Open-Source tools for VoIP solutions - By Gerrit Hurter


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Open-source telephony has gained significant traction over the last decade. In order not to be left behind in the space of VoIP communications, it is imperative to have access to the tools to build solutions - an insight into the use of open-source tools and the relevance in the South African industry.

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Open-Source tools for VoIP solutions - By Gerrit Hurter

  1. 1. Gerrit Hurter Open-source tools for VoIP solutions
  2. 2. The Tools for VOIP Solutions How can we conclude today without looking at the tools required to enable us to take part in these opportunities ? Telephony has gone Open-Source ! Asterisk - is the Future of Telephony !
  3. 3. Asterisk – The Future of Telephony Asterisk is the fastest-growing telephony platform. It complements the vision of business telephony, which emphasizes the added value of a hybrid (PSTN + VOIP) solution with built-in interoperability. This approach is infinitely more constructive than that of legacy platforms, which are attempting simply to “keep their heads above water.” We chose Asterisk with the confidence that it would change the PBX market, and we wanted to be there when it happened.
  4. 4. Asterisk has become the leader Asterisk has 85% of the 18% market share of Open Source solutions and considering Nortel's recent problems Asterisk will be the leading PBX on the market. It seems that the PBX market is being hit with the same kind of sledge hammer as the music industry and newspapers.
  5. 5. Don't loose out -it's happening .. Momentum: in January 2004, Mark Spencer reported 20,000 Asterisk installations globally. In June 2005, he was saying 200,000. In January of 2006 he said "over 250,000”. It's 2010 already ! VOIP became legal in February 2005 in South Africa – PERFECT timing for integration with asterisk ! Don't be surprised that ALL voice platforms would soon look like this !
  6. 6. The Growth behind it ...
  7. 7. Reasons for change ...
  8. 8. Who is using asterisk? Call Centres Banks Multi branch / Multi national corporates Governments Universities Focus on : US Army and Verisign.
  9. 9. Why asterisk? Customisation – Adapt to business environment Compatibility – Adapt to PSTN/Proprietary system Security – Important in a VOIP environment Access - Local support base and supply chain. This is the long-term solution.
  10. 10. More Open-Source : Databases : MySQL / Postgress – interfaces with asterisk Web related : PHP – work's great with MySQL Apache – Web Server of choice world wide.
  11. 11. You and the Future ... Skills is KEY to ensure your participation in the industry – get it ! Open-Source skills will set YOU apart from the rest and ensure the job-security/competitiveness you we're looking for. Thank You and may the Source be with you. Gerrit Hurter Voipmagic ( )