Digital Social Research


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David De Roure's introduction to the Digital Social Research project presented at the Collaborations Workshop 2012.

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Digital Social Research

  1. 1. David De Roure
  2. 2. PolicyGrid m Current Nodes Rural communitiesDE Hubs DAMES Social Inclusion highwire NeISS CQeSS Genesis m MoSeS Original Nodes Obesity e-Lab HUB m DReSS HorizonDE DTCs Creative Industries Finance MiMeG Healthcare mmm Genesis Media OeSS m eStat m GeoVUE Entertainment m LifeGuide NCRM phase 2 ncrm Web Science
  3. 3. PolicyGrid m Current Nodes Rural communities Demonstrators DE Hubs DAMESd & Sustainability ds Harnessing advances in digital Social Inclusion technology and practice to achieve world-class social highwire CQeSS NeISS Genesis s e-Social Scienceresearch with maximum impact m MoSeS m Obesity e-Lab ss HUB m DReSS Horizon DE DTCs Creative Industries Finance d MiMeG Healthcare mm Media Genesis mm eStat OeSS GeoVUE m m d NCRM phase 3 Entertainment Web Science ncrm LifeGuide NCRM phase 2
  4. 4. Building a UK Foundation for the Transformative Enhancement of Research and InnovationDan Christine JuliaAtkins Borgman Lane
  5. 5. ocial science research is on the verge of being transformed ... in away even more fundamental than research in the physical and lifesciences...the ability to capture vast amounts of data on human interactions ina manner unimaginable from traditional survey data and relatedprocesses should, in the near term, transform social scienceresearch.robably the most important impact is the way in which thee-Science investments have situated social scientists to respond tothe ESRC grand challenges.he impact of social science on both economic and social policy couldbe transformed as a result of new abilities to collect and analyse real-time data in a far more granular fashion than from survey data.
  6. 6. Directorate David De Roure Marina Jirotka Rob Procter Anne Trefethen Megan
  7. 7. ourSpaces
  8. 8. The Oxford e-Social Science ProjectThe OeSS recently organised a pair of events as part of theculmination of the project•12th March, an academic symposium on SOCIAL SCIENCE ANDDIGITAL RESEARCH: INTERDISCIPLINARY INSIGHTS will bringtogether researchers interested in understanding how e-research has influenced the foci, quality, and significance ofresearch.•13th March, a policy forum on DIGITAL SOCIAL RESEARCH: AFORUM FOR POLICY AND PRACTICE will focus on understandingthe adjustments to policy and practice that must occur for thepotential of e-research to be more fully realized.
  9. 9. New projectsDemonstrators SustainabilitySupporting the use of digital CartoGrammarmedia in research with children Preparing MethodBoxand young people for National ServicePlatforms for Issue Mapping: Sustainable CarbonDemonstrating the Relevance for CountersParticipatory Social Research DevelopingDigital Social Research Tools, Sustainability PathwaysTension Indicators and Safer for Social SimulationCommunities Tools and ServicesA 3d psychological face databaseand tools
  10. 10. Mechanisms• Demonstrator and Sustainability calls• Partnerships Community Activities• Visitors …apply for funding!• Training and events• Task forces / Agenda-setting workshops• Deep-think workshops• Software sustainability training
  11. 11.