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10 minute agency guide to e books hubspot

  1. 1. 1 THE 10-MINUTE GUIDE TO CREATING CLIENT EBOOKS N A Publication of HubSpot s Partner Program
  2. 2. 2 ABOUT THE AUTHOR Patrick Shea is the Marketing Manager for HubSpot s Value-Added Reseller Channel. Patrick has written and presented extensively on agency growth strategies, and runs a weekly webinar on agency-specific topics. @mpatrickshea TABLE OF CONTENTS Introduction / 4 Determine Target & Goals / 5 Getting What You’ll Need/ 6 Structuring the Content / 7 More Resources / 9
  3. 3. 3 LEAD GENERATION POWER / INTRODUCTION 21% of adults said they read an eBook last year. That’s an impressive stat, and one that proves people are willing to trade basic contact information for in-depth content pieces. EBooks, whitepapers and other longer-form pieces of content have always been a mainstay of inbound marketing, and perhaps more now than ever, it is critical that marketing agencies learn to write and assemble effective eBooks. Doing so in tandem with other inbound elements like blogging and SEO will ensure that your work drives deep ROI for your clients. 21% Source: Pew Internet & American Life Project, 2012 g S Of adults read an eBook last year
  4. 4. 4 DETERMINE GOALS & TARGET / CHAPTER 1 ? We want the eBook to help generate leads - that much we know. But what kind of leads? Before you put pen to paper, make sure you understand your client's persona and the desired tone of the eBook. What do these folks care most about? Trends? Operational advice? Statistical comparisons between products? Know the main motivations of the leads you want to attract, as well as how sales plans to follow up before you start. Once you know your client’s target persona, use the below template to begin crafting a title (more template ideas on page 7).
  5. 5. 5 GETTING THE CONTENT / CHAPTER 2 Does your agency specialize in your client’s vertical market? If so, you probably know the industry as well as they do. Or are you new to the space, trying to ramp your expertise while netting a few quick wins? Below are 10 ways to get the “guts” of an eBook, from the perspective of both a industry newbie and established veteran. Industry Newbie: Repurpose an old, online company brochure Repackage an existing sales sheet to include product information Create a list of FAQ s and have your client provide answers Modify existing training materials into a basic how-to manual Capture the story of their best client into a compelling case study Established Veteran: Outline in detail several key trends driving the industry Conduct original or publish findings from past research Build a “buyers guide” of product options in the industry Compile your client’s publications into a “Reading List” Explain real scenarios with use-case specific case studies
  6. 6. 6 STRUCTURING THE CONTENT / CHAPTER 3 C Because of how eBooks are consumed (both online and printed out) you’ll want to make sure the eBook you are creating for your client is structurally sound, laid out thoughtfully and reads well. Make sure you give considerable thought to the below structural elements: 3 Killer Title Have your title be crystal clear and compelling. “How to” titles are popular, as are “Trend Report” and “Reasons Why” documents. 3 Author Page Establish the authors credibility with a page of biographical information and social media accounts. 3 Chapters with Clear Separation Cover topics that stand alone, chapter by chapter. Make length consistent and give each aspect of your client’s topic its own space. 3 Images, Stats & Quotes Break up text with imagery and provocative statistics. These will help add context and bring your client’s topic to life. 3 Clear Calls to Action & Embedded Links These eBooks don’t need to be the Great American novel – so save yourself space by linking to other resources. Make sure these link to other pages on your client’s site and more middle-of-the-funnel offers.
  7. 7. 7 STRUCTURING THE CONTENT / CHAPTER 3 Because we know how time-consuming what we’ve outlined in the previous pages can be, we have built a FREE EBOOK TEMPLATE to help you get started with your client’s eBook and lead generation efforts. The eBook can be found here: bit.ly/AgencyEbook F
  9. 9. 9 MORE RESOURCES / HUBSPOT Our Channel Account Managers help hundreds of online services agencies understand how inbound marketing can help them earn more retainer clients and grow their business. Request a Strategic Consultation to Learn How Inbound can Help your Agency Grow. http://www.hubspot.com/partner-talk/
  10. 10. 10 Let’s Talk About How Inbound Can Help Your Agency Grow. www.hubspot.com/partner-talk A Publication of HubSpot s Partner Program