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There-Are-Two-Parts-For-Your-Windows-7_-14 There-Are-Two-Parts-For-Your-Windows-7_-14 Document Transcript

  • There are two parts for your Windows 7:windows 7 boot disc
  • * Enable Windows 7 administrator account * Reset lost Win 7 adminpassword With 240 million licenses sold out in one year, Windows 7has been proved to be a successful product of Microsoft Comparedwith its previous versions like Windows XP, it has many improvedfeatures The built-in administrator account is one of the features InWindows XP, there is a default admin account after installation Butthe built-in admin account is disabled by default in Windows 7 Toenable Windows 7 administrator account and assign a password toit, you can achieve it in 2 methods Part I: Enable Windows 7administrator account Method 1: Use Command Prompt The easiestway to enable the Windows 7 built-in administrator account is to usethe Command Prompt 1
  • Click Start and type CMD in the search box Right-click CMD andselect Run as Administrator 2 Click Yes when prompted to allowthe Command Processor to run And then the command prompt willappear 3 Type net user in the command prompt window, and thenhit Enter All the Windows account user names will be listed View slide
  • Youll also see the Administrator account, but now it is not enabled4 Type net user administrator /active:yes and hit Enter to enableWindows 7 admin account Now the Windows 7 admin account iscreated To create the Windows 7 administrator password, you canfollow the below steps: 1 Switch to log on Windows 7 with theadministrator account 2 View slide
  • Click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety andUser Accounts in order Youll enter the screen where you can makechanges for your account 3 Click Create a password for youraccount on the screen 4 In the coming screen, type and confirmyour Win 7 admin password 5
  • Enter password hint and click Create Password Now your Windows7 admin password is successfully created Method 2: Use LocalUsers and Groups 1 Click Start and type lusrmgr msc in the searchbox, and then hit Enter The Local Users and Groups screen willcome up 2
  • Double-click the Users folder And all the Windows 7 account will bedisplayed for you 3 Right-click the Administrator account and selectProperties 4 Uncheck the "Account is disabled" check-box andclick OK on the administrator properties screen Now Win 7 adminaccount is enabled
  • To set a password for the enabled Windows 7 administratoraccount, follow the steps as below: 1 Right-click the Administratoraccount and select Set Password 2 Click Proceed to go on youroperation 3 Type and confirm your new Win 7 admin password andclick OK 4 Close the Local Users and Groups screen Now theWindows 7 administrator password is assigned to your Windows 7admin account
  • Part II: Reset lost Win 7 admin password Windows 7 administratorpassword reset Tips: Note 1 Please remember to create a Windows7 password reset disk after assigning Windows administratorpassword It allows you to change your forgotten Win 7 adminpassword when you are locked out of Windows Note 2 If you forgotto create the password reset disk, you can choose to use WindowsPassword Breaker to help create a Windows 7 password reset diskrather than reinstalling the system Now follow the steps to create theWindows 7 password reset disk step 1
  • Download and install Windows Password Breaker step 2 windows7 boot disc Run the program and burn a Windows password resetdisk Step 3 Reset Windows 7 administrator password with the diskIt is an easy and safe way for Windows 7 admin password reset
  • windows 7 boot disc