How does the workshop work?


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Simon Hettrick's talk about how the Collaborations Workshop works

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How does the workshop work?

  1. 1. How does the workshop work? Simon
  2. 2. The four tenets Meet new people2. Information’s on the website3. Email everything (except attachments)4. We’re
  3. 3. Events team• Rob Baxter• Neil Chue Hong• Steve Crouch• Simon Hettrick• Megan Meredith-Lobay• Shoaib Sufi• Gillian
  4. 4. Feedback• Blog posts• Twitter: #CollabW12• Poster boards• Email –•
  5. 5. Announcements• Wireless• Health and safety•
  6. 6. The Agents Network• A group of software-savvy researchers from all disciplines• Agents connect their research discipline to the Institute• Provide conference intelligence and more 
  7. 7. Collaborative ideas• Go to the hall and grab a coffee• Group number on your name badge• Find appropriate table• Introduce yourself• Pair up, decide on a collaboration and one of you write it up• Pin your best ideas on the Collaborative ideas