8 nov 12 tf mtn eagle frsa flash


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8 nov 12 tf mtn eagle frsa flash

  1. 1. FRSA FLASH THURSDAY, NOVEMBER 8, 2012Special Points of InterestTHOUGHTS 2CHILD CARE 4-5PARENT–PARENT 6WINTER SAFETY 710TH CAB AFGHAN 9SALEFOOD SENSE 11/13MOVIE TONIGHT 17-18LTC OrtizTF MTN Eagle CdrCSM EscaleraTF MTN Eagle CSMMichele GallowayTF MTN Eagle FRSAOffice 315-774-1206Cell 315-836-6496 FROM 277th FRSA: Fall is moving into winter a little rapidly…..stay warm!! Be Safe in these temperatures, watch hands/feet/ears/nose!! Special Presentation of High Ground at the MPA tonight at 6pm for those who would like to attend.Contents of this newsletter are compiled from multiple Military Family news sources. Material pre-sented does not represent the views or endorsement of the 10th CAB or the Army. This material is forpersonal use of the readers. All readers are encouraged to do further research for all applicable re-strictions and guidelines.
  2. 2. PAGE 2 FRSA FLASH THOUGHTS TO CONSIDER !!!Mistakes are part of life. No one is perfect. The proof that a person is attempting to do some-thing is that the person will make a mistake. Only those who do nothing will never make amistake.Ralph Waldo Emerson was an American essayist, lecturer and poet. Emerson received a let-ter from his daughter who was away at college. She wrote about her concern over a past mis-take that continued to torment her. Emerson responded to the letter by encouraging her toturn loose of her past mistake."Finish every day and be done with it. You have done what you could. Some blunders and ab-surdities no doubt crept in; but get rid of them and forget them as soon as you can. Tomor-row is a new day, and you should never encumber its potentialities and invitations with thedread of the past. You should not waste a moment of today on the rottenness of yesterday."What mistake continues to linger in your mind? Did you learn something from that mistake?If you did, the mistake added value to your life. You cannot do anything about your past. Youcan do something about your future. Hold onto the valuable lesson you learned. Reach outwith the newfound wisdom you learned from the past mistake. Press forward into the poten-tial you now possess for your future. After all, you are a human being who is attempting to dogreat things in life. Now, go for it!
  3. 3. PAGE 3 FRSA FLASH.
  4. 4. FRSA FLASH PAGE 4Childcare Payments/Late FeesPayments:Payment for Full Day/Part Day Care is due by the 5th business day of the paymentcycle. Late payment fees are charged after the 5th business day and are $2.00 perchild per day per payment cycle. Services will be terminated if full payment for themonth is not received by the last working day of the month.Late Pick-Up Fee Procedures:CDC and SAC programs have a late pick-up fee of $1.00 per minute up to 15 minutesper Family per site regardless of the number of children in care at that site.After15 minutes, the Family is charged $5.00 per child, per site for the remainder ofthe hour and then $5.00 per child, per site for each hour thereafter. Check out all the FACEBOOK pages. We have a page for the 10th Combat Aviation Brigade as well as each of our Task Forces within our Brigade.
  5. 5. FRSA FLASH PAGE 5 ATTENTION VALUED PATRONS / PARENTS 30 August 2012 FEE INCREASES and PROGRAM CHANGESDear Valued Customer, As we have kept you apprised over the past two years, we are moving towards Department ofDefense standardized rate fees. This October is the final incremental phase for Fort Drum to reachArmy standard. Department of Defense will then implement equitable rates throughout the ArmedForces. In addition to Department of the Army forecasted rate fee increases, the following DeploymentSupport Service Programs are eliminated 1 October 2012:X 20% fee reduction for all Child Development Services programsX Youth Sports fee credit up to $100 per deployment cycle per child/youth.X SKIES Unlimited Instructional Class fee credit up to $300 per deployment cycle per child/youth.X $2.00 Hourly Care fee beyond the 16 free respite child care hours.Those currently deployed as of 1 October 2012 are grandfathered and will continue to receive de-ployment support services they are currently receiving.Should you have any questions on the program impact as it effects your Family, please inquire atthe front desk or by calling Parent Central Services at 772-8675. Thanking you for your cooperation and understanding
  7. 7. FRSA FLASH PAGE 7Family Members Soldiers To Register, please contact the Command Safety Office at 772-9026/0310 Bldg M-10281 4th Armored Division Drive NOTE: Unit/Organization Classes are by Appointment Only Winter Driving Snow Thrower Wednesday 3-Oct-11 1400-1500 Wednesday 3 Oct 12 1530-1600 Wednesday 17 Oct 12 1400-1500 Wednesday 17 Oct 12 1530-1600 Wednesday 24 Oct 12 1400-1500 Wednesday 24 Oct 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 6 Nov 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 6 Nov 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 20 Nov 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 20 Nov 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 4 Dec 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 4 Dec 12 1530-1600 Tuesday 18 Dec 12 1400-1500 Tuesday 18 Dec 12 1530-1600 DA Civilians
  8. 8. FRSA FLASH PAGE 8 What’s Playing at the Movies? Post Theater Bldg 10725, North Riva RidgeAdmission is $4.50 for adults; $2.25 for children 6-11; FREE for children 5 and younger. For more movie information, call 772-5571 FRI NOV 09 - 1900 The Possession (PG-13) SAT NOV 10 - 1400 Premium Rush (PG-13) 1900 The Possession (PG-13) SUN NOV 11 - 1400 Premium Rush (PG-13) FRI NOV 16 - 1900 The Possession (PG-13) SAT NOV 17 - 1400 Wont Back Down (PG) 1900 The Possession (PG-13) SUN NOV 18 - 1400 The Possession (PG-13 FRI NOV 23 - 1900 End Of Watch (R) SAT NOV 24 - 1400 House At The End Of The Street (PG-13) 1900 End Of Watch (R) SUN NOV 25 - 1400 House At The End Of The Street (PG-13)
  10. 10. FRSA FLASH PAGE 10 10th CAB Afghan Sale Order Form•Name___________________________________• Phone___________________________________• Unit (Battalion and Co)_____________________• Quantity Ordered__________________________• Total Amount Due ($40 per blanket):• Please pay cash OR make checks payable to:Falcon Warrior Support Fund• Submit order and payment to your CompanyCommander NLT 14 November 2012POC for this sale is Shery McFadden 315‐427‐6795
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  14. 14. FRSA FLASH PAGE 14 NOVEMBER 2012 COMING ATTRACTIONS AND ITEMS OF INTERESTNovember 11 – BOSS Chili Cook-Off - BOSSNovember 14 – Learn To Live Gluten Free – McEwen LibraryNovember 16 – Snowmobile Safety Class – Adventure TrainingNovember 17 – BOSS 5K Fun Run/Walk – Magrath Sports ComplexNovember 17 – Individual Bowling Tournament – SportsNovember 17 – Turkey Bowl Football Tournament - SportsNovember 17 – North Country Spouses Club Craft and Antique Fair – Monti PFCNovember 21 – 23 – NYC Macys Thanksgiving Day Parade Trip –Parks and RecreationNovember 22 – BOSS Home For The Holidays – BOSSNovember 29 – Turning Stone Casino and Comedy Show Trip – Parks and RecreationNovember 29 – BOSS Gaming Tournament – BOSSNovember 30 – Snowmobile Safety Class – Adventure TrainingMcEwen Library patrons who use either a Blackberry or iPhone will be able tosearch the McEwen Library Card Catalog, check the status of their library ac-count, see hours of operation, along with, library contact info, such as phonenumber and address by going to the following URL: http://mylibraryusmobile.fmwr.net/ and then selecting Fort Drum from a drop downmenu. Library patrons using other mobile devices such as a laptop or the iPad,Kindle Fire, etc. can access the McEwen Library Card Catalog at the followingURL: http://mylibraryus.fmwr.net/search~S24Adventure Training invites you to enjoy a bird hunting trip in November. Partici-pants will be traveling to Whispering Pines Hideaway to go bird hunting. Thereis pheasant, chukur partridge, bobwhite quail, Hungarian partridge, mallardducks, and wild ducks hunting when in season. Flexible dates, $60 per person,4 person maximum. You can bring your own hunting dogs or borrow one for theday for $65. For additional information please visit Fort Drum Park and Recrea-tion or call 772-5169. For more information on Whispering Pines Hideaway visit:www.whisperingpineshideaway.com
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  17. 17. FRSA FLASH PAGE 17The 3-85 Mountain Infantry (Warrior Transition Unit) is pleased toannounce a free showing of the movie, High Ground, on Nov. 8 at 6 p.m. atthe Multipurpose Auditorium/Post Theater on Fort Drum. The movie isabout 11 wounded warriors who climb a peak of the Himalayan Mountains.It is a very powerful movie and will be open to the entire post for viewing.AAFES will open its concession stand in support of this event.http://www.defensemedianetwork.com/stories/high-ground-movie-review/**********TOBACCO CESSATION CLASSES AVAILABLE -- Tobacco Use CessationClasses are held three times a month from 9 to 11 a.m. in the PreventiveMedicine classroom at Clark Hall. Classes are open to all active duty andretired military, military family members, and Department of Defensecivilian employees. To reserve a space in the class, call APHN at 772-6404. The Tobacco Cessation team - Kathy Hanchek, Tobacco CessationProgram Manager, and Susan Mizgala, Tobacco Cessation Nurse arethere to help you break your tobacco habit.**********MEDDAC PROVIDES CLINIC COVERAGE PLANS FOR VETERANS DAYTRAINING AND FEDERAL HOLIDAYS, NOV. 12 AND 13U.S. Army Medical Department Activity officials have announced cliniccoverage plans for the Veterans Day federal and training holidays, Nov. 12and 13, respectively.* On the Veterans Day federal holiday, Monday, Nov. 12, all MEDDACfacilities will be closed with the exception of Urgent Care availability atthe Guthrie Family Medicine Clinic from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.* On the Tuesday Training Holiday, Nov. 13, MEDDAC facilities will beopen with reduced staffing, with the exception of the Conner Troop MedicalClinic, which will be closed for patient care. Urgent Care will be availableat Guthrie from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.For medical emergencies, please call 911 or go to the nearest hospitalemergency department for treatment.
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  19. 19. FRSA FLASH PAGE 19 Spouses’ Club of Fort Drum 22nd Annual Craft and Antique Fair Saturday, November 17th, 2012 10:00 A.M. to 4:00 P.M. Monti Physical Fitness Center Conway Rd. Fort Drum, NY Admission: $5.oo Get a jump on your black Friday shopping at the Spouses’ Club Craft Fair. The Craft fair is the ideal place to find unique gifts, home décor! Kids Craft While You Shop Holiday Helpers will supervise children ages 2-12 while you shop. One hour limit & $3.00 craft fee. For an additional fee, Santa will be located outside Elf Village forpicture. For More Information, please contact Alison Fisher scfd.craftfair@gmail.com We are currently accepting vendors.
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  22. 22. FRSA FLASH PAGE 22 ARMY FAMILY ACTION PLAN ANNUAL CONFERENCE Providing the Army Community a “voice” in shaping their standards of living & identifying issues related to the current environment. Sign up to be an Army Family Action Plan (AFAP) Delegate! LET YOUR IDEAS BE HEARD! 28-29 January 2013 9 am – 4 pm The Commons, P-4350 IF IT’S A PROGRAM OR SERVICE, AN AFAP ISSUE CAN IMPROVE IT! IF IT’S A POLICY OR REGULATION, AN AFAP ISSUE CAN CHANGE IT! IF IT’S A LAW, AN AFAP ISSUE CAN AMEND IT! IF THERE’S A LOW-COST, CREATIVE SOLUTION, YOU SHOULD PURSUE IT! FOR INFORMATION OR TO SIGN UP TO BE A DELEGATE CALL 772-6710 OR 772-2933