06 25-12


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06 25-12

  1. 1. I hope you had wonderful weekend!those back-to-school jitters.This WeeksWeeks This News! We are not trying to rush you. Addition: BACK TO SCHOOLSummer Break News! No Tips for Parents and Kids There is still plenty of time for Announcements2011-2012 School Year! summer fun. However, I have provided some great resources to prepare yourWhat’s happening with children and yourself for amy week! successful school year. Check next weeks addition for tips.Recipes and Crafts for Next Weeksthe Family. Addition: Weekly NewsletterIts hard to imagine thatsummer vacation is coming Top 10 Back to School June 25th, 2012to an end...the days are stillJitters and Easy Solutions Volume 6, Issue 5long and warm, sleeping-incontinues to be the fashionand you may still haveanother road Alif-Ba-Ta Learning Center, (720) 629-0979in store.If you talk to your childrenthough, youll get a sense of This Weeks News!
  2. 2. Stone ArtYoull of these stencil yourAny need: or dips taste Freehand cream cheese, softened Art ExpressionsLearning TimeSmooth stones - apples,will do.delicious with any size pears, design. 1/2 cup brown sugarbananas, 2 teaspoons vanillaAcrylic paint Allow the paint to dryPaint brushes berries.peaches or thoroughly. extractStencils (optional)ClearDip #1 sealerFruit acrylic acrylic sealer to Mix all ingredients together and Spray a clear2 protectFruit Dips (8 ounce) packageswater serve. the stone fromFirst wash each stone that will be and sun.Pour the mixture into popsiclepainted.molds and topping togetherCover the work are perfect for Larger continue with: will stones space withWe Mon- Crayons/Markersnewspaper. of your garden and the cornerPrepare a cuplookPaints in aa Tues – great small stones of water andtray withWed –Dry Erase window box. colors colors. paint Thurs – Craft of the weekDiscovery Time WHATS HAPPENING WITH MY WEEK… Each child gets to choose thechildren Your art they want to discoverthroughout the week. need your presence more than your presents. FAMILY CRAFTS ~Jesse Jackson FAMILY RECIPES
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  4. 4. Next,purposeof people be isis employees ofshould The establish a newsletterThe purpose or how much timenewsletter and a newsletterconsidered specialized to provide you canto provide specializedand moneyin purchasing a on interested carefully.spendyour newsletter.atargeted information to targetedinformation to requesting your product or in a These factorsIn a few words, a headlinewill help determine howcan be services. Newsletters audience.audience. Newsletters can bea greataccurately representshould way to market your a great way to market yourfrequently you publish yournewsletter service,astoryalso list You can or service, and You product compile mailingthe contents of the and and toproduct or and its length.alsotocreate publish your cards, from business reply newslettershould credibility the story.draw readers intoand build create credibility and build customer information sheets,Develop the headline before your organization’s identityyour organization’s identityat least quarterly so that it’s business cards members, at among the collectedamong peers,story. This way,you writepeers,members,sourceconsidered a consistent Inside Story Headlineemployees, ororvendors. keep trade shows, will membershipthe headline orvendors. employees, help youof information. Your customers lists. You might considerthe story focused.look forwardor employees willFirst, determine the audience ato its arrival. a mailing list from purchasingof the newsletter. This could be company.anyone who might anYour headlines are benefitfrom the information itimportant part of thecontains, for example, Inside Story Headline Inside Story Headline
  5. 5. The purpose of a or top articles new employees newsletter is You can also research You cantechnologies or current compile a mailing list Your headlines are an customers or articles by or find “filler” vendors.to provide specialized from business reply cards, innovations in your field. important part of theinformationthe a targeted accessing to World Wide customer information sheets, newsletter and should beaudience.pictures orabout a is Selecting can write graphics Web. You Newsletters can be business cards want to note You may also collected at considered carefully.a great of topics, but adding an important part of try to variety way to market your trade shows, or membership or business or economic trends, content. service, andproduct or articles short. also to keep your make predictions for your lists. You might consider 5create credibility and build purchasingor clients. list from a customers a mailingyour organization’s identity in Much of the content you put company.among peers, members, be your newsletter can also If the newsletter is distributedemployees, orWeb site. used for your vendors. Next, establish might comment internally, you how much time Inside Story Headline Microsoft Word offers a simpleFirst, determine the audience way to convert your newsletter upon new procedures or and money you can spend on your newsletter. Thesebusiness. improvements to the factorsof the newsletter. This could be to a Web publication. So, when will help determine how will Sales figures or earningsanyonefinished writing your you’re who might benefit show how your business is frequently you publish your growing. “To catch thefrom the informationititto a Web newsletter, convert newsletter and its length. Youcontains,postexample, site and for it. should publish your newsletteremployees or people Some newsletters include a at least quarterly so that it’s reader’s attention,interested inmatter that a The subject purchasing considered ais updated source column that consistent every appears in newsletters isproduct or in requesting your issue, for instance, an advice of information. Your customersservices.endless. You can virtually or employees willreview, a letter column, a book look forward place an include stories that focus on from the president, or an to its arrival. editorial. You can also profile interesting sentence Inside Story Headline
  6. 6. include technologies itlist from infrompurposea mailingor on is acurrent stories that or graphics is Selecting pictures focus Much of information you put The the the content purchasing of a newsletter Selecting pictures or graphics iscurrent technologiesalso becontains, forin your of or your newsletter can adding an important part field.innovationsspecialized company. to provide example, an important part of addinginnovations or Web field. used for your your site. information in peopleemployees your newsletter. content to to a targeted content to your newsletter.You may also want to noteinterestedWord offers acan be Microsoft in purchasingsimple audience. Newsletters aYou mayor in to market your or a great also want to notebusiness way requesting your way to or economic trends,productconvert your newsletterbusiness orpublication.trends, toservices. or economic So, to a Web service, and also ormake predictions for your when productmake predictions and buildcustomers or clients. your create credibility for you’re finished writing yourcustomers or clients.mailing listYou can compile a identity newsletter, convert it to a Web your organization’sIf the business it. is distributed site newsletter Inside Story Headlinefromandpeers, members, among post reply cards,If the newsletter is distributedinternally, you might commentcustomer information sheets, employees, or vendors.internally, you might commentupon new procedures or The subject matter thatbusiness cards collected at “To catch theupondetermine membershiptrade new procedures orvendors needs. the audience appears in newsletters is First, shows, orvendors endless. You canlists. You needs.consider virtually might of the newsletter. This could be reader’s attention,anyone stories that focus oninclude who might benefit place an interesting sentence Inside Story Headline Inside Story Headline
  7. 7. The purposeor people In a purpose of a newsletter is employees of a newsletter is The few words, headline You Time, Membership Drive employees or people factors your newsletter. These Whilenewsletter. These factors your your main goal ofto provide in purchasing a should accurately represent interested specialized to provide specialized Exceeds Goals, and how a will help determine New interested in purchasing distributing a newsletter might will help determine howinformation requesting your the contents of the story and product or to a targeted information to a targeted Office Opens requesting your product or in Near You. frequently you publish your be to sell your product your frequently you publish oraudience. Newslettersstory.be draw readers into the can be service. audience. Newsletters can services. and its length. You newsletter services, the key to a successful newsletter and its length. Youa great way to market before Developway headline your a great the to market your One benefit of usingnewsletter should publish your your newsletter is makingnewsletter should publish your it useful toproduct or service, andway,list You can compile a and also to product the story. mailing you writeor service, This also to newsletter as a promotionallist You can quarterly a mailing at least compile so that it’s your reader. at least quarterly so that it’s 7 from business reply cards,create credibility help you keep the headline will and build create credibility and build tool isbusiness reply cards, from that you consistent source considered a can reuse considered a consistent source customer information sheets,yourstory focused. identity the organization’s identity your organization’s content from other marketing customer information sheets, of information. Your customers of information. Your customersamong peers, members, at businesspeers, members, among cards collected materials, such will pressforward or employees as look business cards collected at Inside Story Headline or employees will look forward Examples of or vendors. trade shows,possible headlines employees, or membershipemployees, or vendors. releases and market studies. trade arrival. or membership to its shows, to its arrival. include Product Wins Industry lists. You might consider lists. You might considerFirst, determine the audience a Award, New Product Can Save purchasing a mailing list from First, determine the audience purchasing a mailing list from aof the newsletter. This could be company. of the newsletter. This could be company.anyone who might benefit anyone who might benefitfrom the informationmuch time Next, the information it from establish how it Next, establish how much time “To catch thecontains, for you can spend on and money example, contains, for example, and money you can spend on reader’s attention, place an interesting sentence Inside Story Headline Inside Story Headline
  8. 8. While your main goal of Award, New Product Can Save distributingMembership Drive be You Time, a newsletter might Company Name COMPANY NAME to sell your product or service, Exceeds Goals, and New Office Street Address and STREET ADDRESSThink about2 the key Near successful newsletter Opens to a You. Microsoft includes thousands of ADDRESS your article In a few words, it should Once you have chosen an Address the picture CITY, ST ZIP 2ask yourself if CODE is making it useful to your readers. accurately represent which you clip art images from the One benefit of using your image, place it close to thesupports STenhances the City, or ZIP Code can choose, and you can contents of the story and draw article. Be sure to place the newsletter as a promotional toolmessage you’re trying to readers them into yourDevelop import into the story. caption for the image near the is that you can reuse contentconvey. Avoid selecting newsletter. There are also the headline before you write image, too. from other marketing materials,Phoneimages that appear to be out(503) 555-0125of context. Back Page Story Headline the story. This you can use to several tools way, the headline such as press releases and draw shapes and symbols. will help you keep the story market studies. focused.Fax Examples of possible headlines(503) 555-0127 include Product Wins Industry CUSTOMER NAMEE-mail STREET ADDRESS ADDRESS 2 CITY, ST ZIP CODEWe’re on the Web!See us at: About Our Organizationwww.contoso.com