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Lightning talks - Workshop for e-Infrastructure trainers

  1. SURVEY   Countries   75%  Europe   Respondents/career  stage   35%  PD/RA,  32%  MSc/PhD   Respondents/discipline   33%  plant  science   Current  learning  method   76%  self  taught/colleagues   Level  of  confidence   33%  level  3  (scale  of  1-­‐5)   Training  required   67%  analysis/interpretaMon   Preferred  delivery  method   74%  workshop/57%  e-­‐learn   Join up!TeSS ISMB  Poster   Mee1ngs  &  Workshops   Publica1ons  
  2. • Data Visualisation • Python Scripting • Workflows • In House Training • 1 to 1 • Workshops Mark Basham, Matt Gerring, Jacob Filik Training Material • Videos • Documentation • Cheat sheets
  3. Gillian  Law   07921  124993  
  5. Software Engineering Support Centre • Promote pragmatic SE to UK research computing • Services – CCPForge, future buildbot service, tools server • Training – Workshops – hands on with tools – Seminars – Reports, tutorials – Collaborate with others – SSI, DTCs • • @SoftengSupport I wonder if SESC can help? My software is so much better 
  6. e-­‐  ?   Discovery  of  training   opportuni6es:     website     adver6sing  courses,   webinars,  materials,   postgraduate  degrees,   resources,  etc   User  ra6ngs,   feedback   Single  entry   point  to   discover     e-­‐training   opportuni6es   Filter  for   relevant   results   Increased   outreach/   adver6sing   Embed  via   widget  into  3rd   party  websites   APIs  /  simple   uploads   e-­‐trained   researchers   Discovery  
  7. Bridging  the  gap   Graduates     •  Computer  Science:  14%  unemployed  (highest)   •  Domain-­‐specific:  lack  training  in  compu@ng     How?   •  Championing  to  raise  awareness   •  Summer  schools       •  short  courses   •  “Driving  licence”   h-ps://­‐events/seiuccr-­‐summer-­‐school  
  8. Sharing, classifying and finding training materials Links:
  9. Education vs Training Lessons from the MSc in HPC Computer Science Physical ScienceMSc in HPC Theory PracticeExam Education Practical Coursework Training
  10. Sharing effective learning methods Do you have a learning method that works for you and that you'd be happy to share with others? Tell us! Where are your trainees? How many are you training? What is your schedule of delivery likely to be? What is the training content? What are your main limitations? What type of learning delivery would you consider using? What are your goals for this training? !  Local !  National "  International !  Face-to-face !  Distance "  Blended !  One-off !  Several times in short succession "  Annually/ biannually !  Extended over several weeks/ months 5methods meet your criteria •  We’re building a resource that will help course developers to find and use learning methods well suited to the type of training that they do •  You’ll be able to select appropriate methods for your type of course •  For each method we’ll provide practical information on how to implement it •  Most importantly, you’ll be able to find real examples of how the method is used, and you’ll be able to get in touch with people using the method to learn more and perhaps arrange to see it in action.
  11. Further Data Preservation Training Information available from: Researcher Computation Data at the centre of the scientific process Data Intensive Science (4th Paradigm) Shirley Crompton Workshop for e-Infrastructure Trainers 14 Aug 2013 Data AND the represented knowledge need to be preserved Data is the new gold. “We have a huge goldmine .. Let’s start mining it.” Neelie Kroes, Vice-President of the European Commission responsible for the Digital Agenda • ‘Rising tide’ of data • May not be re- producible • Useful for an indefinite length of time • Maximise ROI through interoperation and reuse