PAGE     2      Headquarters & Support Company - Talons                                    following Soldiers and their fa...
VOLUME       I,   ISSUE    30                                                                                             ...
PAGE   4           Bravo Company - Hangar Rats           By MAJ Del Boyer                       maintenance and have main-...
VOLUME          I,   ISSUE      30                                                                                        ...
PAGE       6                                                       THE CHAPLAIN’S CORNER: PART ONEDID YOU KNOW?           ...
VOLUME       I,   ISSUE   30                                                                        PAGE       7          ...
PAGE      8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continuedrepresented by an apple. This may be     and became a holida...
PAGE9                                      BRAVO PICTURES                                                           O     ...
PAGE10         CHARLIE PICTURES                              FUN                              FALL                        ...
PAGE12         HSC PICTURES                 F                 A                 L                 L                 F     ...
PAGE   14277th Aviation Support Battalion          277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade   ...
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Nov 12 277th asb long version newsletter


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Nov 12 277th asb long version newsletter

  1. 1. Liberty TimesTASK FORCEMOUNTAIN EAGLE277TH AVIATIONSUPPORT BATTALIONHOT TOPICS Alpha FRG Meet- V O L U M E I , I S S U E 3 0 N O V E M B E R 2 0 1 2 . ing: Wednesday, November 14, Eagle Commander’s Corner 2012, 6:00pm at Dirty Harry’s. Bravo FRG Meet- ing: Tuesday, No- vember 6, 2012, good order and discipline that it In just a couple of days we will host 5:00pm, at Monu- aims to achieve. our Family Fall Fest. The goal of this ment Ridge Com- During this month, we suc- fest is to continue to build our family munity Center. cessfully augmented both TF Six unity and to give us a chance to meet Charlie FRG Meet- Shooters and TF Phoenix with each other. I also will take the opportu- ing: Wednesday, maintenance, feeding, supply, nity to share with you where I see us November 14, 2012, 4:30pm, at fueling, arming, and communica- going as a battalion in the future (now Monument Ridge tions support during two demand- thru next summer). In the near term, we Community Center. By LTC Enrique Ortiz ing National Training Center will take advantage of November to do HSC FRG Meeting: Battalion Commander rotations. In addition, MAJ Del some house cleaning on excess equip- Thursday, Novem- Boyer led our small task force ment and storage areas that will help us ber 8, 2012, 5:00pm Mountain Eagle Families, forward (~90 personnel) in Colo- improve our readiness posture in the at HSC Classroom, Autumn is here and with it a rado in support of the Aviation future. Meanwhile, we will set condi- 20345 Anaconda Rd symbolic transition for our battal- Brigade’s high altitude mountain tions for our big training event of the ion here in North Country. Dur- training. Del has done an ex- year. Other task forces in the brigade ing my first four month in com- traordinary effort in managing gear up and go to one of the maneuver mand, I assessed and determined aircraft maintenance support, training centers to exercise and validateCONTACTS that the most important initial fuel, feeding, ground mainte- their ability to perform as a battalion. battalion action was to build. nance and administrative support As a support battalion, we will not haveBATTALION STAFF Build a team, build a culture, personnel. His team proved in- that opportunity. However, it is ex-DUTY DESK build a foundation and build a strumental in enabling the bri- tremely important that we hold a similar315-774-1200 plan. I am happy to report that gade to qualify over half of its training event. That is why in Decem-CHAPLAIN our building efforts have been aircrews. Bravo Company put ber (the first two weeks) we will go to(CPT) LOVE extremely fruitful. The battalion, together a brigade level quality the field as a Task Force. Of course, we315-681-0883 company and key staff teams are control inspectors course that will will still be providing support to the built with personnel plans estab- help standardize how we qualify brigade during all this time so as youFAMILY READINESS lished for the near future. Our this critical maintenance asset. can imagine we will stay busy right intoSUPPORT families have selflessly volun- These were major muscle movers the holiday season.ASSISTANT (FRSA) teered to fill critical FRG posi- for the brigade and the battalion Transitions are very important. ThisMICHELE GALLOWAY tions rounding our Family Readi- performed exceptionally well. fall transition finds us well and on a315-774-1206 ness program. Our organiza- In all this, Alpha Company found good path. We are growing as a family tional culture is in full transfor- time to complete 100% invento- and our training is getting us ready.MILITARY FAMILY mation to a combat trace outfit ries and conduct a change of Much work remains but I can confi-LIFE CONSULTANT centered on training. We have command. Our new A CO Com- dently say we are on track. Just like(MFLC) defined our foundation on dignity mander is CPT Byron Mulder fine wine, we are getting better with315-405-7449 and respect and are aggressively and we welcome Mrs. Jennifer time.315-212-6919 pursuing personnel actions that Mulder and their young son, Happy Halloween,ARMY COMMUNITY safeguard this foundation and the Luke into the Mountain Eagle ―Mountain Eagle 6‖SERVICE (ACS) Family.INFORMATIONAND REFERRAL Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates315-772-65571-800-826-0886 By Diana Ortiz Did you years ago it was a Celtic fes- and spirits roamed the earth at this FRG Advisor know that tival called Samhain time so they lit bonfires as protec-MILITARY Halloween (pronounced sow-in), mark- tion. When the Romans took overONESOURCE1-800-342-9647 is one of the world’s oldest ing the end of harvest and the Celtic lands; they adapted the holidays? It has gone the beginning of the new day to honor their own deities. through many changes, but year (November 1st). The One of these, Pomona, was the originally around 2000 Druids believed that ghosts goddess of fruit and trees and was For the rest of the article, go to page 8.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 Headquarters & Support Company - Talons following Soldiers and their fami- 1LT Michael Dixon. On 12 Octo- lies, SGT Frank Aguilar, SFC Ben- ber we had the opportunity to pro- jamin Azah, SFC Jason Boyer, mote SPC James Lee and SPC Lu- SFC John Brown, PV2 John Buck- cas Stauffer. ingham, CPT Joel Finney, SPC The next company FRG meet- Brian Herington, SGT Herminio ing is on 8 November at the HSC, Hernandezbuso, PFC Christian 277 ASB classroom, Building Jordan, SFC Donna Laduke, SPC 20345, Anaconda Road (on theBy CPT Natalie Nissen James Lee, PFC Clara Miranda, airfield). HSC is in need of volun-HSC Company Commander PV1 Christopher Mitchell, SPC teers, specifically for key callers. Families of HSC 277 ASB, Chanz Paddack, 1LT Jamie Key callers are the people whoNovember is the time to give Payton, CPT Ikuseghan Pryce, have a set amount of spouses/thanks and to spend quality time PV2 Kristopher Russell, SGM family members that they are re-with family and friends. It will Matthew Shoemake, PFC Aaron sponsible for calling when any in-be busy month as there are many Smith, SPC Lucas Stauffer and formation is needed to be passedholidays and limited work days SFC Norman Tosta. Now its time out. If anyone is interested, pleaseas we focus on cleaning up the to say goodbye to these fellow Sol- contact myself or our FRG leaderstorage areas and preparing for diers as they move on to other Dawnmarie Degrave.the field in December. As a re- units or back into the civilian life,minder, HSC will be going to the CW3 Christina Anderson, SPCfield to conduct training from 3 Jose Cruz, SPC Shawna Cunning- Natalie Nissento 11 December which will af- ham, SPC Reneangel Mena, 2LT Talon 6fect the weekend as well. Timothy Reichert, SPC Matthew (315)774-1465 I would like to welcome the Smith, SSG David Barnette and Family Readiness Group NotesDawn Marie DeGrave crowds. That is never any fun. always included in every FRGHSC FRG Leader We will be doing some cook- function. You are family and weHello all HSC Families, outs at lunchtime for a couple of do not want you to feel left out of I do hope everyone is days. Hamburgers, hotdogs, anything. If you would like tohealthy and getting ready for chips and drinks for a relatively bake, then by all means bake forHalloween. We are having a cheap price. We would like to our booth at the craft show. IfHalloween function for Sol- raise some funds so we can do you have any ideas for fundrais-diers and their families on the more fun things, Let’s think of ers, please let me know.26th. Bring your costume and fundraisers we could do. Dont I hope this finds everyonemaybe win a prize. I hope eve- forget the craft fair on the seven- healthy and happy oh andryone has a great time, I know I teenth of November. HAPPY HALLOWEEN!!! We have some wonderful volun- There are lots and lots of teers to help us bake. We are go-things coming up in the follow- ing to need some volunteers for Until next month,ing months, Thanksgiving is the booth that day as well, if in- Dawn Marie DeGraveright around the corner and terested please get in touch with 315-777-6152then Holy Cow it will be Captain Nissen or myself. My The stores are al- email is dawnde-ready filling with Christmas I am alwaysstuff. If you are an early shop- available if our families needper, nowL would T Y the I timeSto anything. I B E R be T M Edo it, instead of fighting the Our single soldiers, you are
  3. 3. VOLUME I, ISSUE 30 PAGE 3Alpha Company - AtlasBy CPT Bryan Bolin and most importantly key callers.A Company Commander I want to take this opportunity toGreetings Alpha Company thank all of the families of Alphafamilies! Company for all that you do and The next couple of months all your support. We could not doare going to be demanding as what we have to do if it weren’twe approach the holidays. We for the families supporting us.have several support missionsand tasking that aid and supportother Task Forces within the ―On our shoulders!‖Brigade. Our recent FRG meet-ing went very well. We will CPT Byron Muldercontinue to expand and improve 3 1 5 - 7 7 4 - 1 0 4 1our FRG. FRG is not only for couples and children,but FRG is also there for oursingle Soldiers as well andthose that are single soldier par-ents too. If anyone is interested involunteering to be a part of ourAlpha Eagles FRG feel free tostop by the office and talk withme. Alpha FRG would like tohave greeter volunteers, a wel-come committee volunteers, Alpha Company Family Readiness Group UpdatesJennifer Mulder and as always we welcome our soldiers, a day that you can expect to re-A Company FRG Leader spouses and children. We want Alpha ceive FRG information. If you FRG to be a family unit, from the sol- have questions or would like toHello Alpha FRG members! dier to the youngest child. volunteer please feel free to I want to take the time to thank eve- I look forward to seeing many of you email me anytime.ryone that came to our FRG meeting on there. We will be welcoming Captain I look forward to seeing youThursday October 11th. It was great to Mulder to Alpha FRG and will also be at our FRG meeting on Wednes-see so many of you interested in the welcoming any new soldiers or families. day November 14th.FRG and it was great to meet the sol- If you know a family in Alpha Com-diers and family members of Alpha pany, please feel free to invite them toCompany. join you at our meeting. We will be fo- Our Soldiers, Our Family, On I am happy to invite you to our next cusing on getting committees together Our ShouldersFRG meeting on Wednesday November and also working to plan some possible14th at 6:00. We will be holding it at the fundraising events. We are always look- Jennifer Muldersame location of Dirty Harrys Sports- ing for new ideas to support our FRG, 423-506-0034mans Lodge. The address is 11115 Iraqi So if you have an idea, please share it! jenblossom1981@yahoo.comFreedom Road. It is in the MWR com- I will do my best to send you oneplex near the Firestone Tire store. We weekly email on Thursdays. My goal iswill be having a potluck dinner again to not fill up your inboxes, but give you
  4. 4. PAGE 4 Bravo Company - Hangar Rats By MAJ Del Boyer maintenance and have main- high, our B Company Commander tained an incredible state of abilities are Greetings Hanger Rat morale. Recently, they all growing and Families: had the opportunity to con- the perception . duct some DART missions is that Bravo Bravo Company contin- and the expectations were Company 277th ASB are the ues to train and execute exceedingly met. Also, the ―go-to‖ folks to get the job aircraft maintenance on the company was able to train on done right the first time. We Brigades fleet at Fort Car- several of the airframes that could not be more proud of son Colorado. Major Boyer we normally don’t work on the team that we have here. and a team of 40 Soldiers back at Drum. Our AH-64 They continue to strive for are currently conducting and OH-58 teams rarely see excellence and have not let mission in the Colorado much work. That has not their guard down the entire landscape with outstanding been the case here in Colo- time. results so far. The wide rado. For the AH-64 team variety of MOS’s within we were able to conduct two the company have allowed 250 hour inspections, where for this Battalion to fix just we have not done one in about anything…not just years! It was completed in due to all the cool tools! the exact amount of planned MAJ Del P. Boyer Our Soldiers continue to set time and it set the unit up for Hangar Rat 6 the standard with aviation (315) 772-4239 success. With confidence Bravo Company Family Readiness Group Updates Karri Boyer treat. We are decorating a por- nook in need of major mainte- B Company FRG Leader tion of the haunted house hall- nance is returned to flying way—anyone is welcome to status in a timely manner. Bravo Company Happenings!!! help. Kids can also go through a The next Bravo FRG meeting Bravo Cmpany held a chili Chinook as static display. Other will be 6 NOV @ 1800 at cook-off on 19OCT. (See pic- companies are decorating and Monument Ridge Community ture on page 9). It was huge suc- bringing food as well and all of Center. Bunco & a craft/vender cess and many hungry soldiers, 277 are welcome to come out for fair will be the focus of this as well as family members, were a fun fall afternoon. meeting. Anyone is welcome fed. First place for best tasting Bravo Company is also excited to sell or demonstrate as a ven- chili was Henderson. Hottest to welcome our soldiers home dor by contacting me. Vendor / chili went to Vasquez; with Hen- from Colorado later this month. demonstration areas will be derson placing second in Hottest These soldiers have worked tire- along the walls with Bunco be- also! Thanks to all who cooked less over the last month to ensure ing in the center. All are wel- & came out to participate it an 10 TH CAB aircraft remain come to participate in any way excellent event. ―mission ready‖ for the intense they like—come out to see all Next company fun event is 26 training occurring in Ft. Carson, of the Bravo talent & have fun. OCT @ the hanger at 1500. and Eagle, CO. Back home our Email me if you are interested: Bravo company is being asked soldiers have also put in long . L I B E main dishes and help deco- bring R T Y T I M E S hours to ensure a CH-47 Chi- rate doors for children to trick or
  5. 5. VOLUME I, ISSUE 30 PAGE 5 Charlie Company - Ravens one to talk to and are experts in coordinating for the entire deployment process since the unit other, more specialized, assistance as re- must also deploy all of its equipment and per- quired. There are also Financial MFLCs sonnel to another location to execute the train- available who focus specifically on assisting ing. NTC is a challenging environment to op- Soldiers and Family members in developing erate communications equipment and the team budgets, savings plans, and general financial is bringing back a lot of lessons they learned toBy CPT Matthew Thompson guidance for those who would like to better share with the rest of the company to improveC Company Commander manage their finances. Our meetings are how we operate. This month, our team sup- If you were able to make our October open to all Soldiers and Family members, porting Task Force Knighthawk is also on itsFRG meeting at Monument Ridge Commu- single and married, the Ravens are one Fam- way down to the Joint Readiness Training Cen-nity Center, then you got to hear all the ily, so come out and join us for the next one! ter (JRTC) at Fort Polk, Louisiana for a similargreat things that our Military Family Life For the month of November, we will month long exercise. That team is lead by Ser-Consultants, or MFLCs, do for us. We had have our FRG meeting on the 14th, from geant Julio Loaiza, and consists of Specialista guest speaker, Christine LaFreniere, join 1630-1800 (4:30-6:00 PM), again at Monu- Daniel Dever and Private First Class Daveyus and she told us all about the program and ment Ridge, and our guest speaker will be Martin. Be proud of what your Ravens areexplained how this wonderful asset is avail- Carrie Kate-Meyer from the Division Family accomplishing!able to both Soldiers and Family members. Program. We will have a pot-luck social The month of November will be especiallyThe MFLCs provide immediately available, hour from 4:30-5:30 to allow everyone time busy for the Ravens. Our equipment is beingand confidential, counseling to Soldiers or to arrive, so come out and bring a tasty treat! upgraded and many of us will be in classes forFamily members that are in need of some- Our Command Post Node team support- a couple of weeks learning about the changes to ing Task Force Phoenix returned from their our Warfighter Information Network-Tactical, training exercise at the National Training or WIN-T, systems. Once the upgrade hasOnline VMIS FRG Center (NTC) at Fort Irwin, California. The been performed, we will then have to spend theVolunteer Registration team was lead by Sergeant Frank Ervin, and also consists of Specialist Gregory Kendall next few weeks testing and validating the equipment to ensure it is fully mission ready.Visit and Privates First Class Andrew Sorensen Remember to stay safe on the roads as the and Damian Eure. The team provided criti- weather gets colder and it starts to get slippery!There are options to Login with your cal tactical voice and data over satellite to If you are in the area on the 14th of November, Iusername and password or Register if the Aviation task force and allowed them to hope to see you at our next meeting!you don’t have a profile. effectively communicate with the 10th Mountain Division’s 2nd Brigade Combat CPT Matthew ThompsonFill out your information. Team. The team received accolades from (315) 774-1056 the unit for their outstanding support during you’ve created a profile, click on the month long exercise. These types of―Volunteer‖ on the top right section of training events are critical in preparing unitsthe page. This will take you to the Vol-unteer Management Information System(VMIS) Charlie Company Family Readiness Group UpdatesClick on ―Opportunity Locator‖Select ―Fort Drum‖ under Military By Sarah Ellis But enough about snow, we had a great C Company FRG Leader FRG meeting on 11 Oct at the MonumentCommunity and ―FRG: 10 AVN– 277‖ Ridge Community Center. Christine La-under the Organization and click Search. Hi y’all! Fall is nice and settled in Freniere with the Ft. Drum MFLC spoke toChoose the volunteer position you’d like now and I’m sure many of you are notic- us about the Military Family Life Consult- ing the chilly weather has come along ant program and the benefits of apply for. When the new page loads, with it. For those of you who are new to Our next FRG meeting is Wednesday, 14click Apply. Ft. Drum, the cold is good. The colder it Nov at the Monument Ridge Community is, the less lake effect snow we will get. Center at 1630. Our guest speaker will beCheck out the FRSA Flash! And why am I already talking about Carrie Kate-Meyer from the Division Fam-The 277th ASB FRSA Flash has lots of snow? It’s not unusual to start get flurries ily Program. Remember our meetings arein-formation and is our Bi-weekly News- in the end of October and have our actual normally potlucks, unless announced other- first snowfall in the first two weeks of wise, so check with your platoon sergeantsletter for our Family Members and Sol-diers. If you are not receiving the FRSA November. Be prepared for the snow – to see what kind of food your platoon isFlash, please contact the 277th FRSA make sure you have salt and plenty of bringing. Thanks so much!Michele Galloway at 315-774-1206 or shovels, as well as, emergency in your vehicles. For all those with little Sarah Ellis ones, stock up on mittens, hats, scarves, 865-621-2621 boots, and snow pants!
  6. 6. PAGE 6 THE CHAPLAIN’S CORNER: PART ONEDID YOU KNOW? By MAJ Jerry Johnson gles, we have two events for happy, they will have an irre-Army Community Service 10th CAB Chaplain you as well, 6-7 and 13-14 sistible love for each other.(ACS) has clinical Military Greetings to everyone December. Again, fliers are Harley says that in generalFamily Life Consultants from here at the Brigade of- forthcoming soon. there are five basic needs that(MFLCs) available for walk- fices. As I write this I am There are many programs men and women consider to bein confidential consults? If excited to tell my friends in out there that can help us stay most feel you need some- 277 ASB that you will soon strong as couples. One of my Essentially, each of the fiveone to talk to or are hav- have a Chaplain, Steve Rin- favorite marriage books is needs for the husband is bal-ing marital problems, dahl. He is a very senior Willard Harley’s His Needs, anced by a corresponding needplease call them at 315-212 CPT who may have his pro- Her Needs. Dr. Harley has that is expressed by the wife.-6919 or just stop by M-F motable status when he ar- been a counselor and therapist Harley acknowledges that in8 a.m. – 8 p.m. rives. Steve is a hospital in the Minneapolis area for perhaps 20 percent of mar- chaplain with a wealth of more than three decades. This riages a woman’s need mirrorsACS also has a Financial experience in combat trauma program focuses on the posi- or is greater than the husbandReadiness Program that ministry, as well as a back- tive, while his companion vol- in one of these five areas, andprovides free counseling or ground in parachute rigging ume Love Busters focuses on vice versa, so he does not wantadvice on financial matters? and Special Forces. You what happens when couples us to stereotype anything.They can provide all types shall enjoy him a lot. In De- stop caring for each other and Also, while it is true that menof financial assistance: pull cember we will have Strong act in destructive ways that have five needs that are thecredit reports, budgeting, Bonds events on the two destroy their marriage. I hope most common and women dodebt management, invest- weekends before Block we do not have to face that as well, the partner should stilling, etc. Call 772-0050 for Leave (29 November – 2 when we return home in the try to express that characteristicmore info. December and 7-9 Decem- fall. Harley’s premise is sim- toward the other regardless of ber). I am aiming for Lake ple, and based on counseling gender. This is Harley’s Placid, but stay tuned. We thousands of couples: if both ―Marital Golden Rule.‖ Stay have 40 slots per event so we husband and wife intentionally tuned for Part Two: HusbandsBehavioral Health Con- should get everyone in. Sin- attempt to make each other and Wives Needs.tacts: Suicide Resources/Hotlines CONTACT INFORMATION BN Staff Duty 774-1200Connor Clinic Appoint- 24-hour BDE Staff Duty 774-1100ment Line: 315-772-2778 FRSA 774-1206 email FRG LeadersAfter Hours Emergency HSC – Dawn Marie DeGrave cell: 315-777-6152; (Holidays and A Co – Jennifer Mulder, cell 423-506-0034, JENBLOSSOM1981@YAHOO.COMWeekends) Before 9:00 B Co—Karri Boyer-cell: 315-767-6067, Bco.277_frg@yahoo.compm: Acute Care Clinic, C Co—Sarah Ellis-cell: 865-621-262, sjanee11@gmail.com315-772-5236 Megan Wilson-cell: 818-279-3927, M-MURDOCK@HOTMAIL.COMAfter 9:00 pm: SamaritanMedical Center Emer- FRG Advisorsgency Department: 315- Diana Ortiz – cell: 571-228-1962, email dianaortiz2410@gmail.com785-4100 Marion Harris - cell: 315-955-9106; MISSA93DE@YAHOO.DELocal 24-Hour Crisis Line:315-785-4516National Suicide Preven- HAVE A HAPPY THANKSGIVING DAY!tion Lifeline: 1-800-273- AVIATION HISTORY MONTHTALK CHILD SAFETY PROTECTION MONTH NATIVE AMERICAN HERITAGE MONTHSuicide Prevention ActionNetwork (SPAN): NATIONAL ADOPTION AWARENESS LIBERTY TIMES
  7. 7. VOLUME I, ISSUE 30 PAGE 7 November 2012 Sun Mon Tue Wed Thu Fri Sat 1 2 34 5 6 BRAVO 7 FRG LDR 8 HSC FRG 9 10 FRG MTG TRAINING/ MTG INFORMAL FUNDS 9AM- 3PM ACS11 12 VETER- 13 DONSA 14 ALPHA/ 15 16 17 ANS DAY CHARLIE HOLIDAY!!! FRG MTGS18 19 20 21 22 23 DONSA 24 HAPPY THANKSGIVING 277TH!!!25 26 27 28 29 30 Training/Classes FRG Suspenses BDE/BN/CO FRG Meet- ings/Training/Events Community Events Upcoming Key Caller Need Help? Call or visit Military Class Dates: Family Night Every Tuesday, 5-9pm, at November 13th OneSource to find infor- the Commons. All Classes are at ACS from mation about taxes, par- English Speaking Class Thursday, 1 10-11:30am. or 2-3:30pm enting, deployments, Nov, 9am-Noon, ACS Relocation Of- finances, taxes, counsel- fice, every Tuesday and Thursday. Call Mobilization and Deployment to ing, PCS moves & more! McEwen Library Sale 2,3,5 Nov register at 315-772-0470. (Books, CDs, Movies) Personal Financial Counselor is avail- Teen Movie Day, Youth Center, Satur- able . Call him at 315-523-3765 to day, 3 Nov, 3-6pm. help set up a budget, check your credit, develop a plan to get out of debt, get started investing, or what- ever you need assistance with. You can also always call Financial Readi- ness at 772-0050 for this same type of assistance.
  8. 8. PAGE 8Family Readiness Group Advisor’s Updates, continuedrepresented by an apple. This may be and became a holiday where people mately $6.9 billion a year.why we mostly use apples at Hallow- could wear costumes and become, for I hope I could surprise some ofeen parties today! Eventually, the one night, something fantastical. It you with these historic facts and tra-Roman Catholic Church adapted the also became an inexpensive way for ditions for the upcoming Halloweenday as All Saints, or All Hallows communities to celebrate together. events. Wishing you all a fun andDay, to honor saints who did not Jack o Lanterns is a Halloween sta- safe Halloween Celebration!have a specific feast day of their ple today. The early Pagan Celtic peo-own. The name gradually changed to ples used hollowed out turnips, gourds, Diana OrtizHalloween. Did you know where the or rutabagas to hold an ember from theactivity ―Trick-or-treating‖ comes sacred bonfire, so they could light theirfrom? During the Celtic festival home fires from the sacred bonfire.Samhain, fairies were believed to Did you know that by the mid twen-roam the land, dressed as beggars tieth century, Halloween turned into aasking for food door to door. Those secular holiday, community centered,that gave food to the fairies were with parties’ citywide, parades, andrewarded while the fairies punished great costumes? Halloween is mostlythose that did not give. Another re- aimed at children, but young and oldported origin of the modern "trick or enjoy this holiday, with events and par-treat" practice dates back to ―All ties for both children and adults. Start-Souls Days‖ parades in England. ing in 1950, the United Nations Chil-Villagers gave poor people ―soul drens Fund (UNICEF) started a cam-cakes‖ in return for prayers for their paign for children to collect money atdead relatives. In 1920s America, Halloween for underprivileged chil-kids began going trick-or-treating in dren around the world. Halloween istheir neighborhoods. By this time, the United States second largest com-Halloween lost its religious meaning mercial holiday, spending approxi- THE SHERIFF AND PIRATE ARE IN TOWN!!!LIBERTY TIMES
  9. 9. PAGE9 BRAVO PICTURES O R G D A Y D R E S CHILLI COOKOFF!!Bottom: SGT Halverson, a CH-47 Technical Inspector, ad-vises PFC Jeremy Allen on how to make repairs to the aftrotor.
  14. 14. PAGE 14277th Aviation Support Battalion 277th Aviation Support Battalion History10th Combat Aviation Brigade In February 2006, the 277th Aviation Support Battalion deployed to Afghanistan in support of Operation Enduring Freedom VII, where it provided combat service and support to the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade, Task Force Falcon. The Unit redeployed in February of 2007 after earning the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker Award for best Aviation Battalion in 2006 and the Meritorious Unit Commendation.20125 Hangar Access Road In October 2008, the 277th ASB deployed to Iraq in sup-Wheeler-Sack Army Airfield port of Operation Iraqi Freedom 09-11, where it providedFort Drum, NY 13602 support and combat services to the 10th CAB, Task Force Lightning. The unit redeployed in October 2009 and earnedPhone: 315-774-1206 the Lieutenant General Ellis D. Parker award for the BestFax: 315-774-1231 Combat Service Support Battalion for the work performedE-mail: during its 2008-2009 deployment.“Freedom and Liberty”