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24/7 with..

  1. 1. 24/7 With…
  2. 2. Outline of Idea24/7 With is a fly-on-the-wall realitydocumentary which follows celebrities 24hours, 7 days a week. You will get aninsight as to what the celebrities life islike, how they live their life day-to-dayand how they cope with the pressure ofbeing a celebrity.
  3. 3. Featured Celebrities Justin Bieber Sir Paul McCartney Adele RihannaLady Gaga Diddy Cheryl Cole Jessie J
  4. 4. Presenter I have chosen Jameela Jamil because she has a likability factor that the audience love to watch. She seems friendly, kind and funny. She’s known amongst the celebrities as a presenter as she has already interviewed most of them before. Her personality seems warm and I believe that the celebrities will not be intimidated by her. She knows the industry best because she has been in it for years. Jameela’s target audience ranges from different ages. If you look at her body of work for presenting it consists of all genres.Jameela Jamil25Presenter for T4
  5. 5. DiversityJustin Sir PaulBieber Cheryl Cole Diddy Lady Gaga Adele Jessie J McCartney Teen National Hip Hop Pop Music Phenomenon British Star NewcomerSensation Treasure Mogul LegendAppeals to Popular Popular Successfula younger amongst His genre New to Legend. internatio British audience males of music the music Most nal Star who ranging and attracts an industry successf superstar is popularfrom 10 to females. audience ul artist worldwide 18. ever24/7 With… appeals to an multi cultural audience based on the celebritiesthat will feature on the show. Different genres of music, different cultures(based on where the celebrity is from), different target audiences alldepend on who appears on the show.
  6. 6. LocationsDepending on where the celebrity is located or where theygoing during the shooting of the show. New York London Australia Los Angeles Japan
  7. 7. Equipment Lavalier Mic Cameras Tripods Boom MicHeadsets Cables
  8. 8. Equipment Crew•Director• TV Producer•Runner•Assistant(s)•Sound Man•Editor•Hair Stylist & Make Up Artist•Location Manager•Researcher•Boom Operator•Floor Manager
  9. 9. Budget•Airplane Fees for Crew: £4607.89 per person, flight tickets plus hotel fees•20ft Box Removal Van: £115.00 day - £550.00 week•Catering services:•First Aid Services: Johnson & Johnson Safe Travels First Aid Kit 70 Count - £6
  10. 10. Transportation
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