Organisational diagnosis for effective functionality academic essay assignment -


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Organisational diagnosis for effective functionality academic essay assignment -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 1 rs pe Analysis of the question, “what you think are the main things to look at or for in an organization to assess or diagnose how effectively it is functioning.” Pa Name University de Professor ra August 10, 2009pGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 2 Abstract In this paper we have a study of the main things to look at or for in an organization to assess rs or diagnose how effectively it is functioning. We focused on the organizational structure with five major components like culture, people, performance measurement, processes and the pe decision making structure. Based on these things we can clearly evaluate the efficient functioning of an organization. In the paper we have deeply analysed the elements of efficient functioning of an organization by having interviews from different organizational levels. Pa de rapGTo GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  3. 3. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 3 Summarizes or lists what are your and their responses to the elements involve in proper functioning of an efficient organization. In order to determine if your organization is running effectively and efficiently, there are certain factors that need to be considered. There are five major interrelated components rs that determine the efficiency of an organization. The first component measures the clear vision and the priorities in the presence of the cohesive leadership team. The second pe component for an efficient company is the decision making and structure. This component leads to the clear roles and accountability for the decisions an organizational structure that Pa should be aligned with the objectives and gives them a strong support. Third measure to diagnose the effective functioning of an organization is the people related to that organization. There should be necessary organizational and individual talent, strong de performance measure, feedback system, and incentives that should be aligned with the organization‟s objectives. Fourth most important functionality that requires being monitor in an efficient organization is the work processes, the systems of operations, and strong ra communications. To be efficient they must be superior execution of programmatic work processes, and the organization should have effective and efficient support processes andpG systems. Finally, in these components, wheel culture should have „High performance‟ values and behaviours. Organization should have a capacity to change according to the potential environment.To Regarding the interviews responses, the CEO of an organization emphasizes on setting objectives and achieving them leads to the success. He stated that an organization should be competitive, cost effective, sensitive to the public opinion, and continuously innovative to align with the rotating cultures and needs (Anonymous, personal communication, August, 02, 2009). The Academic Coordinator (A mid-level manager) responded that there must be successful delivery of product and its features (EFL program), then it needs Accreditation by the Commission (BOD), afterwards it should have strong feedback system for the purpose of GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  4. 4. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 4 the evaluation of the product and its services. And lastly the foremost component that is essential for the efficiency is the retention of the potential customers and their loyalty (Anonymous, personal communication, August, 04, 2009). At the supervisory level (Director of Admission), she responded that there are countless measures for this purpose. It should be rs the strong feedback system, bottom line focused and smooth operations and good communications at different levels. Similarly it should also be profit oriented to have good pe compensation for its services (Anonymous, personal communication, August, 04, 2009). The final respondent from the contributor level (Security) was very straight forward to the question and responded about rewards, compensations, appearances, etc (Anonymous, Pa personal communication, August, 06, 2009). Compares and contrasts the different responses de I found some differences in the interviews by different levels, for example the CEO and higher level management have major focus on the management, goals, objectives and strategy ra while lower level management focuses on the attire, work management, pays, compensation and equal employment opportunity etc. Some of other differences were like these, the CEO focused on the innovation as well as the sensitivity to the public opinion that others didn‟t.pG The middle level manager was more focused about his program rather than the overall efficiency. As the CEO responded that an organization should focus on the objective and goals setting and make a strategy that lead it to achieve it. These issues were only focused byTo the CEO. But when it comes to the other levels, the academic coordinator responded that they should retain students that are indirectly an objective to gain loyalty and its execution by strategy is the retention of the students. By retaining students it leads to achieve defined goals. When this question was asked from the supervisory level, director of admissions responded many factors in which the most significant was the profits. Similarly, the CEO also stated that an organization must be competitive and cost effective. In a nutshell we can say that it also focuses on the profits that are the main charm behind every business. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  5. 5. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 5 Then all of the hierarchical levels confirmed what I believe, that a focus on strong feedback, communication and smooth operations to determine an organization‟s efficiency. It is because the strong feedback system and communication make an organization more customer focus. And the customer focus enables development of programs tailored to a rs population‟s needs and able to get desired results. Similarly when you have clear focus by objectives, it enables accountability for results by customer group and also enables it on most pe important customers and markets. By these explanations we get that the words used by the four different respondents from different organizational levels were different but the desired results, theme or logic behind them was similar. As we see, no interviewee responded Pa comprehensively. If something is cover by one interviewee that was missed by other. But in my response to the question, I tried to state all of the factors for an efficient organization that it should possess. As a result if I want to diagnose effectively, I have to take all the five de components along each other and missing even one thing may betray us from the right track. Briefly reflects on why there may be similarities and/or differences ra As described above the responses taken from the different level have a strange feature that the all the responses were different in words and structure of the explaining but the rootspG of all of them go to the same central point. There are certain reasons for these similarities of the logic and the difference in the structure of the words. When we go to a hierarchical organizational level, we find different level of authorities and expertise. It is for sure that in aTo given situation, it differs considerably among various levels in an organization or various types of enterprises. But the focus of all the levels remains to same root or point. Because organizations and the hierarchical levels operate differently, they have different strategies. They may differ in problems and operations. For example the top managers have conceptual and design abilities and human skills, but there is relatively little need for technical abilities as compare to the middle level management. Take a look on this difference for a better understanding that the CEO focused on the innovation that others didn‟t. The middle level GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  6. 6. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 6 manager was more focused about his program rather than the overall efficiency. In the middle level, they need a high level of expertise in the field and innovative thoughts but when it comes to supervisory and individual levels they simply have limited context. At lower level people have just responsibilities of the work assigned to them. But the root remains same for rs all. Lower level individuals also contribute to achieving company‟s efficiency, profits and attain objectives. That is why we get different sets of words and they were all having same pe root and results. So the organizational levels lead them to answer different set of words according to their scenario but they all try to contribute to their main objectives. Pa Comments on what you may have learned from this assignment I got a lot of suggestions and advice from the interviewees and learned a lot from this assignment. After completing this assignment, I have learned a lot to look for an de organization‟s factor that leads it to the efficient functionality and its optimal approach. I got different views. When I analysed by reading about efficient organizations structures, I come across these potential principals for an efficient organization, first of all there are five major ra component of the efficient design of the organizations that are: leadership, decision-making and structure, people, work processes and systems and culture. These are the potentialpG component that reflects the efficiency of an organization that I got from my readings. According to first principle one organization must consider all five components of the “wheel” because some organizations have a common misstep to focus on structure alone asTo the solution. While one should give equal importance to every component. Second main point is this that all of the five components must align to one another because one element that “doesn‟t fit” can limit the performance of the whole system and finally according to my point of view that it should have perfect alignment with the strategy and objective to the organization. It is because every Organizational strength and weakness influences the range of feasible strategies; in turn, organizations should evolve with any new strategic direction. So they should go along with each other. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  7. 7. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 7 Appendix The following are the responses of the individuals from the four different levels mentioned in the assignment: Near the “top” of an organization or major division of a large, complex rs organization (CEO): One should look at the organizations set of objectives, and the degree of success made in achieving them. An organization must be both competitive, and cost effective. It must pe ensure its own survival through constant innovation and periodic evolution. It also should be sensitive to the public opinion. An assessment of the organization bearing in mind the above Pa factors can provide a good indication of its effective functioning. Employees and customer feedback to products is also mandatory to have a look for our wrong and good ways of businesses. A flow of good communications among different level of an organization also de keeps it efficient. ra A mid-level manager (Academic Coordinator):pG Ways to Assess the Effectiveness of the EFL program:  Successful delivery of English language instruction Successful delivery can be determined at the end of a semester by:To o how well students meet the performance objectives stated in the curriculum; o comparing students‟ entrance and exit test scores; o Tracking students‟ success when they enter a university program.  Accreditation by the Commission on English Language Program Accreditation  Program Questionnaire and Student Evaluation of Teaching At the end of each semester both the program and individual teachers are evaluated by the students. Results are given to the faculty after the semester has ended. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  8. 8. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Assignment No: 1 8  Student Survey as a component of Curriculum Reviews. Each year the program conducts a curriculum review and as a part of that review, students are asked to complete a survey on a particular component of the curriculum. rs  Student retention rate Typically about ¼ of our students are continuers, but that percentage has been on the pe increase over the past few semesters. For our summer program about 50% of the students were continuers. Pa The supervisory level (Director of Admission): de In order to determine if your organization is running effectively, you could take countless measures. As a supervisor, I believe you have to listen to your employees‟ comments and ra ideas within the organization and know what other similar organizations are doing. Smooth operation and good communication are essential. In organizations that are not bottom linepG focused, this can be seen by evaluating the customers that they serve by surveying for customer feedback. However, in organizations that are bottom line focused, you need to look at its balance sheet which will normally lead to its financial statement.To The individual contributor level of an organization (Security):  Supervisory of staff  Rules and regulations  Appearance  Evaluation of a worker  Communications  Productivity  rewards GET YOUR WORK DONE BY