Surveon Megapxiel Camera Product Introduction


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Surveon Megapxiel Camera Product Introduction

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Surveon Megapxiel Camera Product Introduction

  1. 1. Surveon Megapixel Camera Product Introduction Sales & Marketing Department Surveon Technology
  2. 2. 2  Full Product Line  High Reliability  High Video Quality  Advanced Software Features  Questions and Answers  Appendix The Contents
  3. 3. 3 Full Product Line
  4. 4. Different Form Factors 4 From Box, Bullet to Fisheye cameras, Surveon offers different form factors for a variety of applications.
  5. 5. Different Segment Coverage High Performance, HDR, P-Iris, Autofocus, 2 MP – 5 MP Standard, Simple Cables, 2 MP – 5 MPCompact Size, 1 MP – 3 MP 5
  6. 6. Model by Segment Type Resolution Economical Professional Premium Box 1 MP CAM1200 CAM1201 2 MP CAM2311SC CAM2331SC/SP 3 MP CAM2441SC 5 MP CAM2511SC CAM2511 Bullet 2 MP CAM3351R4/R6 CAM3361LV CAM3371EM/EV 3 MP CAM3461LV CAM3471HEM/HEV 5 MP CAM3571M/VP Indoor Dome 1 MP CAM4211 CAM4221 2 MP CAM1320S2 CAM4311S2 CAM4321LV 3 MP CAM1420S2 CAM4421LV 5 MP CAM4521LV Outdoor Dome 2 MP CAM4351R2 CAM4361LV CAM4371HEM/HEV 3 MP CAM4461LV CAM4471HEM/HEV 5 MP CAM4561LV CAM4571M/VP PT/PTZ Dome D1 CAM6181 2 MP CAM5321S4 CAM5330SZ CAM6351 CAM6351A/B Fisheye 5 MP CAM4571RF CAM7511 6
  7. 7. Segment Feature Summary Series Key Features Economical Compact size, affordable, PoE, 3-axis (dome). Professional WDR, advanced ISP, auto iris, vari-focal, IP66, IK10, PoE, 3-axis (dome). Premium 3 MP@30fps/2 MP@60fps, HDR (100 dB), true WDR (120 dB), P-iris, autofocus, wide temperature, fisheye, super low lux. 7
  8. 8. Premium Series Features 8  Full HD H.264 Encode to 60fps & 3 MP to 30fps.  High Dynamic Range (HDR), ROI Encoding.  Clearest Video at Lowest H.264 Bitrates.  Programmable Edge Enhancement.  Low Light Sensitivity & Advanced 2D/3D De-noise.  Advanced Luminance Control & Lens Correction.  Motorized Autofocus Lens, P-Iris, Fisheye.
  9. 9. 9  Full HD H.264 Encode to 30fps & 3MP to 20fps.  Wide Dynamic Range (WDR), ROI Encoding.  Clearest Video at Lowest H.264 Bitrates.  Programmable Edge Enhancement.  Advanced Image Functions: Luminance Control, 2D/3D De-noise, Lens Correction.  Vari-focal, 3-Axis, IP67, Vandal Proof (IK10), PoE. Professional Series Features
  10. 10. 10  Megapixel H.264 Encode to 30fps.  Digital Wide Dynamic Range (DWDR).  Built-in D/N IR-Cut Filter & PoE.  Compact & Stylish Design.  Industrial-Grade Components.  Cost-effective, Budget-Saving. Economical Series Features
  11. 11. 11 High Reliability
  12. 12. Industrial-Grade Components & 3rd Party Lab Certifications Industrial -Grade Components - All Industrial-Grade Components - Own Manufacturing, Housing, 3-Year Warranty IK10 & IP66/67 Tantalum capacitors and ceramic capacitors in Surveon cameras. - Trusted 3rd Party Lab Certifications - Own Housing, Design, ESD, EMI Protected Surveon Others 12
  13. 13. 13 Qualified 3rd Party Lab Facilities Temperature & Humidity Test Drop Test Vibration Test Altitude Chamber Test Radiated Emission Conducted Emission Harmonic & Flicker EFT & Surge & Dip Heating Test Input Test Grounding & Electric Analyzer
  14. 14. Surveon World-Class Manufacturing  Floor area: 43,000 square feet.  High quality camera, NVR, storage manufacturing.  Full operation line: SMT, DIP, system assembling.  Operation since January 2000.  Location: Taipei, Taiwan.  Proven customers: world leading security giants. ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 Certified 14
  15. 15. 15 - Deploy TQM by design, vendor, manufacturing and service QA. - Weekly quality review driven by top management team. - Fool proof software automation for production testing. - 6 sigma process control methodology. - Fool proof routing control for operation and service. - Forward/backward traceability and up to PCBA component level. - Web-base integrated CAR (corrective action request) system. - Benchmark 8D problem solving methodology. Total Quality Management (TQM) Process Control Methodology Practice of Shop Floor Control & Traceability Close Loop Corrective Action High Quality Design and Manufacturing
  16. 16. 16 System Integration Test - 336 hours - Stress performance - Interoperability Environmental Test Redundant Reliability Test - Temperature - Humidity - Air flow - Power consumption - Shock / Vibration - Mechanical reliability - Package - Fault injection - RAID fail simulation - Failover - Failback - Data consistency - HDD failure - Rebuild Design Engineering with Quality
  17. 17. 17 High Quality Products with Customer Satisfactions “We have 3,000+ cameras installed on this city surveillance project. Surveon’s industrial designed and 100% own manufactured cameras have made us feel confident about this project. The cameras are now being used for more than 3 years with an average failure rate of less than 0.03% which is really impressive and save a lot cost on maintenance” said, Tony Chan, manager for the KS city surveillance project.
  18. 18. 18 High Video Quality
  19. 19. Day Mode Quality 19 Surveon CAM4351R2 Vxxxx IP8362
  20. 20. Night Mode Quality 20 Surveon CAM2311SC Vxxxx IP8362
  21. 21. 21 Surveon CAM2311SC - 2MP More Details Other TI-Based 2MP Camera Less Details Indoor – Lab (1)
  22. 22. 22 Surveon CAM2311SC - 2MP 30FPS 6Mbps Other TI-Based Camera - 2MP 30FPS 6Mbps Less Noise More Details Less DetailsMore Noise Indoor – Lab (2)
  23. 23. 23 Surveon CAM2311SC - 2MP More Details Other TI-Based 2MP Camera Less Details Indoor – Warehouse (1)
  24. 24. 24 More Details Less Details Indoor – Warehouse (2) Surveon CAM2311SC - 2MP 30FPS 6Mbps Other TI-Based Camera - 2MP 30FPS 6Mbps
  25. 25. 25 Surveon CAM2441SC – 3 MP 30FPS HDR Other Camera without HDR High Dynamic Range (100+ DB) – Daytime
  26. 26. 26 Other Camera without HDR High Dynamic Range (100+ DB) – Night time Surveon CAM2441 SC– 3 MP 30FPS HDR
  27. 27. Low Light Sensitivity 27 Surveon cameras support the maximum shutter control to 1 at 1 second to ensure the viewable video under ultra low light conditions. Surveon Advanced Shutter Control Standard Shutter Control
  28. 28. 28 Other Camera - H.264 Baseline @ 4Mbps CBRSurveon - H.264 High Profile @ 4Mbps CBR Low Bit Rates & High Quality With the same bit rate, Surveon cameras with high profile can present higher quality images.
  29. 29. 29 Advanced Software Features
  30. 30. Advanced Software Feature List 30  Usability:  Support IE10, IE11, Firefox , Google Chrome and Safari Browsers.  Auto UPnP Port Forward.  Auto Focus Value.  Advanced Image Controls:  Smart IR, Auto De-noise Control, Day & Night Profile.  Smart Shutter, P-Iris, Auto Focus.  Auto HDR/WDR Control, Record with Watermark.  Dead Pixel Correction, Lens Dewarp.  Other Functions:  Support microSDXC Card (Max. 64GB).  Network Disconnection with FPS/Bitrate Change.  Digital Input Trigger Day/Night Switch.  Support H.264 SVC-T, Support IP Filter.  Event Trigger Action Snapshots to SD Card or NAS.
  31. 31. Camera Software Feature Comparison 31 Surveon cameras are designed for professional security projects. Applications Surveon Cameras Common Cameras Other Professional Brands sAuto Focus Value V Smart IR V V Auto UPnP Port Forward V V Day/Night Two Profile V V Smart WDR/HDR V Smart Object Speed Detection V Dead Pixel Correction V V Record with Watermark V V P-Iris/Auto Focus V Depending on Vendor Recording to SD – Integrate with VMS V Depending on Vendor Dynamic FPS / Bitrate Change V Depending on Vendor Direct Record to iSCSI/NAS V NAS ROI Encoding V Depending on Vendor Event Trigger to SD/NAS V V H.264 SVC -T V Multiple Browser Support V V V
  32. 32. Dynamic Profile Change 32 Surveon cameras support at least two image profiles in different image parameters on the subjects of iris, shuttle speed, AGC, brightness, contrast, and DNR levels. The two profiles can be automatically changed by day and night settings to ensure a fixed image quality even under different lighting environments. IRIS AGC = 30 Shutter = 1/60 Brightness = 50 HDR ON IRIS AGC = 50 Shutter = 1/30 Brightness = 60 HDR OFF
  33. 33. Dynamic Quality Change by Motion 33 To reduce the bandwidth for network and storage, Surveon cameras support configurable frame rates and bit rates when no motion is detected or network fails. The camera can switch to the standard frame rate, bit rate within one second. No Motion: 5 FPS Motion: 30 FPS
  34. 34. P-Iris Control 34 Surveon cameras support the P-Iris control to get a better focus and image depth control, and support both the manual and auto modes. Surveon P-Iris Control Iris Control Comparison Source: AXIS DC - IRIS P - IRIS
  35. 35. Smart Shutter (Smart Object Speed Detection) 35 The Smart Shutter automatically detects the lighting source and the speed of the object to compensate the shutter speed control to avoid the blurring image. Surveon Camera with Smart Shutter Common Camera with Auto Shutter
  36. 36. 36 Surveon cameras can auto detect the lux distributed condition to auto enable or disable the HDR/WDR functions. Smart HDR/Smart WDR High Dynamic Low Light Normal Light Surveon Camera OK WDR Auto On OK WDR Auto Off OK WDR Auto Off Other Camera (WDR always on) OK Poor Low Light Quality Color Cast Auto disable WDR to keep the true colors Auto disable WDR to keep the low lux quality Auto enable WDR Surveon Smart WDR
  37. 37. 37 Surveon cameras can auto detect the lux level to dynamically adjust the de-noise value to fit the day/night changes. Smart De-noise Low Light Normal Light Surveon Camera (Smart De-noise Value) Auto De-noise to higher value Auto De-noise to lower value Other Camera (Fixed De-noise Value) High value – OK Low value – with noise High value – poor sharpness Low value – OK Normal LightLow LightHDR On
  38. 38. Region of Interest (ROI) Encoding 38 Surveon cameras support Region of Interest (ROI) Encoding to reduce the bit rate for best bandwidth control. The ROI can support up to 8 different regions with different quality levels. Non ROI CBR 6 Mbps @ 2MP 30fpsROI Mode CBR 4 Mbps @ 2MP 30fps
  39. 39. H.264 SVC - Scalable Video Encoding 39 Surveon cameras support the H.264 SVC standard for time difference with the below modes:  Single layer, scalability of video encoding is disabled.  Two layers, scalable for 1/2 and original frame rate.  Three layers, scalable for 1/4, 1/2 and original frame rate.  Four layers, scalable for 1/8, 1/4, 1/2 and original frame rate.
  40. 40. iSCSI Direct Recording 40 Surveon cameras support video being directly recorded to the block level iSCSI storage to utilize network bandwidth and prevent overloading for the file system. LAN Cameras VRM Server iSCSI Storage
  41. 41. Seamless Recording 41 Surveon cameras can store data to the microSD/SDHC card when the network loses connections. The recorded images will be transferred to NVR automatically once the network is reconnected. This recovery bandwidth can be configured to balance the streams of live view and recovery. Auto Recovery Manual to FTP Configure to Bandwidth VMS Live View Video to NVR Offline Record to SD Card
  42. 42. Surveon Camera Key Values:  Full Product Line  High Reliability  High Video Quality  Advanced Software Features Summary – Why Surveon Megapixel Cameras 42
  43. 43. 43 Questions and Answers
  44. 44. 44 Appendix
  45. 45. Surveon Megapixel Camera Solutions Find all Surveon cameras and the related sales materials online: 45
  46. 46. Surveon Camera Sales Packages Find demo video, user manual, datasheet, leaflet, AE spec of individual model in its web page. 46
  47. 47. VMS Support Capability 47 Surveon camera models have been fully tested for compatibility with the 3rd-party VMS solutions, giving customers a broad range of selections for their projects. Check out the compatible VMS Solution Provider List.
  48. 48. 48 More Info about Surveon Solutions