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  • Went to school for magazine journalism and broadcast journalism, discuss how mag PR is perfect blend of print and TV
  • Explain how this PR is unique to a magazine. Most magazine publicists have the same job description as above, but working for a fashion magazine takes it to another level. Many magazines host events and magazine publicists attend, but InStyle red carpet events are attended by A-List celebrities. Many mags put editors on TV shows to discuss stories and content…but our morning TV show appearances are full-blown fashion shows at 8:00 am. Everyone needs to maintain relationships with reporters and tv producers, but we also need to maintain relationships with celebrities and their publicists!
  • What kind of segments: Entertainment shows (interact with celeb publicists to get behind-the scenes footage at photo shoots), editors speaking as experts in news outlets, print outlets like USA TODAY or NY Times or AP …etc AND MORNING SHOW SEGMENTS…a lot goes into this
  • Responsible for booking fashion show segments and beauty demos, working with a stylist to call in clothing/beauty products that are on-brand, participate in model fittings, coordinate and produce actual tv segments (every details counts – hair/makeup, undergarments, etc). Have been on TODAY Show a billion times…the VIEW…VH1…Wendy Williams…and more!
  • 12-15 events every year. We manage the red carpet, media attendees at the events, and secure coverage. Big InStyle events are Golden Globes weekend! Summer Soiree, TIFF, Super Saturday, Oscars, Grammys, Dinners with a Designer. On-site for the Golden Globes after party to trouble shoot, tape segments in the days leading up to the event, work Beauty Lounge, troubleshoot, manage photographers. A few of last year’s attendees are included on this slide. Yes, I actually had to tap Leonardo DiCaprio on the shoulder to take this very photo. He was not exactly pleased with me, but I touched him!
  • With press, with partners, with celebrities, charities Think like the brand, act like the brand, represent the brand Lunches, coffees…
  • With press, with partners, with celebrities, charities Think like the brand, act like the brand, represent the brand Lunches, coffees…
  • Career fair pr - complete

    1. 1. May 14, 2013Presented by Learning @ Time#TimeCareerFair:PR, Sales, + Marketing
    2. 2. Hi! I’m Amanda Pacitti.I’m the manager of Learning @ Time.t: @TimeIncCareerse: learning@timeinc.comL:
    3. 3. So what is a #TimeCareerFair?Part Learning conference!Part event!All online!
    4. 4. It’s about results, after all.
    5. 5. Five tips for making the most of thisonline event.
    6. 6. 1. Talking is good.See the Live Chat tab on theright?You can communicate withthe entire community there.It’s also where you’ll submitquestions to speakers.If it’s distracting to you,simply hit the pause button orswap to a different tab.
    7. 7. 2. …So is listening.You’ll hear from three speakers today. Each will give a 10-minutetalk about their career at Time Inc. and do a 5-minute live Q+Awith the audience (that’s you!).Simply type any questions you have into the chat window for theQ+A and we’ll submit those to the speakers.
    8. 8. Presenting, your speakers!Olivia Bernardo, Senior publicist, InStyleMatt Ryter, Account manager, CNNMoney.comGeri Dembicer, Associate manager, Lifestyle Group
    9. 9. 3. The internet isn’t perfect (yet).We have our friends at Spreecast, the webcasting platform we’reusing, graciously willing to help with any tech questions.Chris Delgado is on chat – if you have an issue, add it to the chatand Chris will followup with you.
    10. 10. 4. It’s about content.You can move the slide window anywhere on your screen thatworks best for you. To move through speaker slides, simply clickthe forward arrow.You can move freely through the presentations.
    11. 11. 5. We <3 Twitter!If you want to tweetabout the online event,use the hashtag#TimeCareerFair.You can also follow@TimeIncCareers forupdates.
    12. 12. This event is the last in a three-part series. We’ll be running manymore online events in the future. Catch recordings of pastsessions here:#TimeCareerFair: Editorial + Design: Consumer Marketing:’re just getting started!
    13. 13. Use the “tell a cool friend” method.Quickie advice:
    14. 14. Ok, let’s get started!After the event, you can sendresumes
    15. 15. What is a pitch? SlideWhat has PR taught me about life in general NO MATTER WHAT you’re interested in….teaching, medicine, gardeningthink about PR when you’re on facebook and social mediamy background slide
    17. 17. Promote Editorial Content• Drive newsstand sales & brandawareness• Drive consumers to shop the pages (thrilladvertisers!)• Drive people to• Every month we pitch approx. 250 pressoutlets our mag’s celeb and fashioncontent• As a result…we get segments andstories tied to the issue!
    18. 18. Promote Business Initiatives• Ad pages!• Marketing programs• Advertiser events• Award submissions
    19. 19. Events & Red CarpetsFrom the Golden Globes to Dinner with a Designer...and all the press before & after.
    20. 20. CREATE TV OPPORTUNITIES• Bachelor/Bachelorette• Bravo• Lifetime’s Project Accessory• Food Network
    21. 21. MONITOR PRESSAcross both edit and pub (business side)…• Gather InStyle media clips• Compile media recaps• Monitor competitor press & ideas• Distribute internally everyday
    22. 22. ENGAGE OUR BRAND ACROSS TIME INC.• Communicate with corporate• Craft clear brand messaging
    23. 23. MAINTAIN KEY RELATIONSHIPS• With press, partners, charities, etc…• Send gifts/thank yous
    24. 24. BRAND GATEKEEPER• Evaluate all opportunities• Ensure quality media coverage• Keep brand image elevated
    25. 25. QUESTIONS?Add them to the chat window, or click theSubmit Question button!
    27. 27. 1KNOW YOUR BRAND• What does your brand have to offer marketers?• How do you differentiate from the competition?RFP PROCESS• What’s an RFP?• Who is the marketer trying to reach?• How can we reach their target effectively and efficiently?• How can we customize our proposal and differentiate ourselves?CLIENT MEETINGS• What’s new with the brand?• What’s new at CNNMoney?• Share most recent org. chart (both client/agency and publisher)INTERNAL• What’s the status of the campaign? (Creative, Reporting/Optimizations)• Staying up to date with print counterpartsINDUSTRY TRENDS & COMPETITION• What’s the latest & greatest in the media industry? Digital? Mobile/Tablet?“A DAY IN THE LIFE” OF A SALES REP
    28. 28. 2THE CNNMONEY MISSIONTHE NEWSGATHERINGPOWER OFTHE BUSINESSANALYSIS OFTHE PERSONAL FINANCESTRENGTH OFTo combine the power and the resources of the most trusted brands in the industry tocreate the ultimate business and finance destination.
    29. 29. 3• 2012 Winner “Best Business/Finance Website” with 1 million+ monthly uniques• 2011 Winner “Best Redesign/Re-Launch” with 1 million+ monthly uniquesACCELERATECORE CONTENTGLOBAL ACCESSEVERYWHEREGIVE READERSA VOICEAll-new Investing channel,Tech re-launch; SmallBusiness re-launch in 2013New International Homepage;expanded London and HongKong edit staffsAndroid and iPad Applaunches; mobile productunificationInherently social; creating amore interesting, two-waydialogueCNNMONEY:INNOVATION AND LEADERSHIP AT THE CORE
    30. 30. 4THE RFP PROCESS• Numerous publishers are included in the RFP process. How can you help the marketer reachtheir goals & objectives? Only select partners will be recommended.
    31. 31. 5RFP EXAMPLE:BACKGROUND• XYZ Bank has provided small business owners with customized solutions for managing theircash flow. In April 2013, XYZ Bank will launch a new tool to help SBOs better understand andpredict their financial positionGOALS• Build awareness of new product – ultimately lead to adoption of the productTARGET• General small business owners• Secondary – reaching those in certain industries (SIC Code targeting)GEO• Within XYZ Bank’s footprint• Will review national sponsorships if relevantFLIGHT• May-September 2013BUDGET
    32. 32. 6RFP RESPONSEEXAMPLE• 100% SOV of CNNMoney’s Small BusinessResource Guide• Offers entrepreneurs a wealth ofinformation to help establish and growtheir companies. From valuable tools toadvice on marketing, technology andfinancing, the Resource Guide is aneveryday destination for small businessowners.• Relevant channels (Small Business andPersonal Finance) geo-targeted to XYZ Bank’sfootprint• SIC Targeted Placements• Efficiency Placements• Mobile & Tablet extensionsPROPOSAL: WHAT TO INCLUDE
    33. 33. 7DO YOUR HOMEWORK• Research client beforehand• Have they partnered with us in the past?• Where are they spending money?• What is their target?ASK QUESTIONS• Now’s the time to ask questions – you have the client in the room• Client should speak about as much as you do• Ask them to lunch/game/outing at the meeting• Never agree to a promise you can’t keep• If you’re unsure, follow up afterFOLLOW UP• Send over more information on topics you discussed• Be creative• Send over the next calendar invite• “Relationship Circle”CLIENT MEETINGS
    34. 34. 8INTERNALPROCESS & TEAMSMARKETING + SALES DEV• Brainstorm/ideas• Digital media plans• What’s coming up?AD OPS• Campaign bookings• Reporting• QA creativeSALES• Talk to other reps– what is everyoneseeing, what’s worked, etc.• Print – work closely with print onintegrated proposalsCOMMUNICATION IS KEY – NOT JUST WITH CLEINTSWORKING WITH TEAM INTERNALLY IS ESSENTIAL IN HELPING TO GROW YOUR BUSINESS
    35. 35. 9PROSPECTING, COMPETITION& INDUSTRY TRENDSCOMPETITION• What is the competition doing?• What business are they winning?• Custom opportunities/executions?AD AGE/INDUSTRY NEWSLETTERS• Subscribe to as many newsletters as possible• May not be able to read everything, but will help becomemore familiar with industry• What are clients doing outside of digital space?• Learn about each client, their objectives and where theyare spending money• Mobile, Tablet, Social – all evolving• Pick up on certain “buzz words”PROSPECTING• In reading the trades and taking a look at the competition,you’ll be able to identify key prospects
    37. 37. How to Launch a Career inDigital Media OperationsGeri Dembicer, Associate Manager, Time Inc. Lifestyle Group
    38. 38. My Career…so far• Graduated College into what ourcommencement speaker called“The worst job market in 70 years”– Human Resources– Advertising Operations– Account Management & Sales Planning
    39. 39. Ad Operations• Trafficking & Delivery Maintenance,including;– Testing advertising creative to fit sitespecifications– Manage/Assist in custom element creationwhen sold– Campaign monitoring on reporting & delivery– Fulfillment of campaign expectations and allscreenshots
    40. 40. Sales Planning &Account Management• Work closely with Sales, Marketing, AdOps, Finance & editorial teams on customAdvertising campaign execution– Planning• Brainstorm with marketing on special campaigns• Create customized media plans & proposals– Account Management• Execute all aspects of the campaign, loop inappropriate internal groups• Review delivery regularly, optimize placements asneeded
    41. 41. Questions?Add them to the chat window or click theSubmit Question button!
    42. 42. #TimeCareerFair:Ad Sales, Marketing,+ Public RelationsPresented by Learning @ Time
    43. 43. Hi! I’m Megan Malone.I work in staffing @ Time Inc.t: @TimeIncCareerse:
    44. 44. I handle recruiting and hiring forAdvertising Sales, Marketing, and PublicRelations.
    45. 45. How I came to Time Inc…
    46. 46. 1.Applicable skills and experiences;2.Demonstrated interest;3.Eagerness to learn;4.Passion for what we do.What I look for in a candidate:
    47. 47. PR Coordinator, TIMEMaintaining press contacts, social media, press releasesDigital Marketing Intern, InStyleCompile research, create proposals, campaign executionSales Assistant (various)Create reports, prepare clients, campaign executionSome openings.APPLY AT
    48. 48. Q+A time.Follow up with your resume!Megan Malonee: learning@timeinc.comFind me on LinkedIn!
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