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  • Julian Assagne, Cucumberbach
  • Harlem Shake
  • Adele
  • , malgudi days
  • Micheal Jackson Patent
  • Nolan
  • Stan Lee
  • Assassins Creed
  • Hans Zimmer, First video on MTV
  • Chandler Bing
  • Youtube
  • Manage a Trio Quiz Prelims

    1. 1. Prelims Answers
    2. 2. Q 1 Clip from a movie named “The Fifth Estate”. Identify the actor and the character being portrayed. (Guy on the left)
    3. 3. • Julian Assange • Benedict Cumberbatch
    4. 4. Q 2 It is a song recorded by American DJ and producer Baauer. It was released as a free digital download by Mad Decent imprint label Jeffree's on May 22, 2012. The single did not begin to sell until February 2013, when a YouTube video set to its music developed into an Internet meme of the same name. Name the song.
    5. 5. • Harlem Shake
    6. 6. Q 3
    7. 7. Capt. James T Kirk
    8. 8. Q 4 • X was born as Mary Evans to a Greek Mother and a Scottish father. She was a blonde and her role often involved beating up Indian men and lot of stunts. She was famous for her role in the movie Hunterwali directed by Y • X was also known by a screen name “___ ___” • Also , identify the director of Hunterwali, whose surname rhymes with the screen name of Mary Evans
    9. 9. • Fearless Nadia • Homi Wadia
    10. 10. Q 5 • X wrote a pleading letter to Nehru during the period of severe foreign exchange shortage, “Our picture, (by “our” I mean picture belongs to our great country) has been selected as one of the five best pictures. You know U am pure a swadeshi producer without any English education, and I badly need the help and support of our nations representatives in America. Like other international producers, I should be able to show that our government is also backing me. Otherwise, I will look small and lonely.” • The movie in question , Y was defeated by Federico Fellini’s, Nights of Cabiria, by just one vote. • Identify X and Y
    11. 11. • X: Mehboob Khan • Y Mother India
    12. 12. Q 6 • The main premise follows the user or protagonist who become agents of the ACME Detective Agency and attempt to thwart and capture V.I.L.E. ringleader and former ACME agent X. X is always depicted in a red fedora. It was initially created to encourage kids to develop interest in geography. • What are we talking about ?
    13. 13. Carmen Sandiego
    14. 14. Q 7 • In a fictional story titled Star Light, Star Bright...... published on November 7, 2012, real life astrophysicist and frequent Colbert Report guest Neil DeGrasse Tyson made a special appearance, where he was tasked with identifying where the fictional celestial body X would be in our universe. Tyson identified a red dwarf star LHS 2520 in the Corvus constellation (approximately 27.1 light years from Earth) and noted that if X was real, it would most likely revolve around LHS 2520 in our universe. • What is X?
    15. 15. Krypton, Superman’s home planet
    16. 16. Q 8 Connect the following eight items from a non-exhaustive list: a) Patriot Games (1992): Attempts to avenge his brother’s death; attempt fails after Harrison Ford impales him on a boat anchor and then blows up the Boat. b) GoldenEye (1995): Dropped from massive height by James Bond, somehow survives, but moments later is crushed by a giant burning scaffold collapsing on top of him. c) Equilibrium (2002): While minding his own business and reading the poetry of Yeats, gets shot in the face by Christian Bale d) The Lord of the Rings: Fellowship of the Ring (2001): Tries to fight off the Uruk-hai horde, is rewarded by three fatal arrows to the chest
    17. 17. e) The Island (2005): Ewan MacGregor shoots him through the neck with a grappling hook; and then leaves him to hang after a cable wraps around his neck f) Ca$h (2010): That guy who played Thor shoots him, and then shoves his body into a trash compactor g) Death Race 2 (2010): Shot in the chest; falls artistically back into a swimming pool h) ------------------ (2011): Confesses to treason (even though he’s innocent) to spare his daughter’s life, is rewarded by a swift beheading for his parenting decisions What is this list going on about? The last entry has been intentionally blanked out.
    18. 18. Various deaths of Sean Bean
    19. 19. Q 9 Poster for which BBC show?
    20. 20. House of Cards
    21. 21. Q 10 • Who is the next one to join this list (non – exhaustive)
    22. 22. Adele
    23. 23. *Q 11
    24. 24. The pic is a panel from “Dream of a Lifetime” a 2004 Duck Tales comic. It came up on the internet a few years ago claiming to be the inspiration for what?
    25. 25. Inception
    26. 26. *Q 12 22 June 1897 is a 1979 Marathi movie written by X and Nachiket Patwardhan and was directed by Nachiket Patwardhan and his wife. It is based on true life events leading up to the assasination of Charles Rand who was the Assistant Collector of Pune by the Chapekar brothers during the plague outbreak in 1897. It won the Silver Lotus as well as National Award for National Integration and Art Direction. It is one of the Indian movies to be included in the US Library of Congress. X then became famous later on in his life and has gained a following over the last few years. X?
    27. 27. Shankar Nag
    28. 28. *Q 13 This immensely popular Indian actor’s biography is so named because, in most of the movies that he acted in , his was the last name in the cast portion of the credits, with the words “…and _____” and sometimes “… above all _____” were displayed. Who?
    29. 29. Pran Sahab
    30. 30. *Q 14
    31. 31. Bohemian Rhapsody
    32. 32. *Q 15
    33. 33. 27 Club
    34. 34. Q 16
    35. 35. Michael Jackson Shoe Patent
    36. 36. Q 17
    37. 37. Hugo Weaving
    38. 38. Q 18
    39. 39. Christopher Nolan
    40. 40. Q 19 Who is the man with 10?
    41. 41. Stan Lee
    42. 42. Q 20 Put Funda
    43. 43. 42 or Deep Thought
    44. 44. Q 21 • 1189–1192 ______ • 1425-1475 Ezio Auditore da Firenze • 1775–1783 Haytham Kenway and Connor Kenway • not announced Edward Kenway • What?
    45. 45. Assassins Creed
    46. 46. Q 22 Id the guy on piano / significance of the video
    47. 47. Hans Zimmer • First video on MTV
    48. 48. Q 23 • Cheese. It’s milk that you chew • A grape- Because who can get a water melon in your mouth? • The phone. Bringing you closer to people… who have phones. • Crackers. Because your cheese needs a buddy. • Bagels and donuts. Round food for every mood • Pants. Like shorts, but Longer. • Pehchan Kaun?
    49. 49. Chandler Bing
    50. 50. Q 24 Id the Director pair
    51. 51. Wachowski Brothers
    52. 52. Q 25  Entertainment Weekly put it on its end-of- the-decade "best-of" list, noting it for "Providing a safe home for piano-playing cats, celeb goof-ups, and overzealous lip-synchers since 2005."  What?
    53. 53. Youtube
    54. 54. Thank you and see you in the finals