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School teacher compensation effect on performance academic essay assignment -


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School teacher compensation effect on performance academic essay assignment -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Executive Summary The focus of this particular study was to relate compensation and job satisfaction of school teachers. The results obtained were also analyzed to see the variations in two concepts when respondents were categorized into Government and private sectors. rs As we expected to be the case, almost 40.91% of employees having high compensation reported high satisfaction and 42.04% of employees having lower compensation indicated pe lower job satisfaction. All in all, the following major findings were made  A significantly strong positive relationship between compensation and job  satisfaction. Pa A higher compensation and job satisfaction in private sector employees when compared to the employees of public sector. de Several recommendations were also proposed in this context  Schools in the government sector should concentrate on offering significant benefits to enhance their overall compensation plan ra  A strict check on the number of students allotted per class room should be maintained.pG  Administrative workload should not be regarded as teacher responsibility. The current study shows that 53% of variation in job satisfaction is explained by compensation and 47% of it is caused by the other variables. In future, research could beTo done on these areas so that a clearer picture of job satisfaction in different areas can be viewed and the results can be used for the betterment of teachers as well as for schools. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY