The Magic Of Making UP


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The Magic Of Making UP

  1. 1. ==== ====The Magic Of Making UP ====Why are the majority of us so bad at managing our relationships? Its the sad truth that the vastmajority of us are really poor at relationships with a loved one. We only seem to look at what weare doing when we are trying to save our relationships.Why are we not taught to save your relationships in school? It is a fundamental act within oursociety to find a partner and build, hopefully, a long lasting loving relationship. But we are left toour own devises and we often make a real mess of it.In this article I want to give you my ABC to happy relationships and hopefully you will get a incite into what makes a relationship work and help you save your relationship.AcceptanceDont try and change them, you fell in love with the person you met. This is a must. We have allbeen victims of this, I know I have. You need to accept their limitations. No one is perfect you needto realise this and so dose your partner.BondingThis takes time and grows as you get to know each other. You need to talk and communicate.Dont forget to listen as well as talk, talk about the good and the bad, ask questions and givecompliments. Too many people just nag or have a go at their partner. Build a friendship thats thekey here.CommunicationStay open to your partner, listen and talk to each other. Stop judging and be fair, give chances, beflexible and be their friend. When it is your fault admit it and say sorry then move on. On the otherside accept apologies and be forgiving. Dont stay focused on the negative issues life is way toshort.DependableIf you say you will do something do it be dependable. I know that in life things and plans changebut all things considered you can still do things you said you will do.ExpectationsThis is one thing I find that most people are way off the mark with. They expect life and love to be
  2. 2. like its portrayed in romantic novels or movies. The bad news it is rarely that way in real life. Youneed to be real about your expectations of your partner. We are only human after all and we makemistakes and mess up. People have faults and problems take time, communication andunderstanding on both sides to resolve.The above is only a small part of the ABCs to a successful relationship. I hope you found theseuseful and interesting. If you want to see the full list and more info to help you save yourrelationship then please visit my Squidoo page link below.I have survived relationship break-ups and I have had to save a relationship so I know where youare if your relationship is in trouble. I hope that I have give you some incite and all the best for thefuture.If you want to find out more about getting you EX back and repairing your relationship then pleasecome and see my relationship rebuilding Blog for useful articles, Videos and guides to help yourebuild your relationshipMany people have successfully rebuilt their relationship and know first hand that there is hope. Tofind out how they did this see my relationship rebuilding BlogArticle Source: ====The Magic Of Making UP ====