 5. The Great DepressionStock Market Crash 1929Business FailuresUnemploymentBread linesDust Bowls
  6. 6. Dust Bowl Farmers
  7. 7. World War II BeginsGermany Invades Poland UnexpectedlySeptember 1, 1939Adolph Hitler- Dictator of GermanyIntroduced a new kind of warfare, calledblitzkrieg, which means “lightning war”Sets up Concentration Camps (Holocaust)Responsible for death of 7 million JewsLuftwaffe- German Air ForceAxis Powers-Germany, Italy, JapanAllied Powers-Great Britain, Soviet Union, and United StatesR.A.F. (Britain’s Air Force)A Nazi is a member of the German NationalSocialist Party
  8. 8. Hitler Invades Poland Video
  9. 9. Attack of Pearl HarborDec. 7, 1941300 Japanese planes bombedPearl Harbor, HawaiiKamikaze (Japanese suicide pilot)United States, Soviet Union, Great Britain,and 23 other nations formed allies andentered WWIIJapanese-Americans relocated 1942
  10. 10. Pearl Harbor Video
  11. 11. Flying TigersAmerican Volunteer Group (A.V.G.) was a groupthat was kept secret and its mission was toprotect the Burma Road, which was known asChina’s “lifeline”. The Members of the A.V.G.were known as“Flying Tigers”This group helped boost morale after Pearl Harborby destroying at least 286 Japanese planes.They became part of the U.S. Army Air CorpsJuly of 1942.
  12. 12. D-DayJune 6, 1944Battle of Normandy, France5 Beaches Code named(Utah, Omaha, Gold, Juno, and Sword)Invasion force of 175,000 Allied troopsferried across English Channel in morethan 2,700 shipsCleared France of German troops
  13. 13. D-Day Video
  14. 14. V-E DayVictory in EuropeVictory in Europe May 7, 1945Russian troops reached Berlin, Germanyand reduced the city to rubble in 11 days.Nazi dictator ( Adolf Hiltler) shot himselfAnd the city surrendered.May 8this mow known as VE-Day,the day people celebrate the Allies’victory in Europe.
  15. 15. The Atomic BombU.S. & Allies dropped atomic bombHiroshima- August 6, 1945Killed over 80,000Nagasaki- August 9, 1945Killed about 40,000Japan surrendered August 14, 1945WWII Ends September 2, 1945
  16. 16. Hiroshima Video
  17. 17. Nagasaki Video
  18. 18. Political Leaders in WWII“The Big Three”President Franklin D. Roosevelt (U.S.)Winston Churchill (Great Britain)Joseph Stalin (Soviet Union)Other Political LeadersHarry S. Truman (U.S.)Adolf Hitler (Germany)Benito Mussolini (Italy)Hideki Tojo (Japan)Chaing Kai-Shek (China)
  19. 19. “The Big Three”