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Amtrak -- Innovation Policy


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A presentation outlining how Amtrak can foster an innovative culture and leverage its exisiting assets

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Amtrak -- Innovation Policy

  1. 1. Before departing Amtrak, The National Railroad Passenger Corporation Government Owned Corporation Government/Amtrak relationship
  2. 2. Leadership Sales/Image Capital/Infrastructure Rail Market Reform (by promoting connectivity) All aboard
  3. 3. Fast Facts 22,000 Employees. 500 stations in 46 states. Trains run every minute of the year. Amtrak is a political story, not a corporate one. Time for a rewrite Set a vision and strategy for the future and inspire others to follow your vision.
  4. 4. Grow ridership AND employees. Incentives More than just punching the clock Foster an ecosystem where employees connect with the local communities. Innovate at every level, from start to stop. Listen to the 22,000 person team Use social media in conversation tool Focus on customers NOT government.
  5. 5. Amtrak leading the way Unique opportunity to grow and change image/concept. HOW? Innovate using available High-Tech. Be part of world’s train competitiveness. Break a record!
  6. 6. No more chucu-chucu-tuu-tuuuu GREEN SAFE COMFORTABLE ONTIME
  7. 7. Make the connection Connect infrastructure to promote rail travel. Transit Planning Promote connection between state run rail companies. Federal subsidy to promote connection Use state rail companies as laboratories Choice promotes innovation.
  8. 8. <ul><li>Who is ARTE? </li></ul><ul><li>His mission: to encourage </li></ul><ul><li>environmental awareness — </li></ul><ul><li>turning passion for the rails </li></ul><ul><li>into passion for the earth. </li></ul>A mtrak R ecognizes t he E nvironment ARTE The Environmental Engineer
  9. 9. Carbon Emissions (per passenger mile) Rail .21 kg Car .35 kg Air .48 kg
  10. 10. Energy Saving Initiatives Amtrak uses diesel fuel produced at a higher volume per barrel of crude oil and electricity produced in the Northeast from a variety of fuels Increased use of dynamic braking & regenerative braking Last year, Amtrak substituted electric locomotives for diesel locomotives on the Keystone Corridor between Philadelphia and Harrisburg, Pa.
  11. 11. Renewed Focus on Long Distance Original mission of being a national intercity passenger rail system Passengers are fundamentally just like freight The costs of operating a train do not double when the length of the train doubles
  12. 12. Passenger rail systems in Japan, Germany, The Netherlands It’s not only a matter of how much money Amtrak is given out of public treasuries, it’s a matter of how that money is spent Wi-Fi East Coast railway route in the U.K. Consider new ways of doing things...
  13. 13. Tickets please! WEB 2.0 Technology Change method of reward points. Design packages. Fix competitive prices. Target new customers.
  14. 14. Thanks for choosing Amtrak Innovative leadership and inspiring vision. Green, high-tech infrastructure. Encourage competition in the transportation system. BELIEVE IN AMTRAK!