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Creation Curation Collaboration

  1. 1. Online Resources to Create, Curate, and Collaborate Eileen Lawlor Teacher, ICT LeaderAmsterdam International Community School
  2. 2. • What can I do with it in my classroom?• Why should I use it in my classroom?• Where can I find it?• When is it best to use it in my teaching?• Who is it designed for?• How can I integrate it effectively and authentically?
  3. 3. What skills do our students need?
  4. 4. What skills do our students need?“…weve had new data which actually enables us to look at the underlying skills in the past10 years, and the researchers who have looked at that say that there are two key skills thatunderlay creative work. The first are cognitive or analytical skills—our brain power, our ability to process information to acquire knowledge. But the other one is social skills, and not just the ability to be popular, be a nice person, but the ability to manage teams or manage other people or form a business or manage an entrepreneurial enterprise.And those two skill sets, the cognitive and social skills, are really the ones that distinguish thecreative class.” Richard Florida, author The Rise of the Creative Class
  5. 5. What 21st century skills do our students need?• Authentic learning - learning from real world problems and questions• Mental model building - using physical and virtual models to refine understanding• Internal motivation - identifying and employing positive emotional connections in learning• Multimodal learning - applying multiple learning methods for diverse learning styles• Social learning - using the power of social interaction to improve learning impact• International learning - using the world around you to improve teaching and learning skills. Bransford, J.D, et al., (Eds.) (1999). How people learn: Brain, mind, experience and school (expanded ed.). Washington, DC: National Academy Press
  6. 6. CreationCreating is not only at the top of Bloom’s taxonomy, it is a critical skill needed for the advancement of our society.We must teach students skills to engage in non-routine cognitive work.
  7. 7. • “I define creativity as the process of having original ideas that have value.” Sir Ken Robinson
  8. 8. 1. The students create the content (worksheets, words, sentences, topics, dialogues that will be used for instructional purposes). It is a complete “Personal” approach to language instruction.2. It is REAL. Not about anything artificial or from a textbook. It is about the lives and times of the student and teacher. The classroom situation is no longer treated as an artificial “studio” but rather as a meeting place for real events, for real talk about real things that interest the students.3. The teacher is also a learner and does what the students do. In this fashion, the teacher is not all knowing but a participant. In this “low level” way, the power barrier that exists is diminished and better learning occurs and better modeling of the language.
  9. 9. 4. It is an inductive approach. It is a wholistic approach. The students are first engaged and prior knowledge elicited on the topic. Only then, are the students asked to create the content and practice the language first modeled and encountered holistically and in context.5. It is simple in design. There is not a lot of planning for the teacher. The focus is on instruction, the art of “how” and not “what”. Teachers using an SCC approach don’t have to spend time planning, making materials, preparing. Their energy and reflection goes into developing their teaching skills as they happen, during instruction. The students create the text and textbook. Deubel, D. "Student Created Content about LEARNING Not Teachingg”at RSS. Teacher Talk, 27 Apr. 2010. Web. 21 Mar. 2013.
  10. 10. Curation Curating is a skill needed to sift through the mountains of new content created every day. Students need to know how to discover and discernwhat is truly meaningful and relevant and discard the rest.
  11. 11. “Curation also brings the possibility to buildaround a specific topic or subject of research aninteractive discussion between the teacherand his or her students.Suddenly the room is open, without being anorganic process without any structure.Curation offers a context on the biggestlearning playground the world has ever known.”Curation was once the purview of experts andprofessionals who collected and preservedresources. But Web 2.0 curation opens the doorfor others, including for students. Rosenbaum, Steve. "Content Is No Longer King: Curation Is King." Business Insider. Business Insider, 15 June 2010. Web. 20 Mar. 2013. < king-2010-6>.
  12. 12. Curation vs. Collecting
  13. 13. Collaboration Collaboration involves working with others and creating and curating within the groups.Of course this means not only collaborating with the people next to you but globally and even virtually.
  14. 14. Collaborative learning gives students practice in working together when the stakes are relatively low, so they can work effectively together later when the stakes are high.They learn to depend on one another rather than depending exclusively on the authority of the teacher.They learn to construct knowledge as it is constructed in the academic disciplines and professions- the knowledge communities that students aspire to join when they attend colleges and universities.And they learn the craft of interdependence. KEN BRUFFEE (1993)
  15. 15. 25 Tools For Creation, Curation, and Collaboration in the Classroom What can I do with it in my When is it best to use it in my Who is it most friendly for? Online classroom? Why should I use it in my teaching? (ICT Skills) Where can I find it? Free? Resource classroom? Before - During- After- Create Curate Collaborate Planning/ Implemen Beginners Advanced Sharing Prep ting to integrate your email,1 Google Apps x x x documents, sites, images, x x x x x free v ideos, blogs and more to create and share free v ersion2 Prezi x x x x x presentations av ailable to author and find stories3 Storybird x x x x free online to create infographics free v ersion4 Piktochart x x x x x easily av ailable to create w ord clouds in5 Tagxedo x x x x x free shapes and large sizes My Ebook to create or find an6 x x x x free Maker original ebook to organize and share7 Pinterest x x x x x free items from the w eb to organize and share8 Symbaloo x x x x x free items from the w eb to create or find an online9 Edcanv as x x x x x x free lesson, unit, and share it to collect, organize and10 Liv ebinders x x x x x x free present resources to post, find, curate, free v ersion11 Flickr x x collaborate photos and x x x x av ailable images to share ideas that matter12 x x x x x x free on beautiful topic pages 25 Tools For Creation, Curation, and Collaboration in the Classroom What can I do with it in my When is it best to use it in my Who is it most friendly for? Online classroom? Why should I use it in my teaching? (ICT Skills) Where can I find it? Free? Resource classroom? Before - During- After- Create Curate Collaborate Planning/ Implemen Beginners Advanced Sharing Prep ting to build a w all to share13 Padlet x x x and collaborate on topics x x x free and more to read, publish, and14 Scribd x x share documents and x x x x free w ritten w orks to create and edit free v ersion15 Mentor Mob x x x x x x x learning playlists av ailable to share learning and16 WikiSpaces x x x x x x free collaborate17 Slide Rocket x to create a presentation x x x free My Simple to create a shared18 x x x x free Surface w hiteboard to hav e w ebbased19 Team View er x x x free meetings to mine the w eb and20 StumbleUpon x x x x free share w hat you find21 Mind Meister x x to create mind maps x x x free22 Lucid Chart x x to create flow charts x x x x free free v ersion23 Univ erso x to create an original app x x x av ailable Be Funky to edit and process24 x x x free Photo Editor images25 AudioTool x to create original music x x x free Apps Galore x x x w hy not? x x x x x v aried on Pinterest
  16. 16. This Presentation - Online25 Tools for Creation, Curation and Collaboration – OnlineEileen’s Pinterest - with links to all