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Assignment research paper on employee testing


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Assignment research paper on employee testing

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Research paper on employee testing   Employee Testing: rs   Employment testing is the practice of administering written, oral or other tests as a means of determining the suitability or desirability of a job applicant. If the attained scores of taken test correlate with job performance, pe then it is useful for the employer to select employees based on scores from that test. History of Employee testing:   Pa Employment testing broadly defined, is probably as old as the concept of employment itself. The employment tests as we know now a day are highly standardized, objective, and validated examinations based on job analysis that an employer does before selection. Till the nineteenths century standardized tests were used as a way to select civil servants, and only in the second and third decades of this century private industry start using de employment tests on anything more than an experimental basis. After that the employment testing starts developing. Till this time the employment testing getting improve and improve to have the best fit for a job position. Now according to the recent trend new tests has been developed. New techniques are in the market that it has become very easy for any ra organization to adopt this practice. Benefits and the pitfalls of the employment testing:  pG After a lot of study and research I come to these points that can be beneficial by using employment testing. By this these characteristics of the employee can be judge that can be helpful in the next organizational performance of the employee. The basic benefits which we can have by using this are:  Introduces a completely objective tool into the hire processTo  Reveals the individuals true talents and weaknesses.  Measures not just mental skills, but core behaviour, the most telling aspect of an individuals success.  Gives clear basis for comparison to other candidates and present staff.  Compares actual abilities to the needs and criteria of the specific job.  Provides post testing interview questions that target areas of weakness or concern.  Enhances training programs by being customized to address hires specific needs GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY  Gives Managers insight into most productive avenues for coaching and mentoring.  It also reduces the training curve and non-profitable "down time." If a test is not going to be reliable and valid then it can cause severe harm to the organization. Before implement a test we have to be sure that the test is rs reliable and properly validated. The weakness of the test system can be considered that if you have not properly validated a test and the test is not reliable then it can lay you down. You may have the people who are not appropriate to the job. Every test should be follow by the job analysis, pe proper validation and cross checking and the relevancy of the test with the job position. Failing to do this you may have de motivated, less reliable, and inefficient and misfit people for a job position that can consume the organization time, cost and quality of work. Pa Relevancy and the current trends of the employment tests:   As the relevancy of the employment test is concern; as discussed above, it has a proper system for the relevancy of a test with a job position. You have to follow several steps to make test reliable and to validate that test. At the first step you have a job analysis, and then have to decide which test should de be taken, and then you administrate that test. After that you set your criteria of test score for the specific job and then you revalidate the test. After all these steps you can say that a test is reliable and valid for the purpose of the recruitment of a position. As the current trends of the employment test are concern; now a days, current assessment techniques ra from traditional paper-and-pencil tests, performance tests, training programs or probationary periods, and physical, educational, and work experience requirements through informal or casual interviews and un- scored application forms, all are required to meet guidelines standards of jobpG relevance and validity1. So through all the means and new commissions it is clear that current trend is always focusing on the relevant and valid test for a position which give emphasis to the equal employment opportunity without any discrimination among the applicants. Metro Cash & Carry & analysis on the outcomes:  To Metro cash and carry is a German based company that deals with the wholesale stores. It has been involved in the recruiting till it has been developed. Since that time it has been improving its system of employment testing. Recently three years ago, it has launched its operations in Pakistan. Where it need qualified staff and experienced staff in the retail and wholesale stores. That was a tough target for them as they were the initiator of the wholesale marts in Pakistan. So they need to develop new tests and employment policies as they cannot get the experienced people specifically                                                              1  (Equal employment Opportunity Commission 1978:38308)  GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  3. 3. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY in the field of marts and stores. So that was a tough target for them to develop test by which they can have the appropriate personnel for the specific job from a diverse environment where people don’t have the experience of the specific type of business. So for the success and to improve their productivity, they need to develop a system that can be helpful for them to have such people who can give MCC their best work. Key to success rs to this matter was by the development of the knowledge based, psychological and emotional intelligent tests. The HR teams took this task and now the MCC have a very strong business in the Pakistan which is capturing all the other whole sale industry. pe As discussed by the HR manger, he told me that they develop the tests which were relevant to the positions required and they were valid and reliable to implement. And they follow the same structure as we have discussed above according to our research. HR team first have the deep analysis of the position. After developing the job description and Pa specification they look for the alternative test that can best scrutinise the required people for the specific position. Then the test score, criteria was defined for the position and have the demo practice of the test to increase the validity and reliability of the test. And then test was launched and they get the huge success in the recruitment process. de According to me when they have the test after proper validation and re- validation of the test it helped them to have proper look for the required employees. They looked to various means to pre-qualify applicants for various jobs and positions to determine which employee or employees may best qualified for a new position. In this way the employers of the MCC have the win-win situation for the recruitment process. The employees were ra evaluated and determined to have the right background, personality, education and experience for the job, they are more likely to perform better for the employer and have a higher degree of personal job satisfaction. So when they have the all the staff in hand it lead them to have self motivationpG and the commitment among the employees as the personality test really depicted these characteristics. Similarly by other evaluation they have the personnel with problem solving and cognitive ability that helped them to adjust in the new atmosphere and they proved themselves as an asset for the MCC. Mostly employees were with the energy and enthusiasm and they can concentrate on the situation very easily. If we see the tests of the MCC itTo clearly shows the results in a way that these tests scrutinises the people with energy, enthusiasm and motivation. That boosted the company business within the Pakistani region and that was very tough to have such thing. Similarly these tests also helped them to choose the people who were self disciplined, Initiative and Risk threshold, Stress tolerance and Emotional mature. They were able to lead, train monitor and with all potential capabilities that basically MCC requires when there is no experienced people within the specific field. And now they have their best position within the industry. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  4. 4. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY References:     Books: rs   Alexandra K. Wigdor, Wendell R. Garner. (1982). Ability Testing. (National Research Council U.S.A), Page 6-12, 99-102 pe Gary Dessler. (May 2004). Human Resource Management. (Florida International University), Page 192-202 Interview:   Pa Mr. Babur Shabbir, HR Trainer, Metro Cash & Carry, Lahore de   rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY