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  • Common sense would dictate it takes experience and lots of practice to get all the know-how to be a pure and respected fashionista, but, for Tavi Gevinson, it all comes naturally. The 13-year-old born in Chicago and running a blog called Style Rookie has not only managed to increase her audie... [ read more >>
  • What is happening at Vervegirl

    1. 1. Why do you need to get them young?
    2. 2. Youth Culture Group has a proven track record:  Dedicated to the youth market since 1993  Canadian-owned and operated independent company  Publishers of FREE magazines distributed in 1,500 Canadian high schools and 42 universities and colleges  Connected with 250,000 girls age 14-24 through 6 publications per year
    3. 3. The New 15 Minutes The Andy Warhol reference to “15 minutes of fame” is now more accessible than ever before. Thanks to the number of reality shows, YouTube favourites, avenues of opportunity have increased and expanded so much that almost everyone has an opportunity of instant ‘fame’! The definition of ‘fame’ has changed and is no longer reserved for the elite
    4. 4. Power to the People….  Final decisions have gone from the boardroom to the classroom!  From selecting the next ‘look’ to idol, technology has afforded youth with a ‘voice’ to directly influence pop culture trends like never before.  This has resulted in a greater feeling of empowerment and heightened levels of gratification
    5. 5. Who said it was hard to reach young women? Vervegirl – Simply Fun Publish 150,000 - 6 times per year Distributed directly into schools across Canada Reach ¼ million women 14-24 Measured by PMB - Audited by ABC
    6. 6. Vervegirl MobileBlackBerry Messenger Group Instantly share new music, video, pictures, and content with Vervegirl Ambassadors who get to access great prizing and opportunties
    7. 7. Vervegirl’s It Girls Research – Understand the brand against its competition and how it is perceived by the youth Market. Recruit a group of Ambassadors who will use the brand and discuss. Ambassadors will have a task and get friends to support their ideas/results Create PR/Sales Tools and Media from feedback.
    8. 8. Vervegirl Event Vervegirl can get involved at your events to help promote, bring free magazines and prizes.
    9. 9. Youth Culture YouTube Productions
    10. 10. Now Youth Culture presentsYouTube Reality Show Over 200,000 people watched each episode of the first season of The Avenue. This year – 250,000 per episode. Vervegirl gives you and your brand the opportunity to take part in season 2.
    11. 11. The Avenue Reality Show Product placement in show Contest tie-in with magazine Show to film around your event. YouTube screen take over 30 second ads in show
    12. 12. The Avenue Audience profile: Largest percentage of audience from Season 1 was females (78.6%). Over half of the views for the first season were from Canada with the United States and the United Kingdom coming in closely behind. Over a 20 minute episode, the series boasts an 82% audience retention rate —something uncommon on web content.
    13. 13. The Avenue – main cast - arta Arta works for Vervegirl as contributing editor and will stop at nothing to get what she wants. She’s completely focused on her career and wants to make it as far as she can— she doesn’t care how many people she has to hurt in the process. She’s worked for many multiple newspapers and fashion magazines.
    14. 14. The Avenue – main cast - gregory Lead character of the series. A diva, and extremely popular on YouTube. He rules the roost and calls the shots with the cast. He’s extremely loyal to those that he’s close to but is quick to call out an enemy. http://www.youtube.com/watch? v=8SfxDLQzyCQ
    15. 15. The Avenue – main cast - rachel A pint-sized redhead who has a huge temper. Rachel is unpredictable and wild. She loves to have fun and is living her 20’s up to the fullest. She’s an aspiring actress (who is really just looking for fame). She’s Gregory’s right hand and loves to get in trouble with him.
    16. 16. The Avenue – main cast - claire The rest of the cast refers to Claire as “the nicest girl you’ll ever meet”. A somewhat shy girl, Claire is the first one to calm the other cast members down or try to break up a fight. She loves animals and is very involved in charity work.
    17. 17. Reviews – from 1st season – march 2011ENTERTAINMENTLove it or hate it, people are watching The AvenueAMY VERNERThe Globe and MailPublished Friday, Mar. 18 2011, 6:07 PM EDTLast updated Friday, Mar. 18 2011, 6:07 PM EDT The first episode of The Avenue, an online reality-based series, begins with an introduction to Gregory Gorgeous, a minor Internet celebrity thanks to his cheeky makeup-how-to videos. We see him strutting around Yorkville like its a Paris catwalk. A voiceover discloses that Gregory is moving to Toronto to attend school. We meet his cute girlfriends plus a model-cum-diva and a fierce fashion journalist. Some version of their real life - which is to say, awkward, often directionless conversations, superficial plot lines and stilted scenes - ensue. Still, people have been watching, whether they unapologetically support it, secretly love it or love to hate it. Since first debuting on Jan. 25, content produced for The Avenue (which can be viewed on YouTube or theavenueshow.com) has generated over half a million views.
    18. 18. Gregory Gorgeous stats 34.4 MM video views 275,000 subscribers 60,000 Twitter followers 45,000 Facebook fans 83% female audience Main demo is females 13-17, followed by females 18-24 Most popular in Canada followed by United States and UK
    19. 19. Next Step Filming starts in September for Nov – Jan show. Get your brands involved now for 2013.
    20. 20. Thank you