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Air Waves - April 2010
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Air Waves - April 2010


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Published in: Education

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  • 1. April 22, 2010 Air Waves Message from Merlin General Manager Edition 32 After talking with many of you over the last few weeks, it has become clear that Gaining Ground payout is not fully understood. Let’s take a few minutes to go over the process. Hopefully, it will make a little more sense after we’re done. First… Gaining Ground is a ‘self funded’ incentive program. Basically what this means is the money paid out is money we as a site have put into the payment pool. The money comes from our established operating budget for both direct and indirect elements. If we meet that budget and do not spend more than was planned, each employee will receive 5 days extra pay. Pretty simple so far… Second… Let’s talk about the 10 additional days we have the opportunity to earn. Under running our budget for the year puts additional money into the Gaining Ground payment pool account. The more we under run our budget… means more money for the account… thus allowing us to fund the additional 10 days... Still with me? Third… In order to receive the extra 10 days we also need to achieve our goals on the following four key metrics: - 25% Safety OSHA Rate - 25% Quality R3 Performance - 25% Schedule Starts & Completes Average - 25% Inventory Product Turns (P-turns) At the beginning of each year we establish targets for each goal based on our performance at the end of the previous year. Our goal is obviously to achieve 100% but you can get partial credit toward gaining ground even if you fall short of the target… For example, if we meet our year end target on Safety, Schedule, and Inventory, but end the year half way to our Quality R3 target… or 50%... we would have achieved a total score of 87.5%. That means we would get 87.5% of what was in our gaining ground payment pool account. If we managed to put enough money in the pool (equal to say 12 days) 12 x 87.5% equals 10.5 days which would ensure you to earn the additional 10 days. A couple of other things to consider… - It is possible to miss every single target and get 5 days payout because the first 5 days are based on meeting budget as a site. - It is also possible to achieve every target and get nothing if we don’t beat budget and create the pool account. - Our payout is not tied to any other site’s performance. - Each site funds its own pool and works to achieve its own targets independently. - We truly can control our own destiny… 100% Payout of Pool 15 So what does this all mean to If we had 15 Days in our Pool Account 14 each of us? It means we must P-Turns 13 100% do our part to achieve each of 12 Money Added to Gaining Ground the key performance metrics. Pool by Beating Budget Schedule 11 100% At the same time, we need to D 10 identify ways to reduce cost, so A 9 R3 we can add more money to the Y 8 100% Gaining Ground payment pool. S 7 OSHA The road to Continuous P 6 100% Improvement is not easy, but A 5 steady progress guarantees Y 4 Must Make Budget to MVO a long, bright future. 3 Get These 5 Days Continue to be Safe in All You 2 Do… 1 0 Jan Feb March April May June July Aug Sept Oct Nov Dec Merlin Fechner General Manager-Milledgeville
  • 2. Announcements April 22, 2010 Continuous Improvement at Work By: Dink Martin, Black Belt – Six Sigma In the SHODA, 68 shear ties move through the area every 10 days. The mechanics were frustrated as they looked for the next part to be trimmed. It was almost like looking for a needle in the haystack. Because of the backlog, there were 5 racks of parts in the area on any given day to be searched without any clear location (nothing had a specific place). We took a look at the situation and reduced the 5 racks of parts down to 3 dollies to house the 68 shear ties for a ship set of parts. The dollies were identified with the part numbers in chronological order and parts were located in their new home. Now the mechanics have one location for each part. The multiples are located at the same location. Before: NO LABELS. This became a visual to see what parts were in the area and which Mechanics have to search for ones had multiples to be trimmed. It provides a clear, quick, and easy parts (valuable time wasted searching for the part they way for part storage/queue. need) Benefits include the ability to easily store parts as they come into the SHODA area. It provides the SHODA operator a way to easily locate parts as needed. It causes less chaos and confusion and reduces the amount of time in looking for the right part(s). It takes up less space in the room. It provides better quality with the proper dolly layout that better protects parts from damage. It causes a more efficient area in general and increases 5s awareness by having a place for everything (clean and organized). While the SHODA can be a frustrating job at After: Labels clearly marked for times, Bobette and Harold have done an outstanding job in easy identification. This provides making it better. a clear location for each part. Lean/Six Sigma methodologies exist as a structured means for continuous improvement. It provides the framework and foundation to fundamentally solve various problems in and throughout the value stream. Harold Ewers and Bobette Prosser identified a fundamental problem within their area (SHODA) and found confusion and chaos as to how the shear ties were being managed within the department. The fix sounds so simple and, in fact, it is. The important thing to note here is the fact that they identified the problem and found a solution, but more than that…they implemented the solution and are already realizing the tremendous positive effects it has on the area. Congratulations to the Shoda team for taking action toward continuous improvement. It is activities such as this that must be All parts have a place. Mechanics looked at and possibly shared throughout the facility to help can find parts quickly and know enable us to become a safer more efficient company. Great Job! exactly what they have and where it is at a glance. 2
  • 3. Announcements Continued… April 22, 2010 Employment Opportunities Available at MVO How to check job listings at the Milledgeville site: 1.) The company’s intranet: On the left hand side on the company’s homepage is a list of links. Click on Career Opportunities, which will then take you to the Career Opportunities page where a link will be available to search Current Job Listings. 2.) Externally through the internet: The Vought Career Opportunities page may also be accessed through the privacy of your own computer. To view current job openings, please visit:, which will then take you to the Career Opportunities page where a link will be available to search Current Job Listings. The Current Job Listings page offers the ability to view available job positions at all Vought sites, including Milledgeville. Current job listings available at the Milledgeville site: Insp Paint Processor Sr Sp Insp Bonding Fab Sr Sp Mgr Production Plan/Scheduled Tech Ultrasonic Sr Mgr MFG-Gen/Multi Functions All new job listings at the Milledgeville Site will be posted on the Vought intranet, externally on the internet, and listed in Air Waves. Please see Tracy Fordham for more information, ext. 4228. Frequently Used Acronyms May Blood Drive COGS: Cost of Goods Sold Vought will host its “The cost to a business of making the products it sells over a given annual May blood period of time. The cost of goods sold includes parts and labor drive. expenses, but does not include shipping, advertising, or other indirect costs. COGS is included on a company's balance sheet and may be When: May 11, 2010 subtracted from revenue when calculating the company's gross margin. Time: 8 AM – 1 PM There are various ways to calculate COGS, but one of the most Where: The American straightforward ways involves starting with the cost of starting inventory, Red Cross van adding sales over the given period, and then subtracting the cost of outside of the Cockpit ending inventory. It is also called the cost of sales.” Café. Sources: Help save a life by giving blood to the Gears for Success: Corporate Citizenship American Red Cross! Contact Gail Brooks, Corporate Citizenship: ext. 4288, if you would • Protects the environment like to sign up. If you • Volunteers in the community have given before, please let her know if As a member of the communities where we work and live, Vought is you would like to give committed to protecting our environment. We support employees who again. recognize the value and opportunity of being involved locally through volunteerism. Being a strong steward in our communities isn’t just a good thing to do – it’s the right thing to do. Source: 3
  • 4. April 22, 2010 Announcements Continued… Belk Charity Sale Shopping Pass for $5.00 to benefit March of Dimes When: Saturday, May 1st from 6:00 am – 10:00 am only! Shopping Pass is good for $5.00 off your first purchase, plus... • Enjoy 15% - 50% off throughout the store including special savings on rarely discounted merchandise. • Free Belk gift cards to first 100 customers - valued from $5.00 to $1,000.00! • Money raised from each $5.00 Shopping Pass sold goes directly to March of Dimes. These Shopping Passes can be picked up at Human Resources, ext. 4228. Look for more information regarding March of Dimes t- shirts and the March of Dimes walk! Relay for Life 2010 Vought Employees have raised $6,845 so far for Relay For Life. The 2010 Relay for Life is scheduled for April 30Th at South Creek. If you are interested in walking at the Relay For Life scheduled for April 30th starting at 6 PM, sign up at Tracy Fordham will hand out the Relay For Life t-shirts to each Vought team member prior to the walk. Vought Team Members: Tracy Fordham Chuck Munafo Vivian Mosley Bobette Prosser Nancy Sammons Darlene Smith – 2nd Shift Gwen Foster Gail Brooks Kathy Blizzard Glenda Knighton Gloria McMillan Laura Harris – 3rd Shift Shannon McDade Rachael Miller Cindy Knighton – 3rd Shift Benny Watson Tena Wheeler Debra Brookins Cary Williams Edward Pounds Ralph Vincent Patrick Donovan Larry Williams Richard Kelley Jody McMullen Florella Crouch Merlin Fechner This years’ theme is “Celebrate a Memory” and the team would like to decorate our tent with pictures of employees and family members of employees who are cancer survivors and those who have lost the battle with cancer. Please contact any team member if you wish to share. Riding for the Cure Relay For Life team member Benny Watson has set a goal to raise $2,000 for the American Cancer Society. So far, Benny has raised $1,511. Benny is dedicating his bike riding this spring to helping others that are facing cancer as he did. For every dollar donated on Benny’s behalf, he will ride one mile on his bike. So far, Benny has ridden 1,010 miles. 4
  • 5. April 22, 2010 Announcements Continued… Earth Day 2010 Drawing Contest Thank you to all the children who participated in the Earth Day 2010 Drawing Contest. Mark Ward Mike Robbins *Winner* Spencer Martin Walker McDade Son of Coletta Ward Welcome New Employees and All Rehires! Vought Retirees New Hires: The following Vought employees Guy Bailey Jessica Kennedy will be retiring on May 1, 2010: Claire Childs Tim Lanier Denny Greene Richard Evans Laurel Martin Jason Farley Justin Montgomery Denny has given nearly 35 Cliff Johnson Philip Spence years of service to the Jake Johnson Milledgeville site. Thank Rehires: you, Denny, Mona Jackson Stephen McCuen for a wonderful 35 years and Please take a moment to welcome the new employees to our good luck to site, as well as employees that have recently been rehired. you! We are excited to have you as part of the Vought team! National Start Walking Day Physical inactivity is a huge national problem. Seventy percent of Americans do not get enough exercise. That is true for many of us right here at Vought Aircraft and it means that we are at greater risk for heart disease, stroke, and other blood vessel diseases. Physical activity offers many benefits. In fact, research shows that people who get regular, vigorous physical activity (like walking) could gain two more hours of life for every one hour they exercise. To promote physical activity in the workplace, employees at the Milledgeville site made a pledge to live a healthier life and participated in the National Start Walking Day on Wednesday, April 14th. 5
  • 6. April 22, 2010 Announcements Continued… Welcome the New Environmental & Safety Engineer Tim Lanier is the new Environmental & Safety Engineer for the Milledgeville site. He is a Certified Hazardous Materials Manager and a Registered Environmental Manager. Tim previously worked as the EHS Manager for Katy Industries located in Wrens, Georgia where he specialized in energy management and environmental sustainability. He is also a retired Fire Chief and Medic with over 25 years of Public and Industrial Services experience. He currently lives in Evans, Georgia and goes by the nickname “Chief.” Please give Tim a warm welcome to the Vought Aircraft family. Open House/Wellness Fair 2010 Milledgeville- Baldwin County Fire Department’s 2nd Annual On June 5th, the Milledgeville site will host Charity Golf Tournament its annual Open House and Wellness Screening event. In order to ensure this Vought is sponsoring 4 employees to experience runs smoothly, assistance by play in the Milledgeville- Baldwin volunteers will be needed throughout County Fire Department’s 2nd Annual various areas, which range from games to Charity Golf Tournament to benefit the preparing lunches to assisting vendors, plus Muscular Dystrophy Association. The much more! Additional information will be tournament will be Saturday, May 8th at available on Monday, April 26th via the the Little Fishing Creek at 8 AM. The weekly announcements. See your four employees that were drawn to supervisors for more information on the represent Vought at the Milledgeville- areas that are in need of assistance. Thank Baldwin County Fire you in advance to all the volunteers. Your Department’s 2nd help is greatly appreciated! Annual Charity Golf Tournament are: Annual Chamber Golf Classic Mike Classen David Harvill The Annual Chamber Golf Classic was held at the Dink Martin Milledgeville Country Club on Monday, April 12th at Ralph Vincent noon. Vought sponsored 4 employees in the tournament. The four employees that were drawn to Congratulations! represent Vought at the Annual Chamber Golf Classic are: Six Flags & White Robby Ward Water Tickets for Sale Leroy Douthit Denny Green Six Flags and White Water Bill Lanzoilotta tickets are still on sale! Six Flags tickets are $25 and White Water tickets are $25. Please see Shannon The Vought team took first place on flight #2! McDade, ext. 4237, to make your Congratulations participants! purchase. 6
  • 7. April 22, 2010 Announcements Continued… Information about the Triumph Transaction is Available on the Intranet A Triumph Transaction site for Vought employees is available on the Vought Intranet. It provides employees with the information about the integration of Vought with Triumph Group, Inc. The site will contain all archived communications. To access the site, click on Communications in the top navigation bar and then click on Triumph Transaction in the left hand menu. More information to come! The Swap and Shop Board Has a New Location Take a moment to visit the Swap and Shop bulletin board now located in the main employee entrance next to the Cockpit Café. The Human Resources department is responsible for reviewing, posting, and removing all classified advertisements on the bulletin board. The guidelines for our Swap and Shop bulletin board are as follows: Employees must list items for sale on a 3 x 5 index card and submit the card to Shannon McDade, ext. 4237, for approval and posting. You may also submit a small photo of the item for sale. The board may not be used to advertise the sale of firearms, alcohol, or material offensive in nature. Items advertised may not be related to any “for profit” business. Transactions will not be allowed on company time and may be conducted before or following regular work hours, or during designated break periods. Index cards will remain on the bulletin board for two weeks. Employees may re-submit cards for items that do not sell during this period. Employees should contact Shannon McDade, ext. 4237, to remove the posting once an item is sold. Vought is not responsible for any items purchased or sold through the Swap and Shop bulletin board. Earth Day Earth Day is Thursday, April 22 and the Milledgeville site is celebrating this day by kicking off our first Go Green Team. This is a group of individuals selected to participate in sustainable activities and assist Vought in becoming a “greener” company. Some of these activities will work to reduce waste generated by the site and cost associated with this waste, as well as construct an efficient method to recycle goods. Recycle Your Books On Earth Day, boxes will be available at both main employee entrances for employees to drop off books that they are no longer reading. These books will be collected and donated to local libraries. Keep a lookout for additional recycling opportunities in the future! 7
  • 8. Announcements Continued… April 22, 2010 Vought Retirees Visit the Site On Tuesday March 16, 2010 retirees from the Milledgeville site returned to the plant to visit our employees, have lunch, commemorate the years of service they contributed to help create the high standards the Milledgeville site continues to follow today. Injury Free The Injury Free winners for March 2010: Day Shift Charcoal Grill………………..……………………………………………………….Robert Blum Luggage Set…………………………………………………………………………Donna Smith Gas Blower/Vacuum……………………………………………………….……….Connie Bahls Weed Eater…..…………………………………………………………….………..Tommy Lheureux DVD Portable……………………………………………………………………..….Arlisa Fraley Blu-Ray DVD………………………………………………………………………...Shirley Robinson Camera…………………………………………………………………………….…Rod Sorensen Vacuum………………………………………………….………………………….. Andre Mosley Winners of Cafeteria Tickets: Bennie Kidd Derick Stubbs Keith McCready Phil Vinson Joe Nizza Evening Shift Midnight Shift MP3 Player……………..…Darlene Smith MP3 Player……………..…David Pitts Winners of $10 Wal-Mart Gift Card: Winners of $10 Wal-Mart Gift Card: LaToyia Bonner Larry Walker Larry Howell Willie Mae Walker Jessica Mowrey Louis Mazzola Congratulations to all the March 2010 winners! 8
  • 9. April 22, 2010 Announcements Continued… Injury Free The Injury Free winners for April 2010: Day Shift Coffee Maker………………..……………………………………………………….Kim Roberson Cookware……………………………………………………………………………Mike Bradley Digital Photo Frame……………………………………………………….………..Jerry Bullington Gas Blower…..…………………………………………………………….…….….Joe Nizza MP3 Player……………………………………………………………………….….Lavette Roach GPS……………………………………………………………………….................John Kennedy Patio Set……………………………………………………………………………...Rodney Hitchcock Vacuum………………………………………………….………………………….. Bruce Carnahan Winners of Cafeteria Tickets: Jamie Brett Bennie Kidd LaTasha Dixon Gloria McMillian Karl Eliason Evening Shift Midnight Shift Blu-Ray DVD……………..…Annie Farley Blu-Ray DVD……………..…Danny Martin Winners of $10 Wal-Mart Gift Card: Winners of $10 Wal-Mart Gift Card: Shawn Brown Jeff Minter Larry Howell James Widner Ron Jones Glenda Maddox Congratulations to all the April 2010 winners! Safety Observation Action Item Status Report – March 2010 The purpose of this article is to show the areas where safety observations have been made and explain how these observations were addressed. In the first Air Waves of the month, this article will feature the safety observations submitted and their corrective actions made from the previous month. Safety Observation Forms are located on the Vought Intranet/Command Media/Milledgeville Site/Safety/Safety Observation Form. These forms are to be submitted to the Safety Observation Team, which include: Dan Conover Edward Pounds Florella Crouch Tena Wheeler Chuck McCuen Larry Williams Remember that safety observations may count towards the safety category in Pay for Performance. See Tracy Fordham, ext. 4228, for more information. Also, if you are interested in participating in safety observation training, contact Florella Crouch, ext. 4410. See page 10 for March’s 2010 Safety Observation Action Item Status Report. 9
  • 10. April 22, 2010 Announcements Continued… 10
  • 11. Announcements Continued… April 22, 2010 From the Mouth of a Supervisor/Manager Submitted by: Gary Powell Units 6787, 6329, 6317, 6655 and 6421 I want to recognize units 6787, 6329, 6317, 6655 and 6421. Over the past three months these individuals have worked long hours, some seven days a week. They have been working to recover schedules since the holidays, due to part shortages and the start up of the 787 assembly unit.They have also been asked to move around to different units and processes frequently to support the daily operational goals and commitments. The movement of personnel in this manner is not an easy thing to do, but everyone has adapted well and performance has exceeded all expectations. I also want to recognize those who came from other units in support of this effort. Thank you all for your POSITIVE ENERGY. Jones County Youth Visits the Milledgeville Site On Wednesday, March 17th, Jones County High School seniors visited the Milledgeville site. Lead by William Richards, the students toured the site and learned how manufacturing and technology worked together toward a common goal. After visiting Vought, many of the students have seen the significance in earning degrees in manufacturing, computer science, and engineering. Vought proudly supports educational growth within our community and wish the seniors of Jones County High School the best of luck! Vought Supports the 2010 Baldwin County Special Olympics On April 7, 2010 the Baldwin County Special Olympics was held at Baldwin High’s football field. The event included an opening parade that featured the Baldwin High marching band and the Special Olympics participants. The GMC drill team also held a short performance following the parade prior to the national anthem. Vought employees that attended the event: Brenda Brown Vivian Mosley Geraldine Hatcher Bobette Prosser Richard Kelley Louise Shinholster Teresa Kennedy Benny Watson Glenda Knighton Thank you, Vought employees, for your participation! “Keep Baldwin Beautiful Team" As part of the Earth Day celebration, Vought Leadership has agreed to participate in a cleanup day with Milledgeville's “Keep Baldwin Beautiful Team". We are asking that all supervisors join the management staff on Saturday, April 24th in this endeavor. Plans are to meet at 8:00 AM outside the gate beside the guardhouse. Supervisors and management will pick up trash along the highway in front of the plant. Once this is accomplished, Human Resources and the facilities organization will plant wild flowers along the median. Help Vought support a better environment and a cleaner Milledgeville! 11
  • 12. April 22, 2010 Announcements Continued… Anniversaries & Birthdays during April 2010 5 Years 30 Years Mailia Stokes Chris Wall 15 Years 35 Years Arlisa Fraley Robert Blum Frank Degennaro Birthdays (April 1st – April 30th) Greg Archer Fannie Foston Ron Jones David Sheppard Scotty Aycock Jr. Arlisa Fraley Timeka Jones Bernice Simmons Guy Bailey Philip Franklin Jacky Keyes Theresa Simmons Connie Bass Berean Gilbert Lee Kirkland Jr. Debra Thigpen Jerry Bullington Derrell Harrell Tracy Letterman Wilma Trawick Bruce Carnahan David Harvill Ross Midgley III Hamp Usry Gil Connell Jesse Hatcher Jr. Vivian Mosley Vincent Valentine Brad Dominy Richard Hedgepeth Leroy Nash Phil Vinson Bill Edwards III Brian Herringdine Al Punziano Rich Weissinger Lee Falconie Johnny Holmes Sabrina Roach Steve Willis Annie Farley Bruce Hood Brent Rogers Charles Wood Jr. Gwen Foster Agnes Johnson Roger Ruggieri George Yarrington Jr. SAP/VECTR Submitted by: Tom Dunnam Site Trivia Results I feel honored to have been selected as one of our three Five (5) employees were asked to super users for the SAP transition team. I don’t know participate in a survey consisting of that I personally fit the bill of “super”, but I do know there five (5) questions. These questions is a super opportunity for all of us to improve our and their answers appear below: efficiency as we work together to learn and implement 1.) What’s our OSHA target for 2010? the upcoming SAP system. Instead of striving to “band- Answer: 3.1 aid” our current system pieces to produce reliable data 2.) How many OSHA recordable and reports, SAP will allow us to have consistent data injuries did the site have in across integrated functionalities of our business. SAP is February? divided into several business scenarios: Record to Answer: One Report (RTR), Order to Cash (OTC), Procure to Pay 3.) What was our OSHA rate (P2P), and Plan to Produce (PLP). performance for February? Answer: 2.4 My responsibility is with the Plan to Produce team, 4.) What is our 2010 target for which handles processes from the creation of demand Schedule (Starts and Completes)? to the execution and production of that demand, Answer: 86% including planning and configuration, forecasting, 5.) Which area do we need to focus scheduling, production, quality assurance, and on more to reach our Schedule maintenance. I look forward to working with those of target? you who are subject matter experts (SME’s) and Answer: Completes performance associated end users to help us implement this super Hugh Hutchings and Richard Hedgepeth improvement over the months to come. answered all five (5) questions correctly. 12
  • 13. April 22, 2010 April 2010 Sunday Monday Tuesday Wednesday Thursday Friday Saturday 18 19 20 21 22 23 24 Administrative Earth Day GCSU Earthfest *** Cancer Control Month Professionals Day @ 11 a.m. on *** Alcohol Awareness Month Go Green Team Front Campus Kickoff 25 26 27 28 29 30 31 Relay for Life @ 6 p.m. South Creek May 2010 1 *** Motorcycle Safety Awareness Month *** Injury Free Date to be Announced 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 Read It Before National Teachers Cinco de Mayo You Eat It Day Wellness Challenge (5/3-5/28) March of Dimes T- Shirts go on sale 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 Mother’s Blood Drive Nurses Day March of Dimes Armed Forces Day Walk Day 13
  • 14. April 22, 2010 Guess Who If you have work- related pictures of you or a co-worker that you would like featured in Air Waves, send them through email or bring in your picture(s) to Rachael Miller, ext. 4601. Can you guess who these Photo 1 employees are? Photo 2 Spring V A F S K O S T N A L P T F R N I A R A I G L I G H T E N I N G B S L U P T Q S O J O B B C P N G Y T K A Q D O L D N B L G W D I S U J A V P E K G E I G E U D E Q E A R O P M D Q P D A O Z P Q T S I T N R B D N A T B S L C Q S E C T E B E S B S D S I F L Y E A F F A E E A N A M E R S T O O B N I A R G I S R Y X I G A Q L P W Q O H F S T Q E W F B O P H T R Word Bank J U N E K T S A D A T U L I P S K S J C April Lightening L P U D D L E S G Q R Y B L S G A N A H Birds March K A T J G C K N A P R I L T A R Q U N R Bloom May E B V E X G N I Y G T Q S E I S B S F V Breeze Plants Butterfly Puddles L K S M E N P Y K A N K K E D P S P H E Daffodil Rain I N B I C I B T O E A I U A J F L O T E Field Rain Boots D R D T Q H S C G N T C M S R R T R H A Fishing Raincoat O I L G S S N K X I H K G O Y O X D D K Flowers Rain Drops F Q T N U I P T H C U Q I Z O G S N Q S Frog Spring Time Gardening Sunshine F O P I A F N L A P N O T K S L U I A S Golf Thunder A D R R J R H D S A D A A T D R B A G A Grass Tulips D I S P Q T G A R D E N I N G O P R N R Iris Umbrellas S A N S E W B A C V R J B G K A Q E J G June Violets Source: Rachael Miller 14
  • 15. April 22, 2010 Weather Forecast Thurs (April 22) Fri (April 23) Sat (April 24) Sun (April 25) H: 84˚ H: 87˚ H: 82˚ H: 85˚ L: 56˚ L: 59˚ L: 64˚ L: 60˚ Sunny Partly Cloudy T-Storms T-Storms Historical Milestones on April 22, 2010 Source: 2000: Cuban refugee Elian Gonzalez is reunited with his father near Washington, DC, after being forcibly removed from his aunt's home in Miami by federal agents earlier that morning. 1993: The Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington, DC, is dedicated. 1970: The first Earth Day is celebrated. 1914: Babe Ruth makes his pro baseball pitching debut. 1889: The Oklahoma Land Rush begins, as thousands of settlers race to stake their claim to unoccupied land in the Oklahoma Territory. Famous Birthdays: Ace Frehley (1951 – Rock Guitarist, KISS) Jack Nicholson (1937 – Actor) Aaron Spelling (1925 – TV Show Producer) Charles Mingus (1922 – Jazz Bassist, Pianist) John Oppenheimer (1904 – Physicist, Built first Atomic Bomb) Isabella I (1451 – Queen of Spain) Breakfast Bake by Shannon McDade 1 can (8 oz.) refrigerated crescent dinner rolls 1 pkg. (8 oz.) smoke ham, chopped 6 eggs ½ cup milk ½ tsp. pepper 1 cup shredded cheddar cheese 1 cup shredded mozzarella cheese First, heat the oven to 350˚ F. Then unroll the dough in a 13x19-inch baking dish. Make sure to completely cover the bottom of the dish. Second, whisk the eggs, milk, and pepper until blended together. Third, pour mixture over the ham and top with cheese. Bake for 25 minutes, let cool, and seve. Contact Rachael Miller, ext. 4601, to make your recipe submission for the next Air Waves. 15
  • 16. April 22, 2010 Spotlight Below (L to R): Jeff Brown, Ron Jones, Marie Johnson, & Jeff Minter Second Shift Above: Michael David Above (L to R): Sue Clifford & Cindy McCoy Below: Brady Green Above: Beth McAlum Above: Pat Williams Below: Vicky Slater 16