Wordle: Your imagination's the limit!
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Wordle: Your imagination's the limit!



Different ways of using Wordle in the classroom. Make it even more visual than it already is! ...

Different ways of using Wordle in the classroom. Make it even more visual than it already is!
Go here to see how these have been done: http://aclil2climb.blogspot.com/2011/12/two-for-price-of-none.html



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Wordle: Your imagination's the limit! Wordle: Your imagination's the limit! Presentation Transcript

  • ___ orbit around the ___ .___ is the furthest planet inour Solar System.The four ___ closest to the___ are ___, ___, ___ and___ .The four gas giants are___, ___, ____ and ___ .
  • Thank you foryour attention!
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