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ABC's of ss

  1. 1. ABC’s ofSocial Studies by Tammy Kea ELED 412
  2. 2. A is for Articles of Confederation• During the Revolutionary War• Defined new government• Representatives from 13 states with limited power• Congress can’t declare war or raise $ for war• Congress could ask for soldiers• Printed own $ and taxes on imports• Common citizenship, uniform weights & measures, dealt with Native Americans• Served as government till 1789
  3. 3. B is for Boston Massacre• British sent troops to Boston• Several colonists were killed• Boston Tea Party – dumping of tea in harbor to protest taxation• Led to American War of Independence
  4. 4. B is for Battle of Gettysburg• 1863 – 50,000 soldiers from North & South died• President Lincoln’s eulogy the fallen men at the Gettysburg Address• 5 years of fighting, millions of $ in property loss• 1865 – Confederate General Robert E Lee surrendered to Union General Ulysses S. Grant
  5. 5. C is for Constitution• 6 years after Articles of Confederation• Met in Philadelphia in 1787• George Washington, James Madison, Benjamin Franklin & Alexander Hamilton• 1788 – ratified• 1789 – George Washington elected as first president• 3 branches of govt. – executive, judicial & legislative• A checks & balances system
  6. 6. C is for Civil Rights Movement• Three amendments added to constitution• Lots of segregation rules• 1896 – Pless v Ferguson: legal separation• 1947 – Jackie Robinson: 1st black baseball player• 1948 – integration of blacks into armed forces• 1955 – Rosa Parks refused to give up seat on bus• NAACP, Dr. MLK Jr. speech & assassination 1968,• JFK proposed new civil rights laws, assassinated in 1963• 1964 – Civil Rights Act passed prohibited segregation
  7. 7. C is for the Civil War• Slavery topic of presidential election in 1860• Southern Democrats backed proslavery John C. Breckinridge of Kentucky• New Republican backed antislavery Abraham Lincoln **winner**• Recession of southern states• Southern states elected Jefferson Davis as president
  8. 8. D is for Declaration of Independence• Signed on July 4, 1776 by Thomas Jefferson• Freedom and independence• Rights to all people
  9. 9. D is for D-Day• Hitler’s control of Europe• 1944 - US joined England & French govt. to invade Europe• Eisenhower & Allied soldiers crossed English Channel into France• This large attack is known as D-Day• France was freed of German Power• Axis forces defeated
  10. 10. E is for the Enlightenment• Also know as The Age of Reason• 17th & 18th centuries questions about religion, govt., and individual freedom• Led to American War of Independence, French Revolution, American Revolution
  11. 11. F is for Flag• 50 stars = 50 states of the union• Red = hardiness & valor• White = purity & innocence• Blue = vigilance, perseverance & justice• 1777 – 13 stars for colonies, 13 red/white stripes• 1818 – set stripes at 13, add a star for each state
  12. 12. G is for the Great Depression• After WWI• US prosperity• October 29, 1929 – stock market crash• Lasted 10 years
  13. 13. H is for (New) Hampshire• Founded by two groups• 1623 – # 1 is a fishing village by John Mason• 1638 – #2 is called Exeter by John Wheelwright
  14. 14. I is for Industrial Revolution & Modern Technology• England in mid-18th century• Inventions, mining of fossil fuels• Improvement of steam engine & industrial machines• 1810 – Frederick Koenig invented printing press• 1836 – Samuel colt invented revolver• 1856 – Louis Pasteur invented pasteurization• 1876 – Alexander Graham Bell patents phone• 1903 – Wright brothers invent gas airplane• 1914 – Henry Ford first American car• 1946 – Atomic bomb invented• 1985 – Microsoft invents Window
  15. 15. J is for (New) Jersey• 1623 – by Dutch• 1644 – by King George II• Territory given to King George’s brother, Duke of York• Duke gave it to Sir George Carteret and Lord Berkeley• 1702 – became an English colony
  16. 16. K is for Ku Klux Klan• Secret society during Reconstruction• Wanted to enforce & terrorize African Americans• Divided South by color• New laws formed called Jim Crow laws
  17. 17. L is for the Liberty Bell• Symbol of freedom and liberty• 50th anniversary of Pennsylvania’s original constitution, the William Penn’s Charter of Privileges• Summon the people to hear Declaration of Independence
  18. 18. M is for Middle Colonies• New York• New Jersey• Delaware• Maryland• Pennsylvania• Farming, shipping, fishing, trading
  19. 19. N is for New England Colonies• Massachusetts• Connecticut• Rhode Island• New Hampshire• Farming, fishing, lumber & crafts
  20. 20. ˜ O is for (Juan de) Onate• 1595 – permission from King Phillip II to colonize New Mexico• 1598 – founded first European settlement west of Mississippi
  21. 21. P is for Pledge of Allegiance• Declaration of patriotism• First time in 1892 for 400th anniversary of the discovery of America• 1942 – official recognition by Congress• 1954 – “Under God” added, stand, remove hats, right hand over heart
  22. 22. Q is for Quakers• Group that settled in Pennsylvania that were persecuted for their religion• William Penn helped create a safe place for the group
  23. 23. R is for Reconstruction Era• 1865 – 1877: unification• Primarily fought in South and almost destroyed• Characterized by hatred and violence• Lincoln’s assassinated in 1865 – leadership given to Andrew Johnson (later impeached)• 14th Amendment enforced to Southern states• 1870 – TX & FL back in Union
  24. 24. S is for Star-Spangled Banner• National anthem in 1931• Poem by Francis Scott Key during Battle of Baltimore/War of 1812
  25. 25. S is for Statue of Liberty• Gift of friendship from France for 100th anniversary• Universal symbol of freedom, democracy, and international friendship
  26. 26. S is for Slavery• 1619 – Dutch brought first slaves• 1640 thru 1680 - #’s increased• Eli Whitney’s cotton gin increased slave trade• 1774 – regulating/prohibiting slavery• 1798 to 1808 – 200,000 slaves• 1804 – emancipation laws let to American Civil War• 1862 – Abraham Lincoln issued Emancipation Proclamation• 13th Amendment – slavery abolishment• 14th Amendment – granted African Americans full Citizenship (1866)• 15th Amendment – African American men voting rights (1866)
  27. 27. S is for Spanish American War of 1898• US established power of Caribbean Sea & Pacific Ocean• US gained control of Philippines, Guam & Puerto Rico• Then, Philippines became independent and Puerto Rico & Guam remained US territories/became citizens
  28. 28. T is for Temperance Movement• 1830’s – began• 1855 – prohibit alcohol consumption• 1919 – prohibit alcohol consumption at national level, never fully enforced• Al Capone made $$$ selling alcohol• 1933 – 14 years of prohibition, 21st Amendment repealed prohibition
  29. 29. U is for United States “Great Seal”• A bald eagle holding an olive branch and a bundle of arrows• Olive branch = peace• Arrows = military strength• Eagle = holds a scroll with nation’s motto “E Pluribus Unum” “Out of many, one”
  30. 30. V is for Virginia• 1607 by Cpt John smith• Natives ordered his death• Saved by Pocahontas• Pocahontas didn’t marry Smith, married John Rolfe
  31. 31. W is for World History Encyclopedia• Ancient World: humans/farmers/civilizations of Babylon, Egypt, Europe, Greece, Romans, Africa & India• Middle Ages: Byzantine, rise of Islam, Vikings, China, Hundred Years’ War• Age of Discovery: Renaissance, Aztec, Spain, Ming dynasty• Revolution & Industry: Russian, China, US, French Revolution, American Civil War• Modern World: Women’s rights, WW1, Great Depression, WW2, Cold War, Korean/Vietnam War, globalization
  32. 32. W is for White House• Originally called the President’s House• 1791 – planned for George Washington• 1800 – completed and first occupied by John Adams• 1901 – christened by Theodore Roosevelt
  33. 33. W is for Women’s Rights• 19 Amendment – right to vote• 1963 – Equal Pay Act = better job/pay• 1964 – Civil Rights Act = race/gender• 1966 – The Feminine Mystique by Betty Friedan & formation of NOW• 1972 – Equal Rights Amendment = rights for women
  34. 34. W is for World War I• 1st global war• Allies: England, France, Russia & Italy• Central Powers : Germany, Austria-Hungary, Turkey & Bulgaria• Americans tried to remain neutral to benefit from trading• German submarine destroyed Allied ships and sank American cargo• President Wilson asked to declare war on German & Central Powers• 1918 – Allies victory• Treaty of Versailles – ended war, Central Powers had to pay for war
  35. 35. W is for World War II• German global confrontation from the Treaty of Versailles after WWI• Adolf Hitler mad about treatment in WWI• Axis Powers – Germany, Italy & Japan• Allies - Russia, France & England• 1939 - Germany invaded Poland. France & England declared war on Germany• Hitler conquered Europe• US supported Allies with supplies & weapons but not troops• 1941 - US joined war when Japan bombed Pearl Harbor
  36. 36. X is for TeXas• 1845 – became the 27th state of American union• 1901 – oil discovered in Spindletop Oil Field near Beaumont• Second largest state• Contains 5 geographic regions
  37. 37. Y is for (New) York• 1624 – by Dutch• 1674 – by British• 1685 – became a royal colony• Statue of Liberty is located there
  38. 38. Z is for (Lorenzo) Zavala• Vice President for the republic of Texas before the Battle of the Alamo