Tips on pc screen recording


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This page will tell you the matters needing attention on recording screen. Just click in and see the tips on PC screen recording.

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Tips on pc screen recording

  1. 1. Tips on PC Screen RecordingWant to record your computer screen and make a video tutorial on your PC? Except for a professionalScreen Recorder, do you know what you should pay attention to? If you have never done that before, you might haveno idea which matters needing attention when recording screen. But dont worry about it. Here we will tell you thetips on PC screen recording, you can just follow it to make the best suitable condition for recording screen.Just go on reading and find what you want. Hope Helps!Suggested Reading: To make the best video presentation by recording computer screen, we suggest you go toScreen Recorder and how to record computer screen to get the best screen recording method.Tips 1: the cleaner the betterBefore you record your computer screen, make sure which application do you want to record only or the wholecomputer screen firstly, then close all unnecessary applications. You know that the extra apps running will take upresponding time and lead to inevitably slower reaction. If you dont know which applications are running and how topause them, you can check your system task manager and find out if there’s any extra program might do harm toyour screencast, end them at once.Tips 2: simplify the display color qualityMaybe you just like to choose your hard drive in the higher color display to get the best picture quality whenwatching movies or playing games on it. Actually, when it comes to recording screen, it might be not so necessary.It’s hard to distinguish between the 16bit and 32bit color by human’s eyes, but it is rather a big difference forcomputer. And you can choose to set your screen in lower color quality and save running resource. Right click onyour desktop and choose "Properties", then change your color quality from 32bit to 16 bit in setting page.Tips 3: set right resolutionAccording to general rule, the higher screen resolution you set, the more RAM it costs. Since screen recordercaptures any changes of every pixel on your computer screen, when you record screencast in a higher resolution,more data information will be recorded, indicating more memory will be occupied. So lag always happens if yourwhole screen alters rapidly. In this situation, you need to adjust your screen resolution to a lower but acceptable levelto reduce the data of the changes. Generally speaking, 800*600 is enough for most of demo tutorial videos.Tips 4: choose the best Screen RecorderThere’s one thing have to mention that more and more powerful screencast software with fantastic features arecoming out. In order to make full use of them, the best way is to choose the program wisely. If you have not got aneasy-to-use Computer Screen Recorder, the Screen recorder is your best choice. Its a powerful yet simple screenrecording software program for Windows which allows you to capture desktop activities and create a voice-overpresentation with Flash animation effect without any programming skill.Well, that’s all the tips you can make your screencast easy and smooth. If you want to experience recording computerscreen at once, click the button below to free download the Screen Recorder and try it for free right now!Maybe you are also interested in Free Screen Recorder.