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Running Killer Contests On Twitter (and Facebook) - Allen Bonde CR Talk Jan 2011
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Running Killer Contests On Twitter (and Facebook) - Allen Bonde CR Talk Jan 2011


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Slides from a session I recently did for the Community Roundtable on social marketing

Slides from a session I recently did for the Community Roundtable on social marketing

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  • 1. Running Killer Contests on Twitter(and Facebook too!) Allen Bonde, Offerpop CMO 19 January 2011
  • 2. Why do users follow/fan? 1 56%  of  F500  are  now  on  Facebook;   60%  have  corp  Twitter  accounts   (Umass-Dartmouth CMR) 2 43%  of  Facebook  users  Like  or   are  fans  of  at  least  one  brand   (ExactTarget study) 3 For specials/games/contestsPage 2 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 3. Contests = engagement Contests can be a great way to grow followers/fans and generate word-of-mouth Photo contest doubled fan base in 24 hours; generated Follow and tweet contest 1000 votes in first 4 days reached 500,000 users, grew followers by 43% in 10 daysPage 3 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 4. Best Practices Strategy passion Pick the contest model that fits Look for tie-ins and themes Build viral loopsPage 4 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 5. Movies Books & Charity Music Travel Tech Games Fashion FoodPage 5 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 6. Pick the model that fits Sweepstakes* Giveaway random draw Nth person wins First 100 win follow and tweet to tweet the correct Be the first 100 to get an entry answer (e.g., tweet to qualify name this product) (e.g., for a discount code) * No consideration (purchase required) - or you are running a lottery!Page 6 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 7. Look for tie-ins and themes Product launch (1-time) Weekly contest (I SPY THURSDAY) Unique hashtag identifies participantsPage 7 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 8. Best Practices Tactics - to drive participation + WOM Popular/relevant prizes Simple gestures Follow and tweet to enter, comment to vote/enter, Like Multi-channel promo1-2 weeks for one-time events, a few hrs for Duration regular/weekly contests 2-3 times a day + when Updates hitting milestones Page 8 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 9. Case Study Unique hashtagThemed  contest   12  days  of  Christmas Popular prizeDaily  prizes  drive  participation,  keep  interest  level  highSimple  to  enter   follow  and  tweet  hashtagNo  barriers   follow  and  tweet  from  landing  page  or   Simpleany  Twitter  client to enterPage 9 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 10. Case Study viral offer/group dealViral-­‐loops   each  retweet    promotes  the  offerMulti-­‐channel   promoted   Simple gestureon  Twitter,  redeem  only  in  storeResults:  Starting  with  1,000  followers,  the  campaign  reached  over  60,000  people   Updates: timeas  a  result  of  over  300   remainingretweets  on  TwitterPage 10 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 11. Case StudyWeekly  game  for  Fans;  regular  event  engages  users,   favorite babykeeps  them  tuned  in shower gift?Cross-­‐promoted  on  emailResults:    over  500  votes  in   win $100 gift certone  day;  each  vote  is  a   just by commentingcomment  and  shared  with  friends  resulting  in  significant  word-­‐of-­‐mouthPage 11 Copyright 2011 Offerpop
  • 12. About Offerpop What we do: Offerpop helps retailers, brands, community owners and agencies run smart, white-label social media marketing campaigns aligned Milestones: Founded in 2009, launched Twitter in June 2010, Series A funding in Oct 2010, launched Facebook in January 2011 Locations: New York City and Boston Customers: Over 50 companies use Offerpop to recruit qualified fans and followers, build brand engagement and grow sales Learn more and get a free trial: Contact me: Email: Twitter:  @abondePage 12 Copyright 2011 Offerpop