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Battle of britain and pearl harbor 1940 1941


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Battle of britain and pearl harbor 1940 1941

  1. 1. VS.Battle of Britain and Pearl Harbor 1940-1941 VS.
  2. 2. German planes began to bomb Great Britain in the summer of 1940.
  3. 3. Winston Churchill replaced Chamberlain as Britain’s prime minister and had to lead hisgovernment from an underground bomb shelter!
  4. 4. Damage done to London during the German Nazi air bombings.
  5. 5. People in Britain had to take shelter in underground subways.
  6. 6. British citizens hid in manholes and pipes in the ground!
  7. 7. British children take shelter in a ditch!
  8. 8. Even some shelters were destroyed!
  9. 9. The damage to the country of Great Britain was enormous!
  10. 10. German bomb planes came at night to avoid British ground gunfire, put fear into the British people and take proper sleep from citizens. To confuse them the British would:• Blackout all street lights.• British citizens were told to hang black material over their windows.• Dig holes in their yards to get into at night.
  11. 11. Britain asked the United States to help!!! But the U.S. people wanted to stay out of the war.However, the U.S. did agree to send free military supplies to Great Britain.Many U.S. citizens didn’t like this decision by Roosevelt but he said:“Definitely there is danger ahead-danger against which we must prepare and face as a nation.”
  12. 12. There were many air fights above Britain between the Nazi German planes and the British planes.
  13. 13. German planes attacked Great Britain from their newly conquered country of France! GREAT BRITAIN FRANCE
  14. 14. The Battle of Britain was the first battle in thehistory of the world to be fought only byAirplanes!!
  15. 15. A rare color photo of Germanplanes preparing attacking Britain.
  16. 16. • 60,000 British civilians (normal people) were killed in the Nazi Germany air attacks.• Another 87,000 people were injured!• Over TWO MILLION homes were destroyed!
  17. 17. Churchill told the British citizens:“We are strong! We can take it!”
  18. 18. And take it the British citizens did. For TEN months-almost every day and night!!! Peopletook cover, hoped and prayed. On Sept. 8, 1940, the government called for a “national day ofprayer” and citizens spent all day praying to God.
  19. 19. They also fought back. The British Royal Air force wasordered to strike at Berlin and other targets in Germany and did some damage to Germany.
  20. 20. Many movies have been made about this famous battle between the British and Nazi Germans
  21. 21. Hitler was frustrated that Britain wouldn’t give up and hedidn’t believe that he could defeat their powerful navy in a sea and land battle and in May of 1940 the bombings stopped as Hitler decided to invade the Soviet Unioninstead! Britain had won the battle! Hitler suffered his 1 st defeat!LOOK ON PAGE 346 in your textbook!!
  22. 22. Hitler knew that the U.S. was giving supplies toBritain (Lend-lease) but he wasn’t ready to attackthe United States. However, our trouble started with another AXIS country… ????????????? ?????????????
  23. 23. The U.S. government didn’t like Japan attackingChina and other countries in the Pacific and wasworried that they would try to take the Philippines, Guam and Hawaii from us! JAPAN
  24. 24. President Roosevelt openly criticized Japan forattacking other countries and taking them over. This caused Hirohito and the Japanese government to get very upset with the U.S.
  25. 25. Japan DID want our lands and they believed we wouldoppose them as they tried to conquer more lands. HidekiTojo was the Japanese head General and he decided to attack the U.S.!
  26. 26. Early on a Sunday morning, December 7, 1941,Japanese planes surprised the United States byattacking the naval base at Pearl Harbor, Japan!
  27. 27. Japanese planes bombed ships in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii.
  28. 28. U.S. soldiers jumped from their beds and ran totheir guns aboard the ships but it was too late…
  29. 29. The damage was already done…
  30. 30. U.S. planes were demolished!
  31. 31. Ships were sunk in the harbor!
  32. 32. 2,300 American soldiers, sailors andcivilians lay dead in just a few hours.The DEAD continued to wash ashore
  33. 33. The next day, Americans wereSHOCKED by the news headlines!
  34. 34. Americans were furious! Theydemanded that the U.S. declare war on Japan!DOWN WITHJAPAN!!!
  35. 35. President Roosevelt asked congress for warthe very next day…These were a few of his famous words:“Yesterday, December 7, 1941 –a date which will live in infamy-the United States was suddenly and deliberately attacked by the naval and air forces of Japan.”
  36. 36. Quickly, Congress voted to declarewar on Japan! Immediately, all the AXIS powers: Germany, Italy and Japan declared war right back!Joining the ALLIES of Great Britain, Canada, Soviet Union, Mexico, Australia and others, the U.S. was now involved in the biggest battle the world had ever seen: World War Two!