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  1. 1. There are two parts for your Windows 7:windows 7 boot disc
  2. 2. * Enable Windows 7 administrator account * Reset lost Win 7 adminpassword With 240 million licenses sold out in one year, Windows 7has been proved to be a successful product of Microsoft Comparedwith its previous versions like Windows XP, it has many improvedfeatures The built-in administrator account is one of the features InWindows XP, there is a default admin account after installation Butthe built-in admin account is disabled by default in Windows 7 Toenable Windows 7 administrator account and assign a password toit, you can achieve it in 2 methods Part I: Enable Windows 7administrator account Method 1: Use Command Prompt The easiestway to enable the Windows 7 built-in administrator account is to usethe Command Prompt 1
  3. 3. Click Start and type CMD in the search box Right-click CMD andselect Run as Administrator 2 Click Yes when prompted to allowthe Command Processor to run And then the command prompt willappear 3 Type net user in the command prompt window, and thenhit Enter All the Windows account user names will be listed
  4. 4. Youll also see the Administrator account, but now it is not enabled4 Type net user administrator /active:yes and hit Enter to enableWindows 7 admin account Now the Windows 7 admin account iscreated To create the Windows 7 administrator password, you canfollow the below steps: 1 Switch to log on Windows 7 with theadministrator account 2
  5. 5. Click Start, Control Panel, User Accounts and Family Safety andUser Accounts in order Youll enter the screen where you can makechanges for your account 3 Click Create a password for youraccount on the screen 4 In the coming screen, type and confirmyour Win 7 admin password 5
  6. 6. Enter password hint and click Create Password Now your Windows7 admin password is successfully created Method 2: Use LocalUsers and Groups 1 Click Start and type lusrmgr msc in the searchbox, and then hit Enter The Local Users and Groups screen willcome up 2
  7. 7. Double-click the Users folder And all the Windows 7 account will bedisplayed for you 3 Right-click the Administrator account and selectProperties 4 Uncheck the "Account is disabled" check-box andclick OK on the administrator properties screen Now Win 7 adminaccount is enabled
  8. 8. To set a password for the enabled Windows 7 administratoraccount, follow the steps as below: 1 Right-click the Administratoraccount and select Set Password 2 Click Proceed to go on youroperation 3 Type and confirm your new Win 7 admin password andclick OK 4 Close the Local Users and Groups screen Now theWindows 7 administrator password is assigned to your Windows 7admin account
  9. 9. Part II: Reset lost Win 7 admin password Windows 7 administratorpassword reset Tips: Note 1 Please remember to create a Windows7 password reset disk after assigning Windows administratorpassword It allows you to change your forgotten Win 7 adminpassword when you are locked out of Windows Note 2 If you forgotto create the password reset disk, you can choose to use WindowsPassword Breaker to help create a Windows 7 password reset diskrather than reinstalling the system Now follow the steps to create theWindows 7 password reset disk step 1
  10. 10. Download and install Windows Password Breaker step 2 windows7 boot disc Run the program and burn a Windows password resetdisk Step 3 Reset Windows 7 administrator password with the diskIt is an easy and safe way for Windows 7 admin password reset
  11. 11. windows 7 boot disc