International tourism dissertation academic ph.d -


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International tourism dissertation academic ph.d -

  1. 1. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Brunel University School of social sciences Proposal for PHD Program rs Title: International Tourism pe Research Rationale: Tourism is one of the most effective drivers for the development of regional economies. Pa These patterns apply to both developed and emerging economies. Tourism is one of the key sectors of the economy which could make a positive contribution to achieving sustainable development. Tourism is able to contribute to development which is economically, ecologically and socially sustainable, because it has less impact on natural resources and the de environment than most other industries and is based on enjoyment and appreciation of local culture, built heritage, and natural environment, as such that the industry has a direct and powerful motivation to protect these assets. There are numerous good examples of where ra Travel & Tourism is acting as a catalyst for conservation and improvement of the environment and maintenance of local diversity and culture.pG Aim: I want to research on how the expansion of international tourism has accompanied theTo development of mass tourism. Each year has been better than the previous one, so what efforts rest behind this growth. My aim is to encourage the growth of peaceful tourism and environmentally responsible travel through the finding of my research. I want to discover the opportunities and current standing of those opportunities in the tourism. I want to research the operations of World Tourism Organization (WTO) and statistics provided by it. My research focus will also be on three major themes; generating regions, destination zones and the creation of resorts and regions. 1 GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  2. 2. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY Hypothesis: Many worldwide places that could be maintained for tourism purposes are so inadequately managed that they be a focus for lesser tourists. By developing them with intentions to create social values a great contribution can be made to the country’s economy. WTO can also be an rs enormous source of help. Research questions: pe How can international tourism industry be improved in accordance with country’s economy while room for improvement still present? How can an optimum customer experience be delivered from a profitable, sustainable business base? What can be done for the customer Pa satisfaction and to get it back again? What developments are going on in international tourism industry and what are current statistics for the tourism and how is it growing? de Methods: I shall make use of case study method by reviewing international case studies, shall do ra analysis of qualitative data and examples from tourism literature review. I shall also avail myself of observations, Questionnaire-based surveys and In-depth interviews of tourists and authorities. I shall also try to incorporate advance quantitative methods to draw a conclusion.pG Ethics:To All the information will be kept confidential and I shall follow ethical standards. The research would be based entirely upon the self study and the methodology is used. Similarly, the study and research would not include any type of plagiarism. Strategies for overcoming possible problems: At this point I hope that I will have the access to the information I needed for the research work and there will not be any problem with anyone as this research will benefit both the 2 GET YOUR WORK DONE BY
  3. 3. GET YOUR WORK DONE BY international tourism industry and tourists. If I find any problem, I shall try to resolve this by using collaboration and accommodation conflict resolution strategies, where both parties do not get harm of the actions and the words of the research. If I find some major problem, I shall contact advisor to get help and I shall follow their instructions and advices. rs Intended Structure of Dissertation: The dissertation will be including a literature review, methodology and the conclusion. The pe parts like appendences, references, Cover page, Acknowledgement would also be included. Similarly according to research the additional sections can also be included. Work schedule: Pa I shall make milestones for the different parts of the dissertation. The time will be allocated to the different division of the research. After getting my dead I shall make the work schedule and shall complete my work within the time. de rapGTo 3 GET YOUR WORK DONE BY