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Published in: Business, Technology

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  • A company cannot run on one person’s work alone. They are given helpers to complete tasks. These helpers should be empowered to make decisions and come up with ideas. Sometimes all delegating means is for one person to come up with an innovative idea in order to help the leadership crew to maintain a better work environment.
  • By giving proper delegation it can help to train and groom employees for more responsibilities within the company at a future time.
  • One employee should not be responsible for all of the tasks in the company. If the other employees are not capable it is possible that they have not been given the chance to prove themselves.
  • For an example; Imagine that you are a parent that has 3 children. You need one of the children to watch the others while you are completing a task in the yard. The children are close in age. However, there is one child that seems more appropriate because he or she is more responsible.
  • You would need to explain to the employee exactly what needs to be done in any situation that may arise.
  • If an employee is given a task that he or she needs the support of his coworkers it will be the leaders responsibility to let the other employees know. A leader must make sure that his or her employee is able to obtain everything needed to complete the task.
  • Keep an eye on the employee and help when needed.
  • If the employee did all the tasks that was expected the leader should follow up with a reward. Showing appreciation will make employees continue to strive hard.
  • Transcript

    • 1. DelegatingDuties
    • 2. Delegating duties is essential to keep an efficient work environment
    • 3. Table of Contents
      Benefits of Delegating
      How to Delegate
      Improperly Delegating
      Checking up
    • 4. Benefits of Delegating
      There will be increased enthusiasm amongst employees
      Employees will strive to be picked for tasks
      Most employees want to work as hard as the leader
      If there is opportunities within the workplace most employees will want to be a part of it
    • 5. Benefits of Delegating
      Delegating can be a tool to train employees
      Hands on activities can help to train the employee to be more effective at his or her job
      Delegation can help employees become trained for higher positions within the company
    • 6. Benefits of Delegating
      Delegating duties can be a tool to dispense work evenly throughout the company
      If you delegate evenly everyone within the company the employees will be content
      No one person in particular should be strained
    • 7. Benefits of Delegating
      Delegating can create higher productivity
      If the employees are happy they will want to work harder for the company
      Giving tasks to employees generally makes them feel capable
    • 8. Benefits of Delegating
      The time and energy saved from delegating can prove to be beneficial to the leader and the business
    • 9. How to Delegate
      Choose a capable employee
      Choose an employee that you know can complete the task
    • 10. How to Delegate
      Explain the task in detail
      Make sure the employee understands your expectations
    • 11. Give the employee the tools he or she needs to complete the task
      Let other employees know what is happening
      How to Delegate
      Empower the employee to complete the task
    • 12. How to Delegate
      Check in with the employee to ensure they are meeting your expectations
    • 13.
      • Thank the employee for a job well done
      • 14. Create an incentive program
      • 15. Let your employee know he or she is appreciated
      How to Delegate
      Reward The employee
    • 16. Without giving others specific tasks it will take up all of your time and energy
      Improperly Delegating
    • 17. Improperly Delegating
      it leaves the employees feeling as if they are unable to do anything to help
    • 18. The employees will become less productive
      Improperly Delegating
    • 19. Make sure you have chosen the proper employees for the task
      Check your system and evaluate how well it works
      Checking up
    • 20. Make sure you have shown gratitude to productive employees
      Checking up
    • 21. Summary
      A business can only be effective if they use proper delegation. It must be used to ensure the happiness of the employees and the leader. One person generally cannot run a successful business. If more employees are needed leaders must give the employees something to do.
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      My own experience as a mother, information retrieved since my first child turned 10 in 2005.