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(Global Media Activism)

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  1. 1. Global Internet ActivismWeek#3 The End Run Around TheInformation Gate Keepers Trebor Scholz
  2. 2. Political Activism, Advocacy, and Art Activism week 1 Access, Censorship, week 2 Social Media, and the Alleged Democratization of Society Citizen Media: from week 3 Seattle to South Korea War and Social Media: Serbiaweek 4 week 5 War and Social Media: Iraq, GazaWar and Social Media: week 6 Counter-publics week 7 Spring BreakIran, Afghanistan in Iran Cell phone-enabled week 8 week 9 Citizen Media in China activism: Philippines week 12 Burma week 11 week 10 Japan, Singapore A Better World in Second Life? week 14 One Laptop Per Child week 13 Cyber Publics in India week 15 Mobilization Trebor Scholz
  3. 3. First research post Sept 15 1000 words on NING
  4. 4.
  5. 5. Citizen Media: from Seattle to Seoul week 3Required Readings:Dorothy Kidd, " A New Communication Commons," Martha McCaughey and Michael Ayers,Cyberactivism (London: Routledge, 2003) 47-65.Gillmore, Dan. We the Media. Grassroots Journalism by the People, for the People. 1 July 2004.Chapter 1: From Tom Paine to Blogs and Beyond. 6 Jan. 2009 <>.Case Studies:OhMyNews, IndyMedia, Riseup’s CrabgrassFilm: Battle in Seattle (2007) Trebor Scholz
  6. 6.­‐_1729-­‐9-­‐25_-­‐_Project_Gutenberg_etext_20203.jpg
  7. 7. in-class: 12 mins link on slideshare 55 mins
  8. 8. Citizen Media: from Seattle to Seoul week 31) What is citizen journalism? Why is it flourishing over the past decade?2) Name five advantages and five problems related to citizen journalism.3) Describe the events of 1999 in Seattle that led to the creation of Indymedia.4) Keeping in mind the Internets capability to amplify the voices on all sides of thepolitical spectrum, is/was Indymedia still empowering?5) Dorothy Kidd6) Dan Gilmore7) Articles Trebor Scholz
  9. 9. Citizen Media: from Seattle to Seoul week 3A few student responses: Trebor Scholz
  10. 10.
  11. 11. thailands-laws-shielding-royalty-from-criticism244.html
  12. 12. 2011/08/20118308455825769.html
  13. 13. Erick:(response to Gilmore)Is there a place or need for large media networks such as CNN, NBC, Fox?(response to Kidd)Keeping in mind the Internets capability to amplify the voices on all sides of the politicalspectrum, what then of “the opposition”? Are they also empowered?Joe:Could popular activism websites (e.g., IndyMedia) become the equivalent of the corporatebroadcasters? Should not we consider them as a monopoly also?Calvin:(response to Gilmore):If forms of grassroots media have really been around for hundreds of years as Gillmoreargues, why has it only recently become such a buzzword and movement according to themainstream media?Elena:Should independent journalism and non-professional news be labeled with a disclaimer asthey are often just as partisan as the sites that they react against?
  14. 14. Chris:[I’d] say that [Indymedia] would probably get more hits to a video of their content onYouTube than they would on the front page of their site. Why is this?Peter:Is independent media more objective than corporate media, or does a stated or impliedgoal of countering corporate media indicate an equal degree of bias? To what extent aretechnological developments responsible for the success of the IMC? Could such a networkexist without the Internet? Trebor Scholz
  15. 15. The CaringProblem
  16. 16.
  17. 17. Rwanda, 1994© Alfredo Jaar
  18. 18. project full-screen 95newsweek/newsweek.html
  19. 19. 28 mins into the piece
  20. 20. Who Writesthe First Draftof History?
  21. 21. Controlling what people think: editing history, selecting narratives from: Manufacturing Consent, Naom Chomsky
  22. 22. All The News That’s Fit To Print Benkler, chapter 6
  23. 23. Gate KeepingAbsolute Dominance Is Over
  24. 24. “Twenty-two years ago, Trent Lott, then a House member from Mississippi, told a home state political gathering that if the country had elected segregationist candidate Strom Thurmond to the presidency ‘30 years ago, we wouldnt be in the mess we are today.’ The phrasing is very similar to incoming Senate Majority Leader Lotts controversial remarks at a 100th birthday party for Thurmond last week.”Trent Lott, resigned Nov 2007
  25. 25. The Lead-Up To The War In Iraq (2003) Who did a better job reporting Colin Powell’s February 2003 speech in front of the United Nation The New York Times or the plethora of blogs?
  26. 26. What question would you most like to have answered regarding the topic of the lecture today?Of all ideas and points you have heard so far today, which is the most obscure or ambiguous to you?What is the most contentious statement you heard in the lecture so far?
  27. 27.­‐30-­‐2006_oventic_media.jpg
  28. 28.“OhmyNews was influential in determining the outcome of the South Korean presidential elections in December 2002 with the election of Roh Moo Hyun. After being elected, Roh granted his first interview to OhmyNews.”
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  35. 35. Harun Farocki: Images of War (at a Distance)VISIT to MOMA MOMA The Yoshiko and Akio Morita Media Gallery, second floor Projects Gallery, second floor
  36. 36. bloggers, academics, writers, journalists, columnists, opinion makers, CEOs, closed circle of users, ad revenue shared, everything is edited (posts and comments), no pay, focus on high quality writing Content Management System South Africa
  37. 37. Research blog post- 2000 words (include word count)- due Feb 17 before class, posted to NING blog (tagged with nameand “essay1”) before class (no late submission)- focus on one argument- send me one paragraph about the topic of your blog essayin the body of an email before Friday- evaluation: logic, clarity, referenced research vs. unsubstantiatedclaims- spelling, grammar, structure
  38. 38. Trebor Twitter: trebors Blog: Delicious: Flickr: LibraryThing: