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Advances in Digital Scholarship Moot


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15 minute talk at AHRC Digital Transformations Moot, 19th November 2012. This is a shortened and updated version of the

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Advances in Digital Scholarship Moot

  1. 1. Advances inDigital ScholarshipDavid De Roure
  2. 2. Research “on” the Web• Web as an infrastructure for research• Web as a source of data• Web as a subject of research• Web of scholarly discourse Sociotechnical System
  3. 3. ...the imminent flood of scientific data expected from the next generation of experiments, simulations, sensors and satellites Tony Hey and Anne Trefethen Source: CERN, CERN-EX-0712023,
  4. 4. FirstBioEssays,, 26(1):99–105, January 2004
  5. 5. A Big Picture e-infrastructure The FourthMore machines Big Data The Future! Big Compute Quadrant Conventional Social online Computation Networking R&D More people
  7. 7. Structural Analysis of Large Amounts of Music Information 23,000 hours of Digital Music recorded music Collections Music Information Retrieval Community Student-sourced Community ground truth Software Supercomputer Linked Data Repositories
  8. 8.
  9. 9. story arcs andtimey-wimeystuff
  10. 10. PolicyGrid m Current Nodes Rural communities Demonstrators DE Hubs DAMES d & Sustainability ds Harnessing advances in digital Social Inclusion technology and practice to achieve world-class social highwire NeISS CQeSS Genesis s e-Social Scienceresearch with maximum impact m MoSeS m Obesity e-Lab ss HUB m DReSS Horizon DE DTCs Creative Industries Finance mm d MiMeG Healthcare Genesis Media OeSS GeoVUE mm eStat m d NCRM phase 3 Entertainment m Web Science ncrmLifeGuide NCRM phase 2
  11. 11. ProximitySensorAmbient LightSensorCameraMicrophoneGPSAccelerometerMagnetometerWifiBluetoothCellular
  12. 12. 2. Web as lens e.g. onto society 3. Web as artefact
  13. 13. The Order of Social Machines Real life is and must be full of all kinds of social constraint – the very processes from which society arises. Computers can help if we use them to create abstract social machines on the Web: processes in which the people do the creative work and the machine does the administration… The stage is set for an evolutionary growth of new social engines. Berners-Lee, Weaving the Web, 1999
  14. 14. Some Social Machines
  15. 15.
  16. 16. method data
  17. 17. Co-Evolution of Research Objects Packs ORE OAI Workflows Research Objects W3C PROV ComputationalResearch Objects
  18. 18. The Executable Thesis new data executable thesis PhD Student new results
  19. 19. Digital Methods for New Research
  20. 20.