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Drb ldf+tri staterubric

  1. 1. sheronbrownphd.com Measuring Up!! Dr. B. s Lesson Design Framework AND The Tri-State Quality Review RubricCopyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.
  2. 2. sheronbrownphd.com What’s the use?! The Tri-State Quality Review Rubric “Teachers, administrators, and curriculum coordinators can use the Tri-State Quality Review Rubric to evaluate the quality of classroom lessons and units and their alignment to CCSS.” ~PARCCCopyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.
  3. 3. sheronbrownphd.comThis is it!!
  4. 4. sheronbrownphd.com Lesson Pu rpose? When I began preparing teachers, administrators and curriculum writers Critical Think ing? back in 2010 on how to design lessons aligned to the Common Core, I invented Dr. B.’s Lesson Disciplinary Thinking Design Framework.! Assessment Concepts? UDL? Objective?Copyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.
  5. 5. sheronbrownphd.com Dr. B.’s Lesson Design FrameworkDate: Standard What standard focuses this lesson? Identify it in your unit plan. Include supporting standards if applicable.Getting Conceptual Understanding What concepts should students understand—and arrive at—by the end of the lesson or unit?Ready to (Frames the lesson)Learn Objective (Lesson Target) What is the clear lesson target? What thinking process will the students engage in and what product will make the thinking visible? See the Objective Builder to ensure a clear target is articulated. Establish Relevance What is the real world connection? What is the developmentally appropriate purpose for learning? The reason students should care (not adults.) How will this be communicated to students? Small Group Plan Accommodations Alternative Means of Alternative Means of Alternative Means of After having deconstructed the standard, what objective stems apply to your differentiated group(s) to ensure Representation Action and Engagement http://www.udlcenter Expression http://www.udlcente access to the grade level standard? .org/aboutudl/udlguid http://www.udlcente r.org/aboutudl/udlgu elines/principle1 r.org/aboutudl/udlgu idelines/principle3 idelines/principle2 Activate Prior Knowledge What What What What student-led or teacher-led activity will students engage in to prepare them for accommodations accommodations accommodations the lesson? Ex: vocabulary, research question, discussion, review of previous lesson, are necessary? are necessary? are necessary? provocative question, introduction to inquiry, etc. See link for See link for See link for support. support. support.Purpose for Relevance of Learning (Select What is the purpose for learning? Design the lesson in alignment to the appropriate See above. See above. See above.Learning appropriate purpose and purpose: acquire, extend or real world task.(choose) connection[s]) 1. Will students acquire new knowledge? See Lesson Design Process I.1. Acquire • Connect to contentknowledge 2. Will students deepen their understanding of knowledge previously acquired? • Connect to practitioner See Lesson Design Process II. • Connect across disciplines2. Extend • Connect to self 3. Will students engage in a real-world task with deeply understood knowledge?and refine See Lesson Design Process III. What types of connections will students make to the content as disciplinary3. Real- thinkers? How will student “think through” the content?world taskClosure Review and Reflect on How will you recap the lesson? What reflection activity will students engage in to See above. See above. See above. Learning make connections? Also, how will they be asked to think about their learning process? Assess Learning How will the lesson target be assessed? How will you know the extent to which the See above. See above. See above. learning you anticipated occurred?Reinforce or Home Extension What type of homework is required in alignment with this lesson? Do students need See above. See above. See above.Prepare for • Memorizing to memorize, practice accuracy and speed, deepen understanding or prepare for anLearning • Accuracy and Speed upcoming lesson? Choose the appropriate purpose and design an aligned home • Deepen understanding extension experience. • Preparation! Guest starring in The Core Deconstructed.Copyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.
  6. 6. sheronbrownphd.com But when I saw the recently updated Tri-State Quality Review Rubric I wondered... Does my LDF measure up? ! Does it help educators think about what’s necessary for a Common Hmmm...I wonder... Core aligned lesson?!Copyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.
  7. 7. sheronbrownphd.com Measuring Up? 1. Alignment to Depth •  Targets a set of grade-level CCSS •  Includes a clear and explicit purpose for instruction 3. Instructional Supports •  Cultivate student interest and engagement •  Address instructional expectations 2. Key Shifts in the CCSS •  Academic vocabulary 1. Alignment to Depth •  Selects text(s) that measure within the grade- level text complexity band and are of sufficient quality and scope for the stated purpose. (See Designing for Close Reading) 2. Key Shifts in the CCSS •  Reading Text Closely •  Text Based Evidence •  Writing from Sources (See Designing for Close Reading) 3. Instructional Supports •  Provides all students multiple opportunities to engage with text; includes appropriate scaffolding 4. Assessment •  Focuses on challenging sections of texts and engages •  Elicits direct, observable evidence of the degree to students in a productive struggle through discussion which a student can independently demonstrate questions and other supports the targeted grade level standard •  Provide extensions and/or advanced text for students •  Assess student proficiency who read well above the grade level text band •  Includes aligned rubrics or assessment guidelines (See Designing for Close Reading) sufficient for interpreting student performance The Tri-State Rubric on Dr. B.’s Lesson Design FrameworkCopyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.
  8. 8. sheronbrownphd.com HOT DIGGITY! ! It does!Copyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.
  9. 9. sheronbrownphd.com How about yours? Need one? You can use mine. Just email and ask! drsbrown@edsolutionsbydesign.comCopyright 2013 by Sheron Brown. Permission to share while correctly attributing credit.