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Solar power Solar power Presentation Transcript

  • Solar Power By: William Jeong Mrs. Schmidt Physical Geography
  • What is Solar Power?
    • Solar Power – Conversion of sunlight into energy (electricity)
  • Solar thermal energy
    • Panels reflect sunlight into a tower
    • The sunlight is converted to heat which boils the water.
    • Steam turns the turbines to generate electricity.
  • Where is our Solar Power?
    • Harvesting solar power is generally seen in 1 st world countries and in areas where sunlight is abundant.
    • Generally more popular in suburban homes.
    • Solar power plants are slowly growing but coal and nuclear power plants are favorable due to its cheap price.
  • How does it affect life on Earth?
    • It affects life on Earth because it is a clean and renewable energy.
    • The sun produces more energy every hour than the entire energy needs of human civilization from the beginning of time.
  • Why are we hesitant to use Solar power?
    • Competition is minimal (Solar power companies have monopolies, very expensive to install)
    • Government regulations will not allow house owners to install their own systems
    • Solar power is profitable only in high sunlight regions
    • Builders find that it is not profitable for them to spend excessive architectural fees on designs that are not mainstream and salable
    • It is inefficient. Solar panels can only convert 15% of the Sun’s energy.
    • In other words, it costs too much .
  • How can we solve this?
    • The most natural solution is time.
    • With advancing technology, installing and creating solar panels and factories will become cheaper and more efficient. Currently, solar panels can only convert 15% of the Sun's energy
    • As non-renewable energy, such as coal, becomes more scarce, there will be a greater demand for renewable resources.
    • It costs 5 times more to generate electricity from solar panels than from cheap dirty coals.
  • Statistics on electricity generation   US 1 Canada 2 Coal 48.5% 24.9% Natural Gas 21.6% 3.8% Nuclear 19.4% 12.4% Hydro 6.0% 58.7% Petroleum 1.6% - Wood 0.94% - Wind 0.83% - Biomass 0.40% - Geothermal 0.35% - Other Gases 0.32% - Solar 0.01% -
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