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글로벌 스타트업 컨퍼런스(GSC 2014 Spring)에서 벤처스퀘어 명승은 대표가 발표한 내용입니다.

[Gsc2014 spring(8)]venture map gsc2014-spring_명승은_

  1. 1. 넘쳐나는… 한국의 창업자 응원 프로그램
  3. 3. MEDIA Sharing the News from Korean Startup’s Scenes 6,500 Articles on startup news and interviews 600 Startups Introduced on VentureSquare 300 Startups Taking part in Acceleration Program & Events 150 Contributors Experts from various fields publish insights and trends Powerful Contents Syndication with Media Internet Portals Incumbent Media Startup Media & Blog Network Global Startup Media
  4. 4. EVENTS Global Startup Conference(GSC) Sharing Insight & Information from global startup leaders Twice a year 500 Attendees 12 Speakers shares the insight of experienced leading entrepreneurs and the valuable information from diverse players of startup ecosystem such as the government, VCs, and accelerators
  5. 5. EVENTS Open Recruiting Day(ORD) Superstar M Twice a year 150 Attendees 26 Startups Pitched Discovering & Highlighting Excellent Startups Held 4 Times 400 Attendees 55 Startups Pitched Open Up / Sharing Day Meeting Partners & Sharing Information Held 15 Times 50 -100 Attendees 70 Startups Pitched Assisting to Find Right People provides startups with opportunity of finding right people and mingling with each other provides IT-oriented tech startups with IR opportunity to VCs and IT business leaders shares insight and hot tech trend that startups need to catch up with to survive
  6. 6. ACCELERATION • sponsored by SMBA(Small and Medium Business Administration) • VentureSquare is one of 10 accelerators designated by SMBA • Co-working with INNOPOLIS Partners, one of major VCs in Korea • Providing funds, mentoring, education and co-working space • Starting in Mar. 2014 until next 3 years TIPS Korea • Sponsored by KOCCA(Korea Creative Content Agency) • Incubating contents-related startups with major companies in Korea • Geeks from GANGNAM in SWSW 2014 Contents Korea Lab Startup Incubating Co-working with Korea Government Having a thorough Insights on Korea’s Startup Ecosystem
  7. 7. ACCELERATION • sponsored by MSIP(Ministry of Science, ICT and Future Planning) • Held once in 2013 and 8 Teams Graduated • Co-working with Plug & Play in Silicon Valley Startup Nomad (Global Acceleration) Startup Challenge & SparkSquare • Startup Challenge is held once in 2013 and 10 Teams Graduated • SparkSquare is held 3 times and 25 Teams Graduated VentureSquare partners with VCs, Mentor Networks and Incubators
  8. 8. Information for Start-ups
  9. 9. Information for Start-ups Information
  10. 10. Global Programs
  11. 11. Information for Start-ups : Support & Investment 각종 정부 지원 사업 미래창조과학부, 중소기업청, 문화체육관광부, KOTRA, 서울시 및 지자체 각종 지원책 등 창업 전(준비) 창업 전(팀빌딩) 창업 직후(멘토링) 창업 후(초기투자) 프라이머 엔턴십 벤처스퀘어, SparkLabs, 네오플라이 등 액셀러레이터 IGM IEA 창업기업가 사관학교 본엔젤스, 이노폴리스 등 TIPS 케이큐브벤처스 캡스톤, DSC, 쿨리지코너, 마젤란 등 창업초기 VC SKP T-아카데미, SKP 101, KT 에코노베이션 엔젤투자지원센터, 은행권재단, 아산나눔재단, 동그라미 재단 등 K-Startup, 앱센터 A-Camp, Startup 위캔드, 패스트트랙아시아 패스트캠프 등 한양대, 서강대, 동국대 등 각종 대학 BI 소프트뱅크벤처스, IDG벤처스, 스톤브리지 등 외국계 VC 글로벌창업지원센터
  12. 12. Information for Start-ups : Bookmark • 창업넷 http://www.changupnet.go.kr • 비즈인포 http://www.bizinfo.go.kr • 중소기업청 http://www.smba.go.kr • 중소기업진흥공단 http://www.sbc.or.kr • 창업진흥원 http://www.kised.or.kr • 창조경제타운 https://www.creativekorea.or.kr • 아이디어 오디션 http://www.ideaaudition.com • 콘텐츠진흥원 http://www.kocca.or.kr • 희망창업 http://www.hopestart.or.kr • K-Startup http://kstartup.com • 한국벤처캐피탈협회 http://www.kvca.or.kr • 엔젤투자협회 http://www.kban.or.kr • 벤처기업협회 http://venture.or.kr • 서울벤처인큐베이터 http://www.seoulvi.com • 기술보증기금 http://www.kibo.or.kr • 벤처확인-공시시스템 http://www.venturein.or.kr • 온라인 재택 창업시스템 http://www.startbiz.go.kr
  13. 13. Information for Start-ups : Bookmark • 액셀러레이터 및 초기 투자자 벤처스퀘어 http://venturesquare.net/ 프라이머 엔턴십 http://www.primer.kr/ 벤처포트(마젤란) http://www.ventureport.co.kr/ 파운더스 캠프 http://founders.kr/ 패스트트랙아시아 http://blog.fast-track.asia/ 에스피오오엔지 http://www.sopoong.net/ 본엔젤스 http://www.bonangels.net/ 케이큐브벤처스 http://kcubeventures.co.kr 쿨리지코너인베스트먼트 http://www.ccvc.co.kr/ • 외국계 엑셀러레이터 및 스타트업 투자자 스파크랩스 http://www.sparklabs.co.kr/ko FT액셀러레이터 http://ftaccelerator.co.kr 로켓 인터넷코리아 http://www.rocket-internet.de 팀유럽 http://www.teameurope.net/kr/ 사이버에이전트벤처스 http://www.cyberagentventures.com/en/corporation-en • 창업지원 목적 재단 은행권청년창업재단 http://www.2030dreambank.or.kr 동그라미 재단 http://thecircle.or.kr/home 아산나눔재단 http://www.asan-nanum.org 청년기업가정신재단 http://www.koef.or.kr
  14. 14. DreamEnter
  15. 15. Maru180
  16. 16. Startup Alliance
  17. 17. Open VentureSquare
  18. 18. Seoul Biz centers
  19. 19. Seoul Art Space
  20. 20. Many Support Programs
  21. 21. No pains, no gains
  22. 22. Time goes now, Act now!
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