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2 bstb newsletter nov 2011

  1. 1. 2ND BRIGADE SPECIAL TROOPS BATTALION, 2ND BRIGADE COMBAT TEAM, 10TH MTN DIV (LIGHT INFANTRY) BATTALION NEWS 21 NOV 2011Helpful Phone Headquarters, 2nd Brigade Special Troops BattalionNumbers: 10th Mountain Division (Light Infantry) HHC Company Commander CPT McCall 10120 North Riva Ridge Loop HHC Company 1SG Fort Drum NY 13602 1SG Ward 772-4509 A. Company Commander 20 November 2011 CPT Boyles Alpha Company 1SG 1SG Volz Letter to the 2nd Brigade Special Troops Battalion Family and Friends: 772-7410 B. Company Commander CPT Keay It is almost Thanksgiving and there hasn‘t been any snow accumulation yet in the North Country; Bravo Company 1SG 1SG Pasol that in itself is something to be thankful for. With Thanksgiving just a couple days away and the 772-7412 holidays quickly approaching it is a great time of year to reconnect with families and friends but it C. Company Commander Highlander Family, can also be a challenging time for some. Please focus on the positive, keep in mind what we have CPT Remillard Charlie Company 1SG to be thankful for and to reach out to those less fortunate than ourselves. Consider donating to the SFC Gruby 772-7429 Mountain of Toys or volunteering at a local food pantry. If you find yourself in need of assistance HHC BDE Company Sincerely, either emotional or financially do not turn inward but rather turn to your leaders for guidance or Commander CPT Freeburg help. 2BSTB has an outstanding Chaplain Team as well as Military Family Life Consultants and HHC BDE Company 1SG access Ruddie Ibanez to other resources available free of charge. 1SG Perio Captain, Field Artillery 772-2492 Battalion Staff Duty: Company Commander Congratulations to the Bravo Company SIGINT Platoon for winning the Best Gladiator Platoon 772-5100 Brigade Staff Duty: Competition. This great team building event tested the readiness of our platoons and showcased 774-2199 the capabilities of our Soldiers such as PFC Kizis (B/2BSTB) who had the highest PT score and FRSA: SPC Hambley (HHC/2BSTB) who shot a perfect 40 out of 40 at the range. Decima Chiasson 772-9166 We have some key transitions in the Battalion this month. We will be losing the XO - MAJ Ward- robe, S4 - CPT Gerrity, the Doc - CPT Schultz, and our CSM - MSG Shipman. Thank you to all of Who’s Who you for your dedication and hard work you have given to this Battalion. Each one of you has made In the FRG tremendous contributions and you will be missed. We are fortunate to be welcoming CSM Andre Saint-Val, MAJ Leonard as the new Battalion XO, and CPT Robles as the new S4 - welcome to the Advisor Gladiator Team. Amy CoxHHC FRG Leaders Thanks to all who donated items for the Thanksgiving dinner that we are hosting for our single Sol- Lori Bogutskie diers not going home and thank you to everyone that is spending time to come in and serve. ThisAlpha FRG Leaders Kim Boyles was a phenomenal event last year and I am sure that this year‘s event will be just as successful.Bravo FRG Leaders Stephanie Burke Looking ahead we will continue to prepare for winter and conduct a simulation exercise in Decem- Jennifer Limerick ber. Each one of the companies is hosting a holiday party so watch for details on the locations,Charlie FRG Leader dates, and times. Block leave is December 16 to January 6. Please have a very safe and happy Teri Remillard Holiday Season. HHC 2BCT FRG Leader As always thank you to all the Family members for your steadfast support of our Soldiers, your Sarah Freeburg dedication is appreciated! You can make a difference in your FRG! Strength and Honor!Call your FRG Leader to volunteer or for more information.Please let the FRG RHETT R. COXknow if you have LTC, MImoved or changed Commandingphone numbers so wecan keep ourrecords up to date!Thank You!
  2. 2. Page 2 BRAVO COMPANY21 Nov 2011To the Badgers and their family,Another great week of progressive training has passed for Badger Company. Last week, the Best Platoon Competitionwas a great assessment of the hard work your Soldiers put out for the past several months. The Battalion led BestPlatoon Competition consisted of an APFT (Army Physical Fitness Test) followed by a layout of what the Soldiers wouldneed for the day. From there the Platoon‘s started their 7 mile ruck march with graded tasks along the way thatconsisted of a Communications lane, vehicle PMCS lane, IED Awareness lane, Evaluate a Casualty/Conduct 9 lineMEDVAC lane and Pashtu Language Evaluation lane. The ruck march ended at Range 8 where they qualified on M4‘sand finished the competition with a Gladiator history exam. I am extremely proud to say that the SIGINT Platoon tookfirst place. Additionally, there was a 3x way tie for second place that included two of the remaining Bravo Platoons(TUAS and ISR). The company as a whole did an outstanding job and it was a good bench mark competition thatshowed the metrics of all the hard work each and every Soldier has been contributing within this formation. I amconstantly preaching to Soldiers to be proud of their accomplishments, but not satisfied because if they are then theyaccept where they‘re at and stop growing. But, I was extremely satisfied with the results of the Battalion competition.Even though I get to see how hard the majority of these Soldiers work it‘s good to see it recognized across the Battalionformation.I would also like to thank Mrs. Phaneuf for her time and effort towards our Turkey lunch afterthe competition. We purchased 2x Turkey‘s and Mr. Ellis and Mr. Phaneuf brought in theirdeep fryers. All the sides were cooked by Mrs. Phaneuf.This week we are having a short week for the Thanksgiving holiday. Beyond the day to daytraining we will be having a turkey bowl (ultimate football game) within the Company and theDFAC will be having there thanksgiving meal for the Soldiers (served by the leadership, toinclude myself). Additionally, our Battalion will be doing an internal thanksgiving meal on the24th for those Soldiers that aren‘t headed home or to a friend‘s house for the holidays.After the long weekend we will have a multitude of training that we will be focusing on. ISRwill have Soldiers at the Geospatial Production Course at the Washington Naval Yard, theISR Synchronization course at FT Huachuca and a Trojan mobile training team here at thebrigade SCIF. SIGINIT will be in Utah conducting their 2X week LLVI course. HUMINT willbe at the virtual battlefield simulator here on post and the rest of us (HQ/IEW) will be conducting preparation for COM-MANDO SUMMIT, the Brigade‘s CPX (Command Post Exercise) event 28NOV-9DEC.The next Company/family event will be a Christmas party on the evening of 15DEC. I am looking forward to a greatCompany level event just prior to block leave that our FRG has already put a lot of work into.It has truly been a great month of training and the Platoons continue to progress. I am pleased with where we are atand I look forward for what is to come.Until next write upV/RCPT Barclay KeayCommanderB Co/2 BSTBNoteworthy Soldier accomplishments-SFC Burris is 38 and achieved a 296 on his APFT at the Best Platoon Competition-SPC Kizis achieved a 297 on his APFT at the Best Platoon Competition-SPC Devera donated the most money out of the Company to the CFC ($480).-Stephanie Burke (1LT Burke‘s wife) contributed a ham, cider and soda to the Battalion Thanksgiving meal.-Jen Limerick (Mr. Limerick‘s wife) donated a turkey to the Battalion Thanksgiving Day.-SSG Lucas Da Silva got selected to attend WOC (Warrant Officer Candidate School).
  3. 3. CHARLIE COMPANY Page 320 Nov 2011Greetings Cobra Families and Friends,I hope this newsletter finds you healthy, happy and looking forward to the upcoming holiday season. As for yourSoldiers, I hope you get to enjoy the some time with them this Thanksgiving weekend. A vast majority of the Soldiersare leaving the area to be with families and friends, and the few that stay behind will be able to enjoy some fun and foodin the Fort Drum and Watertown area. The Battalion is again holding a Single Soldier Thanksgiving Meal in theBattalion classroom. Thank you to everyone who volunteered their time and money to assist the Company in thepreparation and execution of our part in this event.As for the future, the Company expects to execute one more training exercise prior to block leave. The exercise willtest once again our ability to set up the Brigade‘s digital network in support of a Brigade wide command post exercise.So, for the next couple weeks you can expect some long hours ending on December 9 th.I look forward to seeing you all at our Holiday Party at the Watertown Ice Arena on December 15 th.Thank you for all of your hard work and dedication,FRANK D. REMILLARDCPT, SCCommanding ALPHA COMPANY21 Nov 2011Dear Sapper Families and Friends,After several months of intense training the company was finally rewarded with some downtime this month, as theBattalion conducted recovery operations following the Brigade field training exercise (FTX). The company representeditself well during the FTX and as a result several Soldiers were awarded the Army Achievement Medal for theiroutstanding contributions. It is great to be able to recognize excellence within our formation.Although the company did not go to the field this month there was still plenty to accomplish. NCO‘s from 1 st Platoonassisted MPs from Headquarters and Headquarters Company (HHC) during their urban breaching demolitions range,training them on basic demolitions and ensuring the safety of all Soldiers on the range. Additionally, both SapperPlatoons competed in the battalion‘s first Gladiator STX Platoon Competition and displayed great motivation and focusthroughout. We will close out the month with mine detection training, providing our Sappers with valuable skillsnecessary to perform their wartime mission.This month has also been a great month for promotions as six Soldiers were promoted to PFC and SGT BrandonWolsett received his promotion to the grade of E-5. Finally, I would like to say congratulations to SSG Ariel Martinezand his wife Amber on the birth of their baby boy Lorenzo Antonio.I wish everyone a great Thanksgiving Holiday. Be safe and until next time, Mountain Sappers!CHESTER D. BOYLESCPT, ENCommanding
  4. 4. HHC BRIGADE COMPANY21 Nov 2011 Page 4HHC/2BCT Soldiers and Families,I hope everyone gets to have a relaxing Thanksgiving with family and friends. I want to thank everyone who donateditems and is helping make the single Soldiers‘ Thanksgiving meal a success. This is an annual event that afforded thesingle barracks Soldiers across 2nd BSTB, including HHC/2BCT, the opportunity to have a home cooked Thanksgivingdinner.The end of November will see the BCT conducting Commando Summit. This is a Command Post Exercise in which theBCT and all Battalion staffs will face scenarios much like they would in Afghanistan. As we head towards December,the main event the FRG has planned will be a Christmas party on December 8th that we‘ll hold at the AdirondackCommunity Center here on post. There will be gift card giveaways, kids‘ games and appetizers. For more informationon this event please feel free to contact my wife or I. That‘s it for now. Happy Holidays!V/R,MATTHEW W. FREEBURGCPT, ADCommanding HHC 2BSTBHHC/2BCT21 Nov 2011Happy Thanksgiving to Avenger friends and family! I hope youre enjoying this holiday seasonand getting ready for a well-earned block leave in December.Its been a busy month for the Avengers, conducting a wide variety of training across thecompany. The CBRNE Platoon conducted gas mask training, providing extremely effectiveand necessary training on the use of CBRN equipment. As a culminating event, Soldiers weartheir mask into a chamber filled with tear gas.The Military Police Platoon conduct several ranges this month-including two days ofdemolition training, three days of close quarters marksmanship and a platoon competition. Forthe demolition training, the MP Platoon borrowed several instructors from Alpha Company.The training involved various ways to use explosives to enter a building, and was extremelyeffective. The Military Police Platoon also conducted three days of close quartersmarksmanship instruction. Each Soldier fired almost 700 rounds throughout the training. Inaddition, Soldiers participated in training on room clearing at night utilizing the shoot-housenext door to the range, and an urban assault course. On November 18th, the Military Policeplatoon also participated in the battalions Best Platoon competition, and placed second. This event involved a widevariety of events, including communications tasks, vehicle maintenance, and rifle marksmanship.The Maintenance Platoon continues to work hard to take care of the battalions equipment. Their efforts help ensurethe Battalions vehicle and weapons are always available when needed.In the next few weeks, the Company will prepare for block leave and recover from the training density of the last fewweeks. This is a good time to spend time with family and prepare for the holidays. I hope you enjoy this time withfamily and find time to rest.Very Respectfully,CPT McCallCPT, LGCommanding
  5. 5. A Word from the Chaplain21 Nov 2011 Page 52BSTB Families,The Thanksgiving Message this year comes from a woman that I admire very much—Bonnie Parkin. Have ablessed Thanksgiving! –Chaplain James WillisGratitude: A Path to HappinessBONNIE D. PARKINGratitude is a Spirit-filled principle. It opens our minds to a universe permeated with the richness ofa living God.Blessing BasketLet me share a sweet story with you. A family was going through a difficult time. It was hard forthem not to focus on their challenges. The mother wrote: ―Our world had completely crumpled, sowe turned to Heavenly Father for guidance. Almost immediately we realized that we weresurrounded by goodness and were being cheered on from every side. We began as a family toexpress our gratitude to each other as well as to the Lord daily. A close friend pointed out to me thatour family‘s ‗blessing basket‘ was overflowing. From that conversation came a sort of game, whichmy children and I grew to love. Before family prayer each night we would talk about how our dayhad gone and then share with each other all of the many blessings that had been added to our‗blessing basket.‘ The more we expressed gratitude, the more there was to be grateful for. We feltthe love of the Lord in a significant way as opportunities for growth presented themselves.‖What would a ―blessing basket‖ add to your family?A Spirit-Filled PrincipleGratitude requires awareness and effort, not only to feel it but to express it. Frequently we areoblivious to the Lord‘s hand. We murmur, complain, resist, criticize; so often we are not grateful . . .The Lord counsels us not to murmur because it is then difficult for the Spirit to work with us.Gratitude is a Spirit-filled principle. It opens our minds to a universe permeated with the richness ofa living God. Through it, we become spiritually aware of the wonder of the smallest things, whichgladden our hearts with their messages of God‘s love. This grateful awareness heightens oursensitivity to divine direction. When we communicate gratitude, we can be filled with the Spirit andconnected to those around us and the Lord. Gratitude inspires happiness and carries divineinfluence . . .Mercies and blessings come in different forms—sometimes as hard things . . . good things, difficultthings—not just some things. He has commanded us to be grateful because He knows beinggrateful will make us happy. This is another evidence of His love.How do you feel when someone expresses gratitude to you? One Sunday I sat next to a sister andgot to know her a little better. A few days later I received an e-mail: ―Thank you for sitting next to mydaughter. You put your arm around her. You will never know how much that meant to her and tome.‖ This mother‘s words surprised me and brought me happiness.
  6. 6. A Word from the Chaplain ContinuedHow do you feel when you express gratitude to another? I‘d like to express Page 6gratitude to someone who cares about my grandchildren. A few months ago, whilevisiting in Texas, I asked six-year-old Thomas to tell me about his pastor. He said, ―Oh,Grandmother, you will know him. He wears a dark suit, a white shirt like Papa, and he has shinyshoes and a red tie. He wears glasses and always has a smile.‖ I recognized Thomas‘s pastor assoon as I saw him. My heart was filled with gratitude for him. Thank you, Pastor Goodman, andthank you, all you wonderful pastors.An Expression of FaithLuke chapter 17 records the experience of the Savior when He healed 10 lepers. As you recall, onlyone of the cleansed lepers returned to express his appreciation. Isn‘t it interesting that the Lord didnot say, ―Your gratitude has made you whole‖? Instead, He said, ―Thy faith hath made thee whole.‖The leper‘s expression of gratitude was recognized by the Savior as an expression of his faith. Aswe pray and express gratitude to a loving but unseen Heavenly Father, we are also expressing ourfaith in Him. Gratitude is our sweet acknowledgment of the Lord‘s hand in our lives; it is anexpression of our faith.Gratitude in Tribulations: Hidden BlessingsThe kind of gratitude that receives even tribulations with thanksgiving requires a broken heart and acontrite spirit, humility to accept that which we cannot change, willingness to turn everything over tothe Lord—even when we do not understand, thankfulness for hidden opportunities yet to berevealed. Then comes a sense of peace.When was the last time you thanked the Lord for a trial or tribulation? Adversity compels us to go toour knees; does gratitude for adversity do that as well?President David O. McKay observed, ―We find in the bitter chill of adversity the real test of ourgratitude … , which … goes beneath the surface of life, whether sad or joyous.‖ConclusionTo my remarkable, faithful sisters of the Church, I thank you for the ways you extend the Lord‘s lovethrough your service: your care for families at the death of a loved one, your watchcare as you visitteach, your willingness to build testimonies in children as you serve in Primary, your time preparingyoung women for womanhood. Thank you for your devotion. I have experienced the love of theLord through your faithfulness. I have been blessed to serve among you; my heart is brimming overwith gratitude and love for each of you. I have deep gratitude for the priesthood brethren with whomI‘ve served.My most profound gratitude is for my Savior—an obedient Son, who did all that His Father askedand atoned for every one of us. As I remember Him and acknowledge His goodness, I desire to belike Him. May we be blessed to feel of His love in our lives daily. ―Thanks be unto God for hisunspeakable gift.‖ In His sacred name, Jesus Christ, amen.
  7. 7. WHAT IS HAPPENING: FORT DRUM HOLIDAY RELIGIOUS SERVICE SCHEDULENovember 14, 2011 – January 7, 2012Onondaga Lake Park, Liverpool, NY MAIN POST CHAPEL BUILDING P10785 (772-5591)Lights on the Lake 01 DEC1700 Christmas Tree Lighting Ceremony 08 DEC1200 Catholic Immaculate Conception of Mary 08 DEC1700 Catholic Immaculate Conception of Maryhttp://lightsonthelake.com/ 13 DEC1800 Catholic Advent Penance Service 24 DEC1930 Christmas Eve Service TRAINING INFORMATION MOBILIZATION AND DEPLOYMENT (YOU MUST RSVP TO 772-0470 CHILDCARE IS AVAILABLE) FRG Leader : JAN 17 0900-1300 ACS Key Caller: DEC 13 1400-1500 or 1700-1800 ACS Key Caller: JAN 10 1400-1500 or 1700-1800 ACS Informal Funds: JAN 17 1400-1500 or 1700-1800 ACS Care Team Training: DEC 12 0900-1230 ACS FINANCIAL READINESS Budgeting Class (772-6894/5196) Every Thursday 1800-2030 ACS Stress Management - For more information, contact Michelle Wojcikowski at 772-2279. DEC 06 1330-1530 ACS COMMAND SAFETY CLASSES (You must register to attend these classes by calling 772-5352) Winter Driving: NOV 29 1400-1500 M-10282 Snow Thrower: NOV 29 1530-1600 M-10282 Winter Driving: DEC 06 1400-1500 M-10282 Snow Thrower: DEC 06 1530-1600 M-10282