WebXpress Cash Management Solution


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WebXpress Cash Management System helps companies to keep track of its fleet as per planned schedule. Any deviation from the route will alert supervisor of robbery. GPS tracking helps to keep second by second tap on the fleet.

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WebXpress Cash Management Solution

  1. 1. WebXpress Solution for CashManagement and Fleet Management
  2. 2. WebXpress Solution flow for Cash Management Fleet Management  Fleet Maintenance  Document Alert System  Fuel Management Telemetics Related Capability  Geo – Fence Management Alerts  Unauthorized Door Open Alerts  GPS Tracking – Route Taken View
  3. 3. Fleet Maintenance: Objective of Job Sheet Why Routine Vehicle Maintenance is a Must I don’t know about you, but I hate spending money on vehicle repairs. The worst is when I know something needs to be fixed, but I just ignore it hoping it will magically disappear. The problem is, it never does. Delaying vehicle maintenance can have some serious impacts. “Vehicle negligence costs money and can be unsafe . So those who treat their vehicles as valuable investments and commit to regular vehicle maintenance, end up saving a lot of money.
  4. 4. Objective of Job Sheet -contd Job sheet is nothing but a type of vehicle maintenance document . We prepare a job sheet for vehicles that need daily maintenance . Vehicle maintenance can ne categorized into the following types .1. Preventive maintenance2. Running repairs3. Accident4. Breakdown5. Fitness certificate renewal6. Schedule maintenance
  5. 5. Job Sheet - Place in the Product FLEET OWNER & OPERATOR External Entities Driver & Fuel MgmtJourney Request Mgmt Trip Sheet Tyre Management VendorsRoute Cost Management WebXpress Fleet Job Sheet Management Job Sheet Maagement Document Alerts Finance & Accounts Fixed & Variable Expenses Customers Track & Trace E-mail GPS System MOBILE ALERTS
  6. 6. Job sheet Process- Job Sheet Job sheet Process Maintenance Job Sheet Generation Database Job Sheet Closure Vendor Bill Submission Vendor Payment
  7. 7. Job Sheet description Job sheet Approval Amount Matrix - To sent vehicle for Maintenance it will require financial and time line readiness for vehicle. In the same case there should be a provision to get a approval from higher authorities whenever is required. System is having a provision to define approval matrix on the basis of amounts at the time of generation of Job Order generation (assessment of expenses) and closure of job order (Final amount of expenses) Generate : Branch, Area and HO have 1000,7000 and 10000 Approved Amt Respectively. Generate : Branch, Area and HO have 1000,7000 and 10000 Approved Amt Respectively.
  8. 8.  After defining the job approval matrix amount ,a hierarchy is set of what requires and approval and who is authorized to approve it . Job order can be divided into 4 parts  Job order generation  Job order approval  Job order closure  Job order cancellation We proceed to make our first job order New job order preparation has the following fields which are explained below1. Vehicle number – We select a vehicle which needs to be sent in the work shop for maintenance . A vehicle should not be in transit and should be available . Once you select the vehicle its model number , manufacture name and vehicle category will automatically appear
  9. 9.  Job card type – It tells u for what vehicle is been sent to the work shop for maintenance . Job order date – this indicates the date at which the vehicle was sent to the work shop . Service Centre Type – service center type can be workshop or vendor . Workshop is usually owned by company while vendor is an external agency which takes a contract from us to maintain our vehicle . We pay the vendors and supply parts to them when required Order status – order status is always open when we are preparing a job order . We have to estimate the labor cost and labor hours whicle preparing the new job order . Task details – Then we have to enter the different task details like task description , task type , estimated labor hrs , estimated labor cost , remarks . Job sheet approval – Job sheet is sent for approval to if the cost falls above the approval amount matrix .If the amount is within the range then the job sheet is automatically approved .
  10. 10.  Job order closure details Once the job is completed it needs to be closed . We then calculate the actual cost and labor hours incurred in that job . If there is a difference we find out where did the variance took place . We get two options to close the job order one is operationally closure and the other is financial closure . When it is closed operationally the vehicle is returned to us and it can start its usual operations . It is closed financially when all the dues have been settled .
  11. 11. Jobsheet Approval Amount Matrix Generate : Branch, Area and HO have 1000,7000 and 10000 Approved Amt Respectively.
  12. 12. Job Order Preparation Process
  13. 13. Job Order Preparation Different Job Card Types
  14. 14. Maintenance Task for Cash Vans
  15. 15. Spare parts for Cash Van MaintenanceTotal expenses is 11350 so we will require approval from Regional Office.
  16. 16. Job Order Prepared Successfully
  17. 17. Print and View of Job Order
  18. 18. Job Approval Module We are At Regional Office Now By using this module Operations Head can approve amount for Job Order.
  19. 19. Jobsheet Type
  20. 20. List of Job orders for amount approval Here authority can reject or approve the amount.
  21. 21. Process After Approval After Getting Approval of JOB order from Approval Authority vehicle Will be Sent to Work Shop. In Work Shop, work Shop Supervisor will have to check the list of Activities to be Done. Also He Will Check whether any Spare part is required to Replace Or any Additional task has to be Done. After finishing all Activity workshop Supervisor will give OK Report & Release vehicle with final Amount.
  22. 22. Option to Closing Job Order Closing Job Order
  23. 23. Closing Job Order process
  24. 24. Closing Job Order
  25. 25. Closing Job Order Cont. Here we can select AMC and Non – AMC cost.
  26. 26. Closing Job Order Software has a facility of closing the job order operationally and financially.
  27. 27. Job Order Closed
  28. 28. Document Alert System
  29. 29. Statutory Document Renewal Pre Alert Mail We can configure multiple email addresses for various documents pre alert mail. In which we will get document list under below category  Documents Already Expired  Documents Expiring in 0 to 7 days  Documents Expiring in 8 to 30 days
  30. 30. Statutory Document Renewal Pre Alert Mail FormatList of Vehicle Document Numbers Type
  31. 31. WebXpress Fuel Management System
  32. 32. Trip Sheet Entry with Fuel Slip Entry
  33. 33. Trip Sheet Generation Process Ver-8.0 Fuel Slip can be attached with the Trip sheet
  34. 34. Trip Sheet Generation Cont.. Ver-8.0 Fuel Slip can be attached with Trip sheet
  35. 35. Trip Sheet Generated Ver-8.0
  36. 36. Fuel Slip Entry Ver-8.0
  37. 37. Ver-8.0
  38. 38. Query page for Trip Sheet with Fuel slip Ver-8.0
  39. 39. Details of the Fuel Slip Ver-8.0
  40. 40. Fuel Slip Issued Ver-8.0
  41. 41. Fuel Slip Bill Entry Ver-8.0
  42. 42. Fuel Slip Entry Payment Query Page Ver-8.0
  43. 43. Vendor Bill Entry Ver-8.0 Fuel Slips details with lit. Quantity, Rate and Amount
  44. 44. Vendor Bill Entry cont..
  45. 45. Vendor Bill Entry Generated Ver-8.0
  46. 46. Fuel Slip Entry Summary – Print and View Format
  47. 47. Fuel Vendor Payment Module Ver-8.0
  48. 48. Payment Voucher Creation Process Ver-8.0
  49. 49. Payment Voucher Creation Process cont..
  50. 50. Payment Voucher Creation Process cont..
  51. 51. Print and View format Ver-8.0
  52. 52. Fuel Slip Register Report Ver-8.0
  53. 53. How to Control this Activities by using WebXpress System? Telemetics Related Capability  Geo – Fence Management Alerts  Unauthorized Door Open Alerts  GPS Tracking – Route Taken View
  54. 54. GPS : Route Tracking Reports
  55. 55. Click on Play Back Report
  56. 56. Select User and Date Range
  57. 57. As per the user selected the route is plotted on themap
  58. 58. The pop up gives the details of the current locationwith time
  59. 59. Introduction to Geo Fence Technology
  60. 60. How can we utilize this Technology to control Cash VanRobbery?1. We can fix the route of every Cash Van and define Geo Fence for every Van.2. If due to some reason driver drive out side of his Geo Fence the Operations Manager will get SMS/ Email alert.3. System can be configured in a such a way that
  61. 61. Geofence Management
  62. 62. Geo Fence Creation Process
  63. 63. Click on ADD Geofence to create it
  64. 64. Geofence added..
  65. 65. Click on Edit to do any changes in created Geo fence