Amtrak - Meet Our Company


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First of three presentations done for Public Relations course. Presentation served to introduce company that group would be representing for the semester.

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Amtrak - Meet Our Company

  1. 1. + Meet Our Company:Corsina Perez and Sarah Laupan AMTRAK
  2. 2. + History n Createdby Congress in 1970 to take over the passenger rail services in the United States n Morethan half of the rail passenger routes operated by the freight railroad companies were eliminated when Amtrak began service on May 1, 1971
  3. 3. + Amtrak s mission is to safely operate a national passenger rail system, and toMission do so with optimumStatement service to the public, as well as with the best economy of operation possible.
  4. 4. + Core Values n  The foundation is embodied in the Code of Ethics n  Create an environment that allows us to focus on what is important, while challenging everything else in a drive for continuous improvement n  To build an organization that has purpose, focus and alignment n  Create an environment that allows employees to grow and to produce superior results n  Core values are the heart and soul of our Company
  5. 5. + Diversity n  A commitment we make to our customers, suppliers, employees, and the communities we serve n  Plays a vital role in customer service delivery and ultimately the success of our operations n  Continue to cultivate relationships within diverse communities, by sharing our time, our talent and other resources
  6. 6. +Environmental Policy As a global transportationleader, Amtrak is committedto protecting the environmentand ensuring the safety andhealth of our employees andthe public. We back ourcommitment by promotingbest practices inenvironmental stewardship.
  7. 7. + Environmental Policy n  Make operations safe for employees, customers and the environment n  Minimize waste, prevent pollution, and incorporate recycling in all practices and operations n  Strive to eliminate releases that impact the environment n  Employ sound environmental practices to address and redevelop environmentally impacted property n  Encourage open and candid communication with employees, customers, and the public regarding the Company s environmental program and any hazard that may arise from its operations n  Strive continually to improve environmental performance
  8. 8. + Environmental Policy n  Amtrakrecently introduced 80 new vehicle carriers for the Auto Train n  Lighter than the ones they replaced and helped reduce annual diesel fuel usage by about 640,000 gallons — while carrying more vehicles n  Amtraksubstituted electric locomotives for diesel locomotives on the Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pa. n  Improved fuel efficiency and schedules n  ARTE n  Amtrak Recognizes The Environment
  9. 9. + Amtrak works hard to earn and maintain the respect of the communities in which we operate. As good neighbors and good corporate citizens, we seek to support the efforts of our many employee-Public volunteers who contributeContributions time and talent to local organizations. At the same time, we support a wide variety of regional and national organizations dedicated to improving the health, safety and well being of our nation s citizens.
  10. 10. + Public Contributions n Green Hour n The National Wildlife Federation n Allow children to participate one hour everyday with the natural world where children can play and learn n Hoop Dreams Scholarship Fund n College scholarships for high school students
  11. 11. + International Business n Onoccasion, Amtrak will do business with a foreign country or a business located in a foreign country n Policy is to fully comply with the specific laws and regulations of all countries where we do business, and with all U.S. laws affecting international trade
  12. 12. We are committed to+ provide transportation services in a manner that will ensure the safety of our employees, ourSafety Policy customers and the communities we serve.
  13. 13. + Passengers with Disabilities n To provide safe, efficient and comfortable service to all of our passengers n Additional services to passengers with disabilities n  Amtrak supports the Americans with Disabilities Act n  We have worked to make our facilities more accessible to customers with disabilities
  14. 14. + Service Summary n 500 destinations in 48 states (& Canada) on 21,000 miles of routes n Average of more than 78,000 passengers ride on up to 300 Amtrak trains per day n 28.7 million passengers in 2008
  15. 15. U.S. Route Map+
  16. 16. + Service Summary n 33 Routes across the Country n Northeast Corridor (NEC) n Acela Express n Northeast Regional n 10 million of Amtrak s passengers in 2007
  17. 17. + Station Services n Intermodal Connections n Public Transport n Continental Airlines n Airport Stations n Thruway Motorcoach n AutoTrain Cars
  18. 18. + On-board Car Services n Unreserved Coach n Reserved Coach n Business Class n Sleeper Service n First Class
  19. 19. + Guest Rewards Loyalty Program n How It Works… n Redeem for… n Free Amtrak Travel n Hotel Stays n Car Rentals n Gift Certificates to your favorite retailers
  20. 20. + n Online Fare Finder n Route Atlas n Train Statuses n Hot Deals n Traveling with Amtrak
  21. 21. + Target Audience n ALL Travelers n Families n Urban Commuters n Day-trip Travelers n Long Distance Vacationers n Business Travelers n ADA Needs
  22. 22. + Challenges n Other Modes of North American Transportation n Interstate Highway System n Commercial Airlines n US Economic Hardship