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Entertainment Quiz
Bitotsav 2013
BIT, Mesra

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  1. 1. The Entertainment QUIZ Bitotsav 2013 Research team- Vishesh Srivastava Sourabh Bhagat Debjit Roy
  3. 3. Q1. Connect
  4. 4. Mimoh Chakraborty
  5. 5. Q2. ID X and YThe song “XY" broke sharply with conventions bothmusically and lyrically. A famous critic cites thebands "singing about the neglected concerns andfates of the elderly" on the song as "just oneexample of why the Beatles appeal reached so farbeyond the traditional rock audience."McCartneysaid he came up with the name “X" from an actressof the same name, who had starred with theBeatles in the film Help!. “Y" came from the nameof a wine store in Bristol.
  6. 6. Eleanor rigby
  7. 7. Q3.A computer file that contains metadata aboutfiles and folders to be distributed, and usuallyalso a list of the network locations of trackers,which are computers that help participants inthe system find each other and form efficientdistribution groups called swarms, is known bywhat name?
  8. 8. Torrent
  9. 9. Q4.This Abbas-Mustan flick dealt with thechallenging topic of false rape allegations.Largely based on the 1994 movie Disclosure, themovie was instrumental in making one of theleading ladies of the movie a hugely criticallyacclaimed actress and won her the Filmfareaward for best performance in a negative role.Which movie?
  10. 10. Aitraaz
  11. 11. Q5. Name the GameThe game(released in 2010) is presented inmonochromatic black-and-white tones, usinglighting, film grain effects and minimal ambientsounds to create an eerie atmosphere oftenassociated with the horror genre. Journalistspraised the dark presentation, describing thework as comparable to film noir and GermanExpressionism. Based on its aesthetics,reviewers classified the game as an example of"video games as art".
  12. 12. Limbo
  13. 13. Q6.Connect
  14. 14. Loki
  15. 15. Q7.In biology, the phrase describes the state of anembryo or foetus. In legal contexts, the phrase isused to refer to unborn children. This phrasewas also the name of an album by nirvanarecorded in two weeks. Which Phrase?
  16. 16. In Utero
  17. 17. Q8.Which Film has popularly been termed “ theworld’s longest commercial” for Fed Ex?
  18. 18. Castaway
  19. 19. Q9.This critically acclaimed (nowadays popular)actor is the son of a stuntman/ stunt directorand has won 2 national awards. His birth namewas Vishal which was changed due tonumerological issues. He has also recentlychanged his name citing the same problems.Identify.
  20. 20. Ajay Devgn
  21. 21. Q10. Which disease?This disease is fairly rare in humans, but isfrequently seen in cats and other animals, Mostweb literature concerns non-humans. Earlysymptoms are often vague, non-specific andmay include abdominal discomfort associatedwith nausea, bloating, and/or loss of appetite.This disease is also responsible for creating twoof the biggest stars Bollywood has ever seen.
  22. 22. Lymphosarcoma of the intestine
  23. 23. Q11.• Name the movie, which is based on the events that happened here in 1994 and has been nicknamed ‘An African Schindler’s List’.
  24. 24. Hotel Rwanda
  25. 25. Q12.• In 1977, an Associated Press article described the bands connection to their gym teacher as follows:• “It seems a physical education teacher named ______ _______ didnt cotton to long hair or loud music. A run- in with him helped get the boys suspended. As a way of getting back, they named the band for him, changing the vowels to avoid a lawsuit and becoming famous enough to make the story a rock legend.”• The New York Times called him "arguably the most influential high school gym teacher in American popular culture”. (Image on next slide)• Which band are we talking about ?
  26. 26. Lynyrd Skynyrd
  27. 27. Q13.
  28. 28. Mark Knopfler, dire straits
  29. 29. Q14.This torture practice has been inflicted oncharacters in multiple films and televisionprograms, including Green Street, House ofTolerance and was immortalized by HeathLedger as the joker. The name comes from theplace of origin of this practice wherein hooligansand street gangs would carve the faces ofvictims leading to numerous injuries and deaths.Which form of torture am I talking about?
  30. 30. Q15.Identify
  31. 31. Sting
  32. 32. Q16.Which company was given an academy award in1955 for their contribution to the advancementsof the motion picture industry?
  33. 33. Bausch and Lomb Opticals
  34. 34. Q17.• Before he became famous, he was caught riding stolen cars, and was given a choice between spending time in prison or joining the Army, he chose the latter.• Who ?
  35. 35. Jimi Hendrix
  36. 36. Q18.• According to the 1933-34 Exchange and Securities act, foreign firms that wished to be listed on the NYSE had to sign an agreement that they would stay registered as long as there are 300 US shareholders on record. This made it extremely difficult for these companies to deregister themselves in US. This rule has come to be known as the ‘XY’ rule after a rock classic.• XY = ?
  37. 37. Hotel California Rule
  38. 38. Q19.Which product/company was a major plotelement in the movie ‘the gods must be crazy’and was mentioned by The Beatles in the song‘Come Together’ and by Rammstein in the song‘Amerika’?
  39. 39. Coca Cola
  40. 40. Q20.• The films working title was For God and Country. The title X was officially confirmed at the end of the films teaser trailer. The director of the movie has explained that "its a military term(X) for 30 minutes after midnight, and it refers also to the darkness and secrecy that cloaked the entire decade-long mission.“• Parts of the film were shot at PEC University of Technology in Chandigarh.• Electronic Arts promoted X in its video game Medal of Honor: Warfighter by offering downloadable maps of locations depicted in the film. Additional maps for the game were made available on December 19, to coincide with the films initial release.
  41. 41. Zero Dark Thirty
  42. 42. 21.• X himself approached successful screenwriter Peter Morgan, for the idea of portraying flamboyant singer Freddie Mercury in an upcoming movie titled ‘Mercury’. X , previously best known for his comedic characters, got the approval from TIME magazine on his singing ability and resemblance to Mercury.• Who is X ?
  43. 43. Sacha Baron Cohen
  44. 44. 22.• In the play Agamemnon by Aeschylus, written in 458 BC, when the title character returns from Troy, he is greeted by his vengeful wife Clytemnestra who says:• "Now my beloved, step down from your chariot, and let not your foot, my lord, touch the Earth. Servants, let there be spread before the house he never expected to see, where Justice leads him in, a crimson path.”• Which modern day practice, widely associated with the world of entertainment is said to be derived from this ?
  45. 45. Red Carpet