Rio+20 logistics


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A very helpful slideshow of maps and logistics for venues at Rio+20.

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Rio+20 logistics

  1. 1. Rio 92: 20 years later
  2. 2. Twenty years after Rio 92, Brazil is hostingthe United Nations Conference onSustainable Development,
  3. 3. Rio+20,to be held in Rio de Janeiro in june 2012.
  4. 4. Rio +20 193 UN Member States 100 – 120 Heads of State or GovernmentHigh Level Representatives of the United Nations System 50 thousand accredited participants
  5. 5. Rio+20Expert opinion makers:• Governmental authorities• International negotiators• Legal experts• Parliamentarians• Corporate Chief executive officers• Trade union representatives• Journalists• Scientific and Technological CommunityThe United Nations recognizes 9 Major Groups: Business and Industry, Workers &Trade Unions, Women, Children & Youth, Farmers, Indigenous Peoples, LocalAuthorities, NGOs and Scientific and Technological Community.
  6. 6. Rio+20 ThemesResolution 64/236 (20ª) of the General Assembly of the United Nations:• Green Economy within the context of sustainable development and povertyeradication; and• Institucional framework for sustainable development
  7. 7. Rio+20 OrganizationThe National Organizing Committee for the United Nations Conference onSustainable Development was created as an executive body linked to the Ministry ofExternal Relations tasked with planning and holding the Rio+20 Conference.Chaired by a National Secretary, who discharges his duties leading his team in thetasks of planning, implementation and supervision of all logistics and managementinitiatives and measures.
  8. 8. The Conference in Rio de Janeiro Centro Parque do Flamengo Barra da Tijuca
  9. 9. Areas offered by the Brazilian Government for parallel events
  10. 10. Barra da TijucaRiocentroPerimeter restricted to the United Nations, which will host plenarysessions and other official negotiations of the Conference. Area forSide Events coordinated by the United Nations.Athletes´ Park (Parque dos Atletas)Local exhibitions of countries, international organizations, UNagencies, event partners and Brazilian Government.Barra Arena (Arena da Barra)Debates and live broadcasting from Riocentro and the other officialvenues.
  11. 11. Barra da Tijuca Athletes´ Park BarraRiocentro Arena
  12. 12. Barra da TijucaBarra Arena Athletes´ Park Riocentro
  13. 13. Riocentro
  14. 14. Athletes´ Park (Parque dos Atletas)
  15. 15. Athletes´ Park (Parque dos Atletas) Brazilian Pavillion Venues for construction Sebrae´s Pavillion Basic infrastructure area
  16. 16. Athletes´ Park (Parque dos Atletas)• Reception• Equipment Rental• Bicycle Rack• 4 Medical Units (2 of 50m² and 2 of 100m²)• 3 Waste Storage for Treatment• 250 m² Press Room• 2 Food Courts of 600 m2 each
  17. 17. Athletes´ Park (Parque dos Atletas)• 2 Food Stands 150 m2 each• Transport Hub – 450 m²• 2 Tents of 1000 m² each• 3100m² in Tents for Partners
  18. 18. Barra Arena (Arena da Barra)
  19. 19. Barra Arena (Arena da Barra) - Level 0 Press Meeting Rooms Support Services Areas of Interconnectivity Exhibition Areas
  20. 20. Barra Arena (Arena da Barra) - Level 1 Support Services Areas of Interconnectivity
  21. 21. Barra Arena• Bicycle Racks• Infraestructure Hubs- 6 NGO rooms- 6 Meeting Rooms- 2 Cyber Spaces- 2 Help Desks- Storage, transport hub, lockers, forwarder, help desk
  22. 22. Official Sites: CenterPíer MauáFour warehouses for exhibitions on technological innovation andentrepreneurship to be held by the Brazilian Research and ProjectsFinancing Agency (FINEP), the Brazilian Service of Support for Microand Small Enterprises (SEBRAE), and government agencies, as wellas areas to be used by national and international major groups andcivil society entitiesQuinta da Boa VistaArea for civil societyGalpão da CidadaniaArea reserved for activities to be organized by the Brazilian Ministry ofCulture and Ministry of Education
  23. 23. Center Píer Mauá e Galpão da Cidadania Píer MauáQuinta da Boa Vista
  24. 24. Center Píer MauáGalpão daCidadania
  25. 25. Center Warehouse 1 Warehouse 2Warehouse 3 Galpão da Cidadania
  26. 26. Mauá Píer (Píer Mauá)Warehouse 4 – FINEP Warehouse 2Warehouse 3 – FINEP Warehouse 1 – Pavillion for Civil Society activities
  27. 27. Mauá Píer (Píer Mauá)• 02 Reception Desks• Bicycle Racks• Warehouse/Pavillion for civil society – 3.200 m²• 08 Food Stands – pre-made meals– 70 m2
  28. 28. Galpão da CidadaniaDesck Sociedade Civil 200m².Área útil 14.000m²
  29. 29. Quinta da Boa Vista Quinta da Boa Vista
  30. 30. Quinta da Boa Vista
  31. 31. Flamengo´s Park (Parque do Flamengo)Modern Art Museum and Vivo RioArea for events, debates and activities of civil society and BrazilianGovernment.Thematic exhibition and sustainable development, Social andEnvironmental Arena (to be coordinated by the Brazilian Ministry ofSocial Development) as well as live broadcasting from Riocentro andthe other official venues.Parque do FlamengoPeoples’ Summit area.
  32. 32. Vivo RioModern ArtMuseum -MAM
  33. 33. Vivo RioModern ArtMuseum -MAM
  34. 34. Modern Art Museum - MAM
  35. 35. Vivo Rio
  36. 36. Vivo Rio• Information Technology (IT)• Solid waste management• Simultaneous Translation - Equipments• Rooms with accessibility• 2 CNO Rooms – 22m² each• Bicycle Racks
  37. 37. Flamengo´s Park (Parque do Flamengo)